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Balancing Eldar : Is It Possible?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Eldritchweather, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. Asurael Asurael Well-Known Member

    It's not about that making it easier, it's about lasting longer in the battlefield without having to constantly die and respawn. I'm thinking respawning in this game is going to be much more of a big deal, the devs haven't even yet explained how the fluff works for that, but that they had long discussions with GW about what would make sense with the IP.

    I'm guessing a respawn equates into you essentially playing as a new soldier, who just so happens to exactly match your previous soldier's equipment, skills and name.

    Anyway, no need to get mad about this, not yet at least, so far this is all just speculation. I thought it was weird at first to have a shield bar in THQ's Space Marine, but it actually made the game more enjoyable, which is ultimately what matters.
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  2. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    They gave up about this lol.

    About the shield... it's just a mechanic to shape your game, you want the combat to be more tactical and unforgiven? go with just health and no way to regenerate, you want a faster pace to the game? go with regenerative healthbar, EC goes in between and you just regenerate half of your hp (shield)
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  3. Angelic Angelic Arkhona Vanguard

    I really don't have any issue with that, it's almost impossible to implement a system where individual pieces of armour lose integrity or something as they're shot and then your overall shields go down. However we know Wraithbone has regenerative qualities and Power Armour is bound to have a number of fail safes and overrides and such, that would be less so for Chaos Marines but warp energy, Orks... I don't want to talk about those guys when it comes to technology..

    Either way, agreeing with Asurael and Joram, "Shields" or "Armour" or however they want to paint it are not a bad thing. Though it makes me wonder how they'll handle Forceshields (Invulnerable Saves in general for that matter), assuming we're given access.

    Maybe Overshields such as in Halo? Or perhaps MORE damage mitigation? Maybe as I was saying before a flat rate of damage mitigation over all situations without a chance of being ignored by Plasma/Melta etc.

    Who knows? Speculation~
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  4. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    I've wanted to ask Brent about this for a while but they have to be way to busy right now with E3 around the corner. Things like invul save, flesh/armour bane weapons, bladestorm and a ton more of TT rules that could make equipment different instead of a boring 5% more damage/shield/whatever and higher loadout cost.
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  5. Poodlec Poodlec Subordinate

    DOW2 did it terribly wrong. Instead of making it toggle ability they make it 10-second dmg debuff that you put on self. and it have 30-second cd. In most cases it is duplicates retreat button and somewat useful only for banshees. I never need 10-second speed buff in DOW2 - 3-4 at most. FoF in the first DOW was godlike, in DOW2 it's just a joke.
    Khorlial, not mean to be nasty, but if you want to compare nob to other factions units, you then should do it right. Nobs not a troops choice, they leaders to boys squads and you should compare them to exarchs and sergeants this way. Or to elite troops if you want to refer to nob squads.

    And if someone already didn't mention it - Rune Armor have 4+ invulnerable save and thus weapons that rend through armor normally not negate saving throw from it.
  6. Angelic Angelic Arkhona Vanguard

    You're right about that Poodle, Nobs should be compared to Sergeants or the like, however he did note that Nobs were Elite, frankly I think it fleshes out the differences between them nicely. As far as Rune Armour goes it was mentioned that it has a 4+ Invulnerable save, we were wondering how they would go about handling that kind of thing.
  7. Khorlial Member

    I was just trying to see which class go for the races corresponding class and thought the Nob would be within normal marines and dire avengers because ork boy is F2P and cost points wise by far the least.
    I probably should have put how many ponts they all cost but I'm not sure about that as I only have C/SM and Eldar codices.
    Got the Ork stats from the general rulebook.

    But I still find it fair to have a nob vs these classes just imagine in the lore you think that dire avenger can't take on some Ork Nob and the marines can for sure, he's just straight up stonger but is he smarter, faster got better gear? In no way lol.
  8. Angelic Angelic Arkhona Vanguard

    If you're talking points cost.. Marines come in at about 14-16 points a piece.. Dire Avengers are... 12? an Ork Boy is 5-6 and a Nob is... 20 something? There's no real comparison to be made. Orks are supposed to be more numerous is all. Dire Avengers lack the S4 T4 stat-line and a +3 save so they're cheaper. I agree with Khorlial though a Nob would be able to hold his own against all these classes better than an Ork Boy, who would have some trouble without numbers behind him.
  9. Asurael Asurael Well-Known Member

    Which is why they're free to play =P
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  10. Poodlec Poodlec Subordinate
    I have only Eldar codex but you can use this builder for reference to stats and costs as i do. ;)

    Considering dev's intent to make orcs individually weaker as they "free", i think it would be safe to assume that boyz will fit right in(with some kind of "mob rule" i guess). Moreso, Boyz can have improved save to 4+ and be armed with shootas, big shootas and rocket launchers, so i don't see the reason why they can't be orcs basic infantry. Point-wise basic Boy cost 6pts, with improved save - 10pts, grenades cost 1pt and big shoota and rokkit launcher - 5 and 10 pts respectively, thus making Boy on par with Avengers and Tactical Marine(slightly better in melee, slightly worse at range).

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