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Avenger help!!

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Sneaky-krumpin, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Whenever I get fragged in a heartbeat by a DA, I know it's because of headshots. Being able to full auto at mid range with great accuracy means headshots are devastating, versus other weapons where it's a quick kill. (Ork dakka at point blank to the face kind of achieves a similar kill speed.) I play healers a lot and if there's one tactical class I fear more than the others because of their ability to cut me down due to my lower EHP, it's DA.
  2. Paeyvn Paeyvn Well-Known Member

    Impulse Accelerator lowers DPS by 1%, it will change nothing. It does however make the recoil bloom out slower due to slower rate of fire and makes your ammo 10% more efficient on a weapon that has severe ammo problems. I mostly take it for the ammo efficiency.
  3. Hm, after playing ork boy and nurgle-spiky-boy in daemonic armor i was so CONFUSED when went back to avenger. Why its so shit?.. Thats was my first question

    Better try x2 ammopack. Same cost 50/50lp but you maintain good DPS and rarely go out of ammo. I also suggest to have fast reload and textured/stabilizing for ASC or mcASC
  4. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    Generally speaking, a DA by him- or herself is worth 80% of an opponent Tactical-archetype, but a DA with support is worth 110%. Two DAs are brutal, more so than two Marines with Bolters. A DA with a Jinx Warlock is similarly brutal. Two DAs and a Jinx Warlock is just sin. Alternatively, with Enhance a DA is broadly a match for a Bolter Tac. Kind of sucks that we need a buff to get parity, but that's where we are right now.
  5. Brosephelon Recruit

    Basic ASC, texture grip and starshard shurikens.

    Improved Armor, Flexile Aspect, armor and armor regen trinkets. 50lp tp spend on a grenade, ammo, or healthpack whatever you prefer. I like to flank hard and deep so I go for health pack personally.

    In a heads up fight you will lose to a tac/traitor/shoota with equal skill. That said if you get the jump on someone you absolutely shred them more so than any bolter build could want to do. Go for those headshots they are rewarding and the ASC is a very easily to control weapon with no real recoil even with the textured grip.

    Flank, shred someone, run off, rinse repeat until you bite off more than you can chew.

    If you need to make a very aggressive headlong push pray to god you got some buffing warlocks with you or the enemies are shit. Even then I'd take the time to try to make that push into a weaker flank/opening.

    I've always felt the ASC was super rewarding to use because it rewards good accuracy so much more than bolters or shootas. They are rewarding in their own right but with the ASC it just "feels good" I guess.
  6. War4Ever War4Ever Arkhona Vanguard

    I personally find the DA to be an outstanding class, the ASC is a great rifle, laser accurate high RoF and you can reposition constantly w your speed. The trick is to try and avoid direct head on firefights, limit your exposure and use your speed/dodges to constantly assail them from a new angle using your great accuracy.

    While not as flexible as a tactical or traitor, the DA is probably my favourite "rifleman" archetype class in game. I just love the gun+mobility, headshots all day with the ASC.
  7. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    I know, it is like a pseudo-"mid cap magazine".
    But I often prefer to use those 50 LP on something else and I haven't really noticed an improvement in more score from using the Impulse Accelerator.
    Iirc then M. Chan. said it was supposed to slightly increase the DPS, but I currently it doesn't do that.
  8. Here is my Avanger (obviusly not the best build, but fit to my play style, what is "shot as many i can, than run away")

  9. Try cheaper gun (200lp), throw 1 grenade away, throw knife mod and get only +15 armor rune for 100lp cost. If you need your gun - throw away +1stamina.
    You will free 300lp for gold armor. Will fit your hit-and-run with extratoughness, -1sec armor regen delay, +5 more armor (minus 15 for cheaper rune, but plus 20 from gold armor)
  10. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    Orks are a very tough target to take out since their thick EHP leaves them enough room to react to your shooting, so you really need to get the drop on them for a secure win. Biggest problem is that Eldar effective range is also the Ork effective range so they go into the confrontation at advantage. Ork natural spread and ROF also counters the Eldar mobility well compared to XSM Bolters.

    Otherwise, as many have stated: Attack the target that is shooting somebody else if you can. IF you have to engage 1on1, here's a little hint: Don't just circled around the opponent or left right step (especially not against opponents with high ROF), move in a spiral towards them (aka, get closer gradually). That creates some displacement that thanks to the lacking depth perception on monitor screens is harder to compensate when aiming. This works best against XSM but less against Orks since they can hitscan easier. If you're close enough, you can bait a defensive bash/light attack out of them which pretty much hands the win to you.

    If anyone has some hints on how to deal 1on1 with Orks that are shooting back at you, I would love to hear it (and no, get a buddy is not the answer:D).
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