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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, May 11, 2018.


Do you think EC would benefit from factions becoming more symmetrical?

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  2. No

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  1. Apoths have a ranged option that does not use charge and their necromancy beacons are pretty damned good for static defence.

    Chaos are more aggressive compared that's why they can push points better than LSM.

    Yeah the collison thing is annoying and needs a fix.
  2. Nether Nether Master

    @jbregg (I know its your thread, but I fear my comments will be lost in the depth of the thread as I'm far beyond the early pages that will be looked at)
    One more voice to the Asymmetry is best route.
    I tend to have little interest in a game that is all symmetrical balance, and it is the lazy way out.
    Symmetrical gives 0 reason to spend more time playing the game and learning other factions, takes away any depth of flavor from the factions and removes what i consider vital to faction identity of the 40k IP, is people are drawn to certain factions because of those differences. If you made Eldar symmetrical, you would have completely destroyed any representation of them from the 40k IP.

    Go more with Asymmetry, even amongst a faction.
    By this I mean give little bonuses to each sub faction to flesh them out a bit more. The sub faction bonuses should be secondary type stats in an area that faction is known to function best in. This will give each sub faction more identity, a bit of asymmetry within their faction and gives players a valid reason to want to level multiple characters of their favorite factions.
    I know you mentioned in the beginning you didn't want this because you didn't want to pigeon hole factions for best class because of x bonus, BUT this won't be an issue because it already takes a fair amount of time and play to develop you character, most players I think tend to have just one strong character per faction and changing characters for subfaction bonus will be of limited use as they don't know what they are fighting, and the bonus should not be strong enough to disrupt overall balance.

    The one thing that I think will have the greatest effect. Want closer matches?
    You know that feeling you have when a match was barely won? Even if you lost it sure doesn't feel as bad.
    This will especially help SM I would think.
    One mechanic I've seen rarely used and considering you guys have access to Space Marine, and you can look at Dawn of War II; is that the losing side will generate more points based on the gap difference.
    So basically the more your side is losing by, the greater the cap point income, which also slows down as that difference gap is closer. If you research either of those games mentioned, you will find that there is very little to any complaint about that system at all. And even if the lite players here might dislike artificial help to losing side, it has always created fun and exciting games in SM or DoW2 in that regard, which again no one complained about.
    This allows the new players, inexperienced teams and most importantly pugs vs guilds an artificial handicap to help keep the fight closer.
    I would think this would be very doable as the system is already in place, you just need to tweek it.

    You Devs need to measure faction balance better, and as pugs are too difficult to tell, you need to pay attention to the guild vs guild events. This will show you win trends and by how close it is, which I am sure will be much different that what you see in pugs as a faction is going to be far better utilized by them to show a better semblance of balance vs imbalance. Team utilization vs a team of lone wolves.
    People complain how rough SM have it, which they do, but for the wrong reasons that everyone is saying of they are under powered. I am a dominant Eldar Player, but I have multiple rank 5 across the factions and SM I believe are in a very good spot, and maybe a bit better than other factions realize. Again, take note of SM guild vs guild fights to get an idea of where all factions stand in balance. You should even be creating stats of these events because I'm sure you will see a very different stats than pug games which suffer even more when not used working together which they game is based around, team play right?

    Compare your guild stats to pug stats, and if something is dominant in both then it probably needs to be adjusted.
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  3. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    What if we turn dok beacon into self-aoe aura instead, worn like a backpack on his back, heals those in vicinity of dok. That 'barrel' like thing is so strange.
  4. Can we get this? we don't need weak watered down Apothecaries with green paint on.
  5. While it sounds like something that would be unique and fun, it might end up being pretty op. It would need some kinda charge or similar. Permanent movable AoE heal would be way better than a beacon or chaos nurgle heal for comparison.
    Maybe it could work with some kind of healing explosion every x seconds, so you trigger it like a grenade which causes a healing explosion around you. How much it heals, and/or if it heals over time could then be used for balancing. Could probably use the animation from using ammo/health pack to trigger. Cloud effect from ork poison grenade could be used for visual effect, maybe a bit more transparent and slightly different color.
  6. More perpetual aoe heal depending on how many Orks are in the area perhaps. Would incentify team play.

    Doubtful though that this would actually happen, too many people would through a tanty and stomp their feet.
  7. That sounds like a balancing nightmare.
  8. Instead lets just have weak, watered down apothecaries - without bolter cheese - painted green yeah that's working isn't it. lol.

    Your lucky to see 1 Painboy per match which I think says a lot.
  9. Hey, I didn't say painboy is good as is. On paper I even agree that the idea of orks getting buffs by numbers is nice. But it's just not applicable for a game where you need balance. Once people get the hang of it Orks would most likely mutate to an unstoppable teamplaying monster, being even more OP than they are right now.
    The AoE heal on the painboy is a nice idea, but it shouldn't be a permanent heal like the beacon, it at least needs some kinda charge/cooldown mechanic to be brought in line.
  10. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    You mean like the aoe heal from the medic in planetside 2 ?
    It runs on energy once turned it depletes this energy until you turn it off again or it runs out of energy.
    It recharges slowly when not in use.

    In EC terms this would technically be like a beacon strapped on an orks back that works more like eldar or chaos healing spells in that it has some form of energy it run on and is an aoe that surrounds the player.

    Theoretically all these mechanic's are already in the game .. so it should be possible to create healing aoe based on these mechanic's.

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