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AV Spam

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Data8671, Jun 6, 2018.


Do you enjoy AV spam more than not spamming AV? (pick one for attacker and one for defender)

  1. (Attacking against a team spamming AV) YES

  2. (Attacking against a team spamming AV) NO

  3. (Defending with a team spamming AV) YES

  4. (Defending with a team spamming AV) NO

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  1. Whatever makes people quit next
  2. No, we are the ones who lost badly. CSMs lost that game. Because of only two people, one with a melta gun and one with a power fist and shield. Two people shut down a game so damn effectively, and made it boring so a lot of the team quit.
  3. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    That's the problem with our friend Zathral here. He doesn't even understand the stuff he posts himself. Those people didn't leave because transports got blown up, they left because they felt the team was stupid. Once a few leave, you play at number disadvantage, which increases the chance that people leave because team sucks. Then people join the match in progress, see half of the points already gone and guess what... they leave. Then there are the LSM who play against Eldar vets and ... yep, they leave.
    Because the fault is never their own. It's always the team, the opposing faction (this is actually reason number one in case of Eldar because Eldar), the balancing, the dev bias, the ping, the servers, the hitreg.exe, the cheaters.... You get the idea.
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  4. Bans Protesik. ;)

    PS. Not a valid thread so locking to avoid fallout.
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