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Band Of Exiles (semi-serious Rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. kanila kanila Subordinate

    OOC: there goes his support squad
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  2. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    ooc: :D its not like he needed them with Valkoth on the attack, I mean what do you find more frightening ? a remnant a of a disparate traitor guardsmen platoon? Or a massive custom equipped brute of a bullgryn with twin promethium drums, heavy flamer and no burst limit on his new found love for pyromania?
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  3. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Oh by Khaine, it really was too stupid to die. Kyrana swore colourfully. It was doubtful whether even in his rumoured dalliance with the certainly very flexible Lelith Hesperax Vect could have managed what she suggested, but it was the thought that counted. She hefted another knife.

    No, wait, everything was going ploin-shaped, her favourite Human with the bandages definitely shouldn't have been taking risks like that, he was going to get flambed for sure, wait? Favourite? Well, possibly, it was hard to decide. Some of the others were prettier, but they were all not Da- Time. Place. Focus.

    She had been doing this all wrong right from the beginning. She was a Dark Eldar Wych. She had one job to do: cause the enemy excruciating agony while wearing as little as Eldarly possible. She had a splinter pistol. It didn't have to pierce the brute's tough armour or injure it fatally. All it had to do was break the skin. Neuro-toxins from a dozen slave-worlds would have the monster writhing in agony! Of course, things would still be on fire, but it ought to drop it like a grox. And Cameron was doing a great if somewhat suicidal job of distracting the beast's attention.

    "Oi! Grox-breath! Over here!" Kyrana aimed up and sent a stream of tiny glass poisoned needles towards the brute's exposed face and its other, non-bloodied eye. "And you better not have damaged my dagger!"
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  4. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    OOC: hmmm, ok that is tricky, I think you might have killed him which is a pity because I hoped to get a little more mileage out of him before he bit the dust but I don't know how I could contend with industrial quantities of dark Eldar Neurotoxin. maybe I can pull the too stupid to die routine again but you really went to town on him.
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  5. kanila kanila Subordinate

    OOC: you could just make him doing a last breath dying charge. You still have options! You are the GM after all! What you say goes.
  6. kanila kanila Subordinate

    OOC: I've got a great idea! Do the seen from Metal Gear Solid when raven dies! Except use bloat flies! Or he could just explode.
  7. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    OOC: I actually just remembered he still had a slab shield he could use if I wanted some extra mileage I could just use that to cover him from the shower, its seems a little bit cheap of an idea now but it would have been great if I had thought of it initially. but then I already established that the ogryn was distracted by his new weapon, too much so that his chances of successfully blocking the attack would be down to chance more than anything.

    The Ogryn blubbered noisily as the shower of deadly neurotoxin needles hit the many tiny projectiles each containing enough toxin to kill a normal man several times over barraging his thick armor with some managing to find their way into exposed parts of the great brutes body. trying to deflect the remainder of the shots the ogryn shielded himself with his slab shield denying the dark Eldar a line of fire but by then it was too late.

    Already unsteady on its feet the brute powered by pure adrenaline charged the dark Eldar with his shield raised seeking to crush the Xenos in any way it can, waving the heavy flamer in the air as an improvised bludgeon he was trampling underfoot several guardsmen both loyalist and traitor as he came.
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  8. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    [OOC Well it was try that or have Cameron die, I thought, plus it's not as if we were drowning in other ideas ... @EveryoneExceptkanila ... I'm not going to lose too many tears over a plan actually working! Plus what do you mean more milage, isn't everything covered in napalm and on fire?? :O I'm sure that's still an issue. It's not like I don't see what you mean, but ... at least we made posts!]
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  9. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    OOC: Yeah that's true, maybe its just my feelings of stress and frustration shining through because in the meantime I am just wondering just where is everyone? what dark Eldar raid descended on our forums and absconded with all our RPers?
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  10. kanila kanila Subordinate

    OOC: the Dark Eldar known as RL!
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