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Bases What Do We Want From Them.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bossaroo, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    This is just a simple thread about what I think how bases should work.

    Every base should have a specific function like manufactorum,stronghold,sensor outpost. And obviously they would benefit the faction that controls it a manufactorum would create supplies and faction requisition and produce ( and possibly repair vehicles mechanic maybe ??)the stronghold would allow the faction to have an area around the stronghold that couldn't be taken as long as the stronghold is being held as long as the're using the system that all territory needs to be connected ,a stronghold can slow a crushing advance. A sensor array alerts when an enemy force of a 2 squads or more or enemy requisition activations

    Every base has a function and the function is supported by structures a manufactorum should have a repair bay or such and a construction line and such whilst a stronghold might have a canon and turrets whilst a sensor array would have well radar dish looking things. Structures should be destroy able and not protected during a siege by an energy field or such like in PS2 also all bases should have a generator big or small to power turrets and possible void sheilds and the bases primary functions. if the structures are destroyed they will repair slowly over time and if all structures are destroyed a facility base thing loses it's special ability faction requisition to speed up repair time

    Base capture points should need to be deactivated first by walking it up to it and basically rip off a plate and rip out wires which deactivates it which is just a simple action of pressing a button and waiting its then the traditional in capture and capture to reclaim them you just reactivate them by stuffing wires back in and slamming the plate back on which is the same as deactivating it and then you recalim it and it's fine
  2. Benny Benny Master

    "Every base should have a specific function like manufactorum,stronghold,sensor outpost. And obviously they would benefit the faction that controls it a manufactorum would create supplies and faction requisition and produce"

    Absolutely. Making the acquisition of new territory & defense of existing territory meaningful will be critical to the success of the Eternal Crusade. By giving bases unique benefits or features it will insure all races will fight for their control. Example:

    • Base (x) houses a large earth shaker cannon or something similar. Once captured, it can be fired once every 10 minutes on a location designated by a strike force commander or leader of the war council or something to that effect.
    In the above example, not only does it provide a nice boost of firepower for the race who owns the cannon, but it will ensure all opposing races will be determined to eliminate/occupy the cannon for themselves.

    This is something that is largely missing from Planetside 2 & it has a "HUGE" negative impact on the gameplay. 99% of base captures feel meaningless. While there are facilities such as a tech plant that allow a faction to pull main battle tanks, main battle tanks can also be pulled from the warpgate so its a benefit that is mediocre at best. Other facilities such as biolabs which provide a small health regen bonus, are also wasted as if you are fighting with an outfit you will have medics present & even if you don't there are consumables to regen health or implants.

    As a result, player who are are looking for deep strategic gameplay are left wanting & move onto other games. Its vital that each base feels like a very necessary strategic asset.
  3. Hades Hades Prefectus

    Couldn't agree more bossaroo! and ontop of your suggestions i would like to see a reasonable amount of npc defensive units stationed at the controlled structure to guard it so it's not just a simple mater of waiting for the enemy to go to sleep and sneaking past the automated defenses.
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  4. Benny Benny Master

    Definitely. Hopefully players will also have the ability to hire guards, upgrade guards, add automated defenses, lay mines & things of this nature to bolster defenses as well as discourage ghost capping.
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  5. Tellos Tellos Subordinate

    Jup, don't want to conquer a base and then realize: "You had 0 impact on the Game \o/"
  6. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    guys i want all of this stuff as well, but the devs clearly stated that at launch there won't be base upgrades, so i don't know how much unique each building will be...
  7. Benny Benny Master

    Do you have a source? I'm not dismissing your claim, its just that I have been dissecting every bit of data available on this game & I was under the impression there would be.

    Its important that Behaviour recognizes the importance of these features now... & not wait until launch. As someone who also followed Planetside 2's development "VERY" passionately, similar promises were made & here we are 2 years after PS2's launch & most of the promised features have been completely abandoned.

    I'm well aware that Behaviour has (x) funding for this project with Games Workshop, but if this is a feature that is not apart of the budget...they need to negotiate with Games Workshop immediately. This is critical to the success of the game & if what you say is true it will not be the first feature that is being "delayed until after launch" that I am aware of so far.

    Many small sacrifices ultimately lead to large sacrifices.
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  8. Behavior will be cutting themselves short if they don't allow the War Councils to upgrade bases, outposts, ect. It's one more strategic layer they can incorporate into the overall campaign. Having every base with the same "generic" defenses isn't realistic for any war zone, even war zones of the 41st Millennium.

    I feel base upgrades should be a War Council decision, because they're the ones with the game plan, and they know what bases and outposts they really don't want to lose. Of course they dont want to lose any territory, but there will be those locations that are strategically more valuable than others.

    I envision each War Council having a finite points pool for base upgrades globally. They can choose where and when to upgrade. Each upgrade has a points cost, and the better the upgrade the longer it takes to build.

    Warhammer Online had a system of upgrades for each keep, and it made for some great game play.
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  9. Benny Benny Master

    Here I found some information on the subject:

    "Some parts of a stronghold can be destroyed in order to facilitate an assault but the main objective will be to capture it and not destroy it. Then, players will be able to repair it, add upgrades, etc if they have enough resources"

    Warhammer Online & Guild Wars 2 both had/have great models on upgradable structures. I sincerely hope this is something that is not only implemented but improved upon from these earlier works.

    I very much hope to see things like Tarantula turret emplacements, places to build tank traps, perhaps Orks can build Waagh banners, eldar could build webways etc. The sky is the limit really.
  10. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    here's the info i had read some time ago about this argument

    Q: Will bases of the same size look mostly the same or will each be handmade and unique in some way?

    A: As Arkhona was founded and built by the Imperium based off of a number of Standard Template Construct blueprints, some of the outposts and strongholds at a given size will look similar to each other. They will not all be copies, however; the Imperium has different functions for different locations, and the design of Outposts and Strongholds supports that diversity of purpose.

    Q: Will the bases be immersive and straight to the lore, like say instead of tech plants we would have Manufactorum and so forth as well as bases that would only make sense in Warhammer 40K like huge gothic cathedrals and the like?

    A: Everything in game will support the deep and longstanding lore of Warhammer 40,000. Expect to see Manufactorums, massive gothic cathedrals, heavy gun emplacements, promethium pipelines, and more in Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade.

    Q: On the thought of bases can we spend resources to upgrade the defences and resource production?

    A: Everyone on the design team has dreamed of a feature like this, but at the moment this doesn’t look like it will be a part of the core game. This might be a candidate for a feature to bring back after launch though!

    Q: Will large bases have Void Shields that have to be taken down before artillery and tank shells can be used on the defenders?

    A: While we haven’t determined exactly what effect Void Shields will have in our bases, these arcane engines of the Mechanicus will absolutely be featured on the battlefield.

    Q: Will we be able to place real minefields not just a few mines on the roads but full minefields that have to be cleared?

    A: While Minefields may exist as a hazardous terrain form in Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, it will probably not be possible for players to lay entire minefields themselves. There’s a large technical challenge associated with storing that many dynamic objects, and we need to first focus on the technical challenges of having hundreds (or thousands!) of players participating in our massive battles.

    Q: Will there be lines of trenches and bunkers?

    A: You will see all the iconic fortifications from Warhammer 40,000 lore, including Aegis Defence Lines, Bunkers, Aquila Strongpoints, and more.

    And here's the link to the interview:

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