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Basic Tactics and You

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Eihger, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Eihger Eihger Active Member

    This one is simple. The moment you get into a game the game automatically spills over into a new squad once it hits 5 people. Unless you have a REALLY GOOD reason as to why you are exempt from all teamplay, you should join Alpha or Bravo squad right off the bat. Get your war party to do the same. You will use less rhinos over all and then you can spawn faster and closer. Not to mention your squad lead cohesion bonuses make you do more damage or have better bonuses. The also helps prevent breaking rule 1 as you will keep playing with your team.
  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    This is codex approved brother now only to find a way to have the noobs read this..
  3. Turek New Member

    I agree with all except for the Recovery vs Fighting. With the current game mechanics if you are contesting a point and your team has pushed in, you have to prioritize the fight before you can recover you fallen as a non apothecary. If you get stuck in a recover animation its easy pickings for the opposing element. If you get downed while trying to recover your buddy, you just created an unnecessary loss for your team.

    Having said that, if your down and crawling around looking for contacts, its YOUR responsibility to get into a covered position so you get out of your element's cone of fire and can be recovered by an apothecary without having to expose the recovery element to fire. Chances are that the place where you were hit isn't safe until the fight is over. The more proactive you are to get into cover the better your chances to get picked up.
  4. Monk Monk1971 Menial

    Great post. Can you add something about "Q'ing" targets wheter vehicle or infantry? I do it often and find it invaluable when others do it. You also get bonus exp when said Q'd enemies are downed.
  5. ranel003 ranel003 Preacher

    One to add when you start as defense worry more about protecting the caps they haven't gained match time for. Lose so many matches because people will mob over the one lost cap instead of protecting the two that still have time on them. Lost a match just now because everyone wanted to be a lemming over to the lost cap and let the other two get taken and never recovered.

    To many wanna be commanders barking orders and not using common sense and people actually listening...
  6. Falki Vondel Member

    Are you saying to spread squads out into 5 mans? If so then yes, yes. If you mean to make big squads (max 10) then I disagree.
  7. Eihger Eihger Active Member

    you spread squads out into 5 man, you end up getting 4-8 squads. Each one trying to use a rhino to get to a point. The higher the amount of rhinos, the likelier one is placed improperly and destroyed. The longer you have to wait for a spawn.

    Larger squads means more benefit. Closer overall spawns, Squad Bonuses and force to attack with. % men can't do jack shit but harras a point. If you are attacking a fortress with more than 3 squads get ready for a long and unfavorable siege.

    Mergeing squads into larger bodies is CRUCIAL to attacking, defending its CRUCIAL for defending in force.
  8. MefDaFixa GeorgePhillips Arkhona Vanguard


    Don't remember if someone write this, but when you are low in health and there is an apothecary near you don't move until he heal you! i can't use the vial you someone walk away!
  10. A friendly half a clip in the back makes the target your trying to heal stop for his heal.

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