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Bandai Namco Entertainment & Behaviour to Release Eternal Crusade!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. SugarDaddy CaptainWill Subordinate

    Just can't wait for release!
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  2. Vipus Vipus Subordinate

    Well I'm somewhat saddened with the summer release, especially with the problems the game has at present, optimisation, Eldar skins, no Space Wolves. melee, the list goes on. There is no way the game will be ready for release for summer 2016 (Oh it's September already and still awaiting for another patch) PC's still having trouble running the game properly,( so good luck to other platforms), it is certainly not up to today's standard of a modern polished finished game. Do not get me wrong! I love and fully support the game and have watched with amazement as to how it has formed, grown and progresses so far. Hats off to the developers, and I want to see it succeed and live up the the promises and visions that the developers originally wanted, however I fear it will be released far too soon and never realise its full potential. Any failings and it will be ripped to shreds by reviewers and those who purchase it expecting it to be a finished product. History has shown that good or nearly finished games with promises of updates are just not tolerated anymore ( or will it turn out to be like 'Elite Dangerous Horizons' where it is more about money and shareholders rather than players, check out 'Is it Worth a Buy' -
    ). Lets just hope there will not be a review similar to EDH about Eternal Crusade in the near future. Please only release it as and when you are completely sure it is fully ready. or a lot of good work will have been for nought.
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  3. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    If you like "Elite", you will like the games of the X-universe by the german company Egosoft.

    "X - Beyond the Frontier" - very nice, but the game effectively ends once you have finished the campaign

    "X-Tension" - expansion to X

    "X2 - The Threat" - more ships and now you can pilot any ship you own; and the story continues

    "X3 - Reunion" - more ships, your own space-station where you can build new ships; and the story continues

    "X3 - Terran Conflict" - more ships, more weapons, more missions, and now you can board and conquer other ships; and the story continues

    "X3 - Albion Prelude" - expansion to X3:TC, more ships; and the story continues

    "X - Rebirth" - revamp and reboot, you have only one ship; and the story continues

    "X - Rebirth" got really bad reviews in the beginning, but now they have patched the game so far that it's okay. (And I fear that EC will suffer the same fate: A bad start and then slowly coming back once it reaches its true potential.)
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  4. JC 042 JC042 Well-Known Member

    Knew this would be bad, definitelty right.
  5. Heylel Recruit

    To be fair, I play Elite Dangerous as well, and honestly the situation there is much less grim that "shareholders and money", more ruined by poor decisional choices, but still far from here.

    By the way, Horizons has delivered 2 major updates out of the promised 5, and despite the poor design choices, they stood true to what they promised.
  6. Spectre Wolf Brares Subordinate

    Lols orks need a cinimatic Intro YO.
  7. Orderdrake1546 Orderdrake1546 Steam Early Access

    Are they saying that NPC tyranids will invade in the middle of a match?
  8. Jason021 Recruit

    God I hope so! This will be so epic.
  9. Effregy Kerras Arkhona Vanguard

    I hope bandai/namco gets hacked into the ground - miserable piece of shit of a company
    This game was by NO MEANS ready for release

    --Races that ignore melee rules
    --Inferior amount of customization options
    --An incomplete loot box system
    --defenses that REQUIRE co-ordinated defenders and significantly less co-ordinated attackers
    --An absurdly stupid sense of balancing - The knives - I've only EVER heard of people complaining about Eldar knives 1 shotting with power attacks from the back - a legitimate claim - and the fix? reduce knife durabilty by what was it? half? Now it's impossible to win as a knife wielder vs any higher tier of melee - and EVERY ELDAR CLASS CAN STILL ONE SHOT FROM THE BACK WITH A KNIFE -- no other race can do that with their knives
    --Chainswords that are better as fucking decoration than combat for NO REASON
    --missing stuff to distinguish between chosen faction army -- Difference between an Ultramarine and an Iron Fist? one is bright fcking yellow - nothing else
    --How do they balance higher tier melee? They make it slower.
    --Whats the difference mastercraft makes? no fucking clue - other than the ranged are an inconsequential amount more accurate
    --large amount of weapons from loot boxes are still exact copies of each other
    --Mods still don't fucking tell you how much they increase by - I had to read the patch notes to see damg increases by a measly 5% for the 50LP mod

    Plus a ton more things

    -- and why the hell was dev time spent adding a retarded ass "Loot Box Scene" -- Your players have to see it thousands of times while unlocking duplicates to get to what they want - there was no fucking reason to make the animation longer

    This game is now being reviewed by people as a released title - and it frankly does not have the damn content of a released title. A lot of people are going to compare this game to 'SpaceMarine' - and they will find it lacking. Incomplete advancement tree - piss poor selection of RTC/P items - piss poor selection of customization options in general - Missing world map relevance - buggy as hell PVE -- on and on and on

    Your supporters were willing to wait. Why the hell weren't you?

    this makes me fcking sad - because its a fun game - and I hope it has a bright future - but you've seriously hurt it for no reason.
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  10. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    Signing deal with Bandai only shows how desperate for money BHVR was. It's like they asked a vampire for blood transfusion, well the vampire agreed obviously :D
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