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Battlefield "1": So they did WW1 now...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Vintage, May 6, 2016.

  1. Being the huge World War 1 nerd I am, this came as a HUGE shock to me, especially coming from dice nonetheless, from the video title I was expecting a possible "re-master" of Battlefield:1942 or something along those lines.

    The trailer itself is, to me at least, a bit disorienting, but not in the physical sense. The way they portray the whole thing makes it seem like another game entirely, and when I watch the trailer I think Star wars: EAfront or battlefield 4 with the over the top action battles, not the classical grim boggy trench-filled nightmare that was the Great War.

    Also is it me or did they decide to go the wolfenstein route and make the germans much more terrifying than they ought to be?

    I want to see at least 3 things from this game

    1: As much historical accurateness as possible (Which I doubt will happen, but a man can dream)
    2. A look into ALL perspectives of the war, its easy to turn the germans from WW2 into bad guys with the holocaust and everything, but in WW1, the whole thing was terrifying for EVERYONE, including the germans, who in turn ended up suffering more from the great war than any of the other countries IMO.



    Let us hope they can get the feel of trench warfare properly

    Lest we lose ourselves in the great barrage of DLC.
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  2. Dear lord I hope they don't just make the Germans the bad guys agian because like you said in this was there was no clear bad guy in this one hell the individual soldiers didn't even hate each other all that much Christmas truce anyone? And dear god what did they do to Salvation Army?
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  3. I wonder if the christmas truce will be a SP mission.

    Or a DLC...
  4. Who knows Verdun did a thing for it on a Christmas update but the worst part about this if they don't even bother to make it acurate is that a century ago today the war would be going on right now and this is one of the ways we honor the memory of so many killed by not even trying to keep it true to history? Point is this could either bomb or be awesome also I recently did a paper on ww1 so I'm kinda knowledgeable at the moment.
  5. I'd say verdun has the more manly charm of the two, with battlefield 1 almost undoubtedly going to be dumbed down in some ways, especially history wise.

    I mean did you see some of the armor those germans were wearing? We aren't fighting ZE UBER SPOOKY DEATH ROBUTZ, those are actual people, most of them probably not even in their late twenties yet, others could also be some old ass men who just want to get back to their farm or something.

    And don't even get me started on some of that biplane "dogfighting".
  6. Nahtow Nahtow Curator

    They manage to make a trailer about ww1 without a single french soldier, i'm very impress.
  7. If they can portray through gameplay the utter brutality that trench warfare was, I'd consider it decently accurate.
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  8. Yeah and since it seems like its gonna be post-1917, its likely that the MC in campaign will be american.

    I also did notice the desert parts, which would imply that they are gonna get Lawrence of Arabia involved, which I think is kinda neat and unexpected.
  9. They get bonus points if you can actually find a 29 year old Hitler as a German soldier
  10. Even more if you can actually find Henry Tandey.

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