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Banshee Solutions

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Rheeva, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Listed from simple (Top) to complex (Bottom)

    Yes, 'tis another Banshee-Thread but this time I'm making it for a reason, not out of frustration. Feel free to add your own, I will probably add a few over time.

    1 The Buff-Banshee
    -Increase Health by 40
    -Increase Armor by 40
    Concept: Banshees suffer a heavy stat-imbalance compared to other, ground-based assault-classes to very little compensation. Evening out this disadvantage should help make them viable in combat.
    Pro: EZ done, not a lot of work, no chance of potentially OP.
    Con: Bandaid-fix, does not really do the class-concept justice. Will probably not be enough to make her part of the meta.

    2 The Better Banshee

    -Increase baseline sprinting speed to 130%
    -Make the Retributive Spirit Stone part of the baseline-stats (+20% Lifesteal, +25 Health)(Still keep the original item)
    -Increase clip-capacity of the Shuriken-Pistol to 45 (I know I keep saying this, I can give you the full reasoning again if it helps)
    -Change the stats of the Power-sword to 108/113, 207/178, 140, 100, 20/s
    Concept: Once again, this does not fundamentally change, what the Banshee is- nor does. It is simply supposed to provide a solid, overall performance-boost, however slightly more sophisticated than just EHP.
    Pro: Only stats, nothing gamebreaking nor complex, not too powerful and a decent solution for the class-identity.
    Con: Still wont make anyone but diehard fans play the class, will still lose to a decent Bolter but do better against average players.

    3 The Beautiful Banshee
    -Change Wailing Death recharge rate to 14 seconds
    -Add one(1) baseline Stamina
    -Ebon Banshee Emblem: Stamina+1, Running Speed Multiplier+0.1, 200LP
    -Crimson Banshee Emblem: Stamina+1, Stamina Regen Delay:-15%, Running Speed Multiplier+0.1
    -Mod(Shuriken Pistol) Extended Magazine: increase clip-size to 40(+20), 30LP.
    -Fusion Pistol: Decrease cost to 50LP.
    -Plasma Bundle: 100LP
    -Hyper-Amplifier: Increase the melee-damage of allies affected by the howl(including yourself) by 7%, 150LP
    -Mod(Power Sword) Lifesteal: Life Steal: 20%(+10%), 100LP.
    -Retributive Spirit Stone: melee Life Steal+0.3(+10%), Health+25, 350LP
    -Howl Rework: Remove the melee-aimlock from affected targets.
    Concept: Copy-pasted from this concept I published some months ago. All explanations inside.
    Pro: Will make the class more viable and allow for multiple, unique build-variants to play around with.
    Con: Potentially too weak or too strong, too many variables to tell for sure.

    4 The Battle Banshee
    -Gains shield or shield-like ability as in the original concept (Shimmer-shields are in the game-stats)
    Concept: Shields give a lot more options to melee-classes, in particular the option to not just blindly attack the enemy to bind them in melee.
    Pro: Would give a lot more tactical freedom and flexibility.
    Con: Not very fitting to the class-concept, also potentially very hard to make, depending on which part of the work has previously been completed.

    5 The Brisk Banshee
    -Decrease the aftercast of Quick-attacks
    -Decrease the precast of Heavy-attacks
    -Remove the windup of Debashes
    -After a dodge, gain movement speed of 150/150 for 4 seconds.
    Concept: Purely speed-based, as true to the original concept as possible without mechanical changes
    Pro: Should be fairly powerful without stat-boost.
    Con: Animation changes. Also really annoying to face in duels.
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  2. Ahahahaha. No.
    Too much melee in the game.
  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Eldar really don't run melee, safe for the occasional Scorpion. But even in a team of LSM-larpers stacking Shields as if they wanted to make a Testudo, we are usually still far from the 60/40 proclaimed goal.

    Besides that, melee right now is way too easy at its core and not rewarding enough. Its supposed to high-risk/high-reward, not low-risk/low-reward.
    The Banshee is not part of that problem tho, we still can't really spam quick-attacks.
    If you'd direct your attention to the second concept, which is the most realistic, you will see that I am specifically increasing the Force of Heavy Attacks, to prevent last-second clanging, but not touching quick-attacks.
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  4. Ahahahaha. No.
    Noone needs elder.
  5. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    and another one
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

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  7. Krayt Krayt Preacher

  8. Spookums MasterSpookums Well-Known Member

    I love Banshee Melee. But i come from Ork Melee. Before i took a break from playing i could defend A on Prom Mine entirely by myself verses six CSM guys who came in 2-3-1 waves. As I stated in another thread which was a little off topic. I'm not sure why Scorpions got the ground assault armor buff for Eldar. It's not like they need to survive a charge.
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