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Avenger help!!

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Sneaky-krumpin, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Grenades or auto lose

    Sometimes actually stabbing them works as well as Ork melee is clunky but that depends of the player and if they have a normal shoota or a big shoota
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  2. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    I feared as much but lets keep it coming. My Go-to tool for Orks is the Hawk with Hunters Mark. That at least reliably kills them quick enough that they can't react and Big Shoota me down but since I'm one of the few people who are willing to cap-over-kills, I prefer staying on the DA.
  3. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Well, I took all of your advice, and it's paid off. I'm not reaching 20+kills yet, but the load outs and in general playing smarter has helped me get 15 or so match, usually landing top 8 or so. It's nothing to brag about or anything, but it's really helped!

    I find Ive been trying to find ways to play instead of strafing into a doorway to shoot, I hug the wall, hold aim to pop out an shoot, then jump back before an enemy can hit me. Killed 6 guys today in a row today before they got me. I've also taken to hunting down warlocks and sticking with them. Some just self heal and melee, but most will keep me up!

    I find I do great as long as I have others around me. And the regular avenger shuriken catapult is a great weapon! I tried the TLASC, and liked it up close, but I find the normal ASC is much more accurate.

    Thanks all!
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  4. 3dbocatt 3dferocity Active Member

    I find that the ASC is more like an SMG than an infantry rifle. The TLSC just doubles down on this characteristic. I personally hate it. I've never been the spray and pray type. I prefer precision and accuracy over more dakka, but honestly dire avengers play more like orks than orks do currently. I'd trade the ASC for a shoota with slightly less damage and more accuracy (same rpms) in a heartbeat. currently the best way to abuse the avenger is get into suicide range (distinctly non-eldar-like) and hipfire at the enemies upper torso while staying 100% on the move and as unpredictable as possible. I've found that with that strategy you can 1v1 marines from full health. I don't ever ADS in standard firefights. It gets you killed, because it slows you down and speed is our advantage to compensate for lower health.

    Playing with a team is quite different for Eldar whereas playing with a team for the other factions is still relatively the same. In a squad with other dire avengers, and warlocks carrying enhance and jinx it becomes a turkey shoot. You hardly need to aim at all as even nurgle Marines go down nearly instantly from glancing shots.

    Moral of the story: team up, work together because Eldar are a dying race and your martyrdom won't make you a saint.
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  5. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    TBH after trying the TLASC and ASC with textured grip, star shards and impulse accelerator, I prefer by far the ASC with upgrades. I'm getting 20+ kills on a lot of matches now, as this combo seems get headshots a lot if I try for them. I can just about drop a marine in the same amount of time they can drop me, so usually crouch and hide and get the drop on them, which gets me a kill 75 percent of the time Now. I find impulse accelerators loss of range is insignificant, as most avenger encounters happen medium to close range anyway. And star shards add that extra power needed to make a marine sweat.

    I think most players are surprised when they see me now cause they think "just an avenger, no biggy I can trade blows with him" and get to half health in a few seconds and wonder what happened. A lot of encounters I have now they run and hide to heal, so I just run and gun them down while they do. All the advice was great, thanks everyone!
  6. Paeyvn Paeyvn Well-Known Member

    Impulse accelerators don't drop the range. They lower your rate of fire by 10% instead. Not a direct analogue of the CQC barrel.

    Glad to hear you're doing better as well! I too prefer the regular ASC modded to the TL.
  7. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    This is such a happy story that it almost makes my old gamer heart go soft :oops:
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  8. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Bottom line is that you don't win straight-up shoot-offs with any other faction. That's just an Eldar thing. We have speed, a narrow profile and quick evade rolls. Those are the tools you use to move yourself into advantageous positions.

    Just don't engage on an opponent in the open who is aware of you. Run away from those situations and find cover, heal up and regenerate any armor lost. Only engage when you have cover to work around or you have the advantage of numbers. The latter is very often with Eldar due to Eldar speed, again.

    If you really do want to win shoot-offs, practise those headshots. The really good players are always nailing tons of headshots and that's really the only way. Get good at that, and you will out-shoot other factions that do not headshot... especially since your narrow profile gives you the advantage in accuracy when you strafe. What's more... the other faction players who are good at headshots will severely outshoot you as a DA.

    As for opponents you get the jump on... if you are close enough, melee them first. Do a strong attack followed by a fast attack, then begin shooting. Your two melee attacks will take more than half of their EHP away in an instant burst, leaving them as an easy kill.

    I hate you :D:D:D don't tell him that.

    Seriously though, @Saeritan is completely right. You should very frequently fast attack a melee attacker before entering a bash. It protects you from follow-up strong attacks and often throws the melee attacker off-guard. You know you're dead when you eat a bash, but you don't know when the bash is coming if the ranged class mixes up his moves. It puts melee attackers on the back foot.

    Especially since, at the moment, there are a lot of new players that just spam RMB in melee like it's Relic's space marine. It's impossible to tell the difference between these guys and the ones that fast attack once then follow with a bash. You have the upper-hand in this situation, because you will get the kill before I can evaluate which one you are. My only hope is to remember who you are and change my strategy for the next time I meet you.

    This strategy will be alleviated by stun time reductions in a future patch. Currently it works so well because of how high the stakes are with parry (Dbash).
  9. TIDDER tidder New Member

    I use a gamepad so aiming isn't that great for me I use the Seeker Knife to go all Close combat Dire
    works pretty well for me
    I think part of that is they never expect me to run at them

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