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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, May 11, 2018.


Do you think EC would benefit from factions becoming more symmetrical?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    If you are trying to kill the game for good, go for it.

    Your problem in balancing is not that the races are too different from another.

    The problem is that the races are almost identical, except for a few features.

    These few features are enough to make the races imbalanced, however they do not allow for the range and complexity that you would need to (re-)balance the races.

    What you need is adding more parameters, more variables, more attributes, to have enough degrees of freedom available to tune the system to your desire.
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  2. JackleLantern Recruit

    IDK if this counts as balance, but could you get rid of the ridiculous recovery pause after rolling? You shouldn’t stand there for a half second getting lit up without being able to move. At least allow for as many chained rolls as you have stamina points before the pause.
  3. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Crouch before rolling , your welcome
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  4. JackleLantern Recruit

    Cheers! That absolutely should not be necessary though.
  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    One of the mayor reasons for me putting the game down and moving on to something else was because its just LSM vs CSM
    2 factions that are already almost the same...
    If everything is similar than what would be the point in having 4 factions..
    It can't really be that hard to make Orks more unique by buffing their toy special weaponry and making the painboy a true melee support and not a pistil knife .huh.....guy ?.. that's like what half a tacticool ?
    Orks right now are just half assed space marines... so basically the game is like 3x lsm vs eldar at this point except NOBODY plays half assed space marines or eldar anymore...:(
    And elder are already unique enough with their speed and their frailness for them it can't be too hard to balance their numbers a bid cant it ?

    Dude.... it's not like there is this huuuge forum with like a gazillion suggestions you could try :rolleyes:
    The problem with this game has never been that balance is or isn't possible its literally always been a case of devs not doing much around here only making big promises only to come back later having changed 2 numerals somewhere and basically taking 8 months to to something that most people here could do in a day..i don't care if your a 1 people team at this point... most of that stuff cant take that long for 1 guy to even do.

    Meanwhile during those 8 months ya devs took for that stuff the forums here already exploded and imploded under the weight of the forum discussion about the subject.
    Literally opening 5 Eyes of mother fucking Terror spilling nothing but ideas and suggestions beyond your wildest imagination into this realm..

    Friendships have been broken ...alliances have been formed over this shit mates!!!
    You know how disappointing a 2 numerical change in a patch note look after that ?
    The potential that's wasted in this game could power the Golden Throne for another 40 milenia for the dark gods sake!

    Maybe .. it's time to start putting some of those ideas on the ptr for a bid and seeing what happens huh ?

    Don't take the ez way out and just copy/paste races...

    just don't!
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  6. What if each subfaction had its own unique buff?
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  7. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    That was going to be the point at one time, but we're waaaaaay past "will never happen" stage.
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  8. Nudu Nudu First Blood!

    I think the easiest way especially with so many different units to achieve asymmetrical balance would be to restrict some units. For example all factions could have something like 4 basic available units that have very much symmetrical balancing (or like ttk and such very similar). And make the rest of the units that are controversial or have some sort of speciality to them more limited.

    For example make banshee a normal load out but make striking scorpion a slightly more limited elite kind of version of it. This way we wont have stupid scorpion spam all the time and make the banshee more "viable" too.

    This would also go for some weapons alone for example make boltor the bad basic gun and make the plasma gun or stormbolter simply strictly better versions of it but also limiting their availability.

    Limiting some units would make it so that they could still excel at what they do but if they excel too well (swooping hawks and power fist) for example, you could instead of nerfing them into shit just limit their availability more and keep them as is so the factions could have these very asymmetrical things.

    With the current system however a very symmetrical balance is pretty much the only thing because currently there are so many useless/op things and no real reason other than RP:ing to choose some of them.
  9. Krayt Krayt Preacher

  10. Nudu Nudu First Blood!

    remember when powerfist USED TO BE good and then it got nerfer and now its a shit tier AV weapon? I would've really liked a proper fisting instead.

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