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Battlefield "1": So they did WW1 now...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Vintage, May 6, 2016.

  1. That video proves just how off the game is. It takes a 3 man crew just to use a machine gun. This hip firing machine guns the game shows is just stupid
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  2. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    all fps games are like that: it's not that the one with setting the modern age or ww2 are more realistic.
  3. But with the ww1 setting the had the chance to do something different. Yet they chose to make the same faced paced arena shooter. When I saw gameplay I could hardly tell it was ww1
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  4. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    They'd be doomed if they made it just everyone with Bolt-Action Rifles and maybe a couple of SMGs that X amount of players in a 32 side could use.

    Just as if as they have done putting in Automatic weaponry in BF1 they are doomed because of that. People complained that all BF1 was going to be was nothing but trench warfare and now gameplay is here everyone is questioning "Where is Trench Warfare?".

    I'll play the Beta when it comes out and make my judgements then but as a Battlefield fan I feel like I'm very interested in it. Although I feel like the failure of Battlefront hangs over it...
  5. It's a Maxim-based Machine Gun, which is WW1's equivalent of the modern Browning 50cal or 40Ks IG Heavy Bolter.
    It is usually an emplaced weapon manned by a two-man team. The Germans had nests of them situated regularly on their trenches so they could Enfilade attacking enemies.

    It is weapons like the Lewis Gun, BAR, and lighter machine guns, like the MP-18, that we mainly see in videos for Battlefield1.

    Well Royal Marines were drilled to fire their Lee-Enfields at a high rate, so high that in WWII during D-Day a German unit that came under fire by a squad of Royal Marines armed with just Lee-Enfields thought they were under attack from a Maxim-type (Vickers) Machine Gun.

    So why not have something like that in the game?

    And I do hope we actaully get Trench Warfare.
    Imagine running around a Trench System as either Attacker or Defender! That would be fun.
  6. Rarity RarityMLP Member

    But you have to realize console kiddies gotta have Murcia! With machine guns for every rifleman! It's not like France took the raw brunt of casualties on the western front or anything...
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  7. Rarity RarityMLP Member

    Ever played Red Orchestra 2? That game gets along perfectly with keeping the specialist weapons in limited numbers.
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  8. E-50_Panzer E-50_Panzer Well-Known Member

    This mare gets it.
  9. In my honest opinion they should have been more true to history and shouldn't have appealed to the console kiddies and the PC fags as much (I'm still not over the Black Germans) .
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  10. E-50_Panzer E-50_Panzer Well-Known Member

    But muh black female German officers! This game doesn't have them and it offends me! Women were the primary victims of WWI!
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