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Banshees V/s Scorpions

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Abhean, Oct 22, 2013.


Which do you want to see? Banshee? or Scorpion?

  1. Howling Banshee

  2. Striking Scorpion

  1. Kenairyan Anvael Well-Known Member

    This actually pleases me (more the "execution" aspect than the "macho" one, but I won't mind either :p ), what about an achievement concerning the execution variety?
  2. this doesn't help the game at all, and is not as big an issue as space marines. it's irrelevant and unneeded.
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  3. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    You will really be surprised how many guys play as female characters, if you are not aware of that.

    And I repeat, this "issue" does not deserve a special game mechanic in my opinion. Therefore I disagree, yet I still respect your opinion. It's just even when we are promised a good game, we ask for even more for some reason.
    "When someone gives you a candy, don't bite off his hand along with it!" :)
  4. Kenairyan Anvael Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about that, I'm quite aware of it :) but still doubt that most of the Banshee player will pick a female character (even 50/50 would be kinda odd).

    Calling that a "game mechanic" is a bit overdone IMO (though the definition is quite correct, I read it like if it would require tons and tons of code lines). What I propose is incredibly easy, quick and cheap to implement (I don't speak about the achievement system which will be in game anyway). It's a tiny detail which I believe can have a significant impact from a marketing point of view: you said that an exclusive female class would have a negligible impact beside three manly factions, and I would agree if the said class wasn't the only strong effeminate aspect that the game may offer at launch (and a rare one in the whole 40k universe, which is despised by quite a lot of people for its quite macho orientation); however, this is not the case and I think that not having the Howling Banshees implemented as an exclusive female class (in the first place) will push aside those who actually have an interest in (grim dark) science-fiction and video games but as well despise "manly" undisputed supremacy - so even having one single class dedicated to the female gender could work as a (temporary) consolation, "Okay, this is still unequal, but at least they thought about it", especially as the knowledge of further updates might give them hope for more incoming and expected supplements (such as the Adepta Sororitas).

    This is not only to satisfy my own interest (I don't even think that I will play as a Banshee anyway); I'm essentially trying to protect the fluff, give some ideas that, in the end, might enlarge the amount of customers for EC and finally make a better advertising of what 40k truly is: a universe full of rich and varied details, involving various cultures and complex traditions. The dev' themselves are willing to save in this game as much aspects of the lore that they possibly could, so for what good reason would they not make the Howling Banshee a matrifocal class as it has always been stipulated in the eldar codex?

    In conclusion: implementing this system would be cheap (both in time and money), not affect the gameplay, avoid another lore-break and make the game more attractive for the womankind (read potential customers); which in this regard could improve 40k's image without doing anything but showing more accurately how this universe looks like. I personally prefer this to the harsh sacrifice of an important aspect of the eldar culture.
  5. Grey Legion34 GreyLegion34 Well-Known Member

    I really dont like banshees sense they scream and it seems very unjust but the scorpians are kind of cool
  6. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    Everything above is quite elaborate and I can't really disagree with that, however:

    That system will affect player's freedom, and since devs are trying to allow players make their own experience in the game... well the conclusion is quite obvious.
    There will be no lore break, in fact, letting you freely choose male or female Banshee is more lore accurate, given how it goes in Eldar society. :) And Eldar society does not have any real discrimination on that matter, how they choose their Aspect is up to them, sometimes someone guides them in that matter, but usually it is decided on the specifics of their emotions dedicated to Khaine, at least that is what I have learned from Path of the Warrior. It just happens that Eldar women seem to prefer Howling Banshees Aspect, not the other way.
    Anyways, we argued for a bit too long, let's not ruin the discussion for people. :)
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  7. Jolpo Jolpo Well-Known Member

    IMO if there are male and female banshees. You should be able to choose freely in game which one you want to play. The amount of male banshees isn't so lore breaking. Just a detail.
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  8. Kenairyan Anvael Well-Known Member

    Agree :) I've more or less said what I wanted to, now it only remains to wait for the launch of the game.

    P.S. you know what is ironic in all that? I've actually voted for Scorpions before posting the whole shit :D
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  9. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

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  10. Gromortz Gromorith Subordinate

    Yea I voted (guess i bet you can't figure it out) because I think they will balance out the Eldar more with warlocks ranged/melee psychic light armour, swooping hawks soo fast in light armour and was it reapers? heavy slow ranged. Then deciding between another light armour fast melee cc, or heavy, stealthy more customization options and more dmg seems like a good Idea to add SS so we can 1v1 a spacemarine melee or nob or chaos of course banshees could but how many hits could they take/ have to deal out compared

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