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AV Spam

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Data8671, Jun 6, 2018.


Do you enjoy AV spam more than not spamming AV? (pick one for attacker and one for defender)

  1. (Attacking against a team spamming AV) YES

  2. (Attacking against a team spamming AV) NO

  3. (Defending with a team spamming AV) YES

  4. (Defending with a team spamming AV) NO

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  1. There's been a fair amount of discussion about toxicity and it's impact on new players lately, so here's a new thread for all of that focused on something I hate just less than exploits. AV spam.

    Attacking against a team spamming AV is not fun at all. You can't sustain an attack, half the game is spent either driving a new Rhino to a different point than your last one was killed at, or running from spawn/ another point on foot because you have no transports. It's a cheap tactic for easy wins; bring AV, deny them their transports, they can't cap, easy wins. It's a win at all costs (WAAC) tactic.

    Defending alongside a team spamming AV also isn't as fun as a team that is not. It isn't challenging, often you run out of enemies to kill as either they have no transports, so are unable to reach the points, or they are forced to switch where they are attacking far too often and their team just ends up scattered and are easily picked off. For me the most fun part of the game is a challenging defence where a few mistakes could lose you the point, not an easy one with hardly any enemies.

    Oh and here's a screenshot to show what happens when AV spam is used (this was really effective AV, like our transports hardly lasted 30 seconds)
    :O I wonder why there are so many quitters- also that was me proving to myself that the scythe is viable

    In tabletop 40k, WAAC players are typically frowned upon outside of tournaments because it's just not fun to play them, I think it's the same here; they're not fun. That's all AV spammers are outside of gvg, WAAC players who only want the wins. Really it's only fun for the AV spammers...
    I wonder why I see so much AV spam during campaigns.......
    And I wonder why new players tend not to stick around long in campaigns.........

    And no, before someone says the normal 'defend your vehicles', that's not always feasible. Against AV spam, you could end up with 2 preds chasing a Rhino, you could end up at a dead end (thinking of Pegasus), you could have like 3 people hunting transports, how are you supposed to defend against that? A powerfist/hawk/grav weapon/power claw will stop or slow a transport with ease, then the people doing AV will have an easy time picking it off.
    If you keep it moving, depending on where you move it, and the point you're attacking, you could end up making it harder too attack the point. If you don't it's still going down to an AV team no matter what pretty much. Either way you can't really defend it. Maybe a guild stack could manage, but normal teams aren't in voice coms and aren't all very good players.
    And then there's the fact that defending a Rhino can be quite boring...

    What to do about it? Nerf AV weapons to the ground and increase vehicle survivability.

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  2. No, it's something that I find every campaign
  3. Protesik Protesik Well-Known Member

    Eldar OP
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  4. Тиверий Sozomen New Member

    Zathral says the right thing - but there is an important point - many AV are annoying ONLY when playing against the Eldar - the rest of the races is a very rare equip set. The usual case when attacking the Eldar - 5 dragons - and not a single rino will even reach the point. Therefore, to nerf all the AV means to up the Eldar even more. It is necessary to reduce the number of Eldar dragons, for example, only 2 or 3 of the team, or to force players from other factions to play on AV - then we'll talk about the nerf of the weapon of AV or the transport buff.
    {Sorry, English is not my native language.}
  5. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    How dare we play properly.
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  6. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    what next? healers spam, tact spam, something spam?
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  7. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    this thread remind me how thrakka barking at fire dragoons AP abilities
  8. Wait I realised I put wrong screenshot in...
  9. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    Breaking the metal boxes is a legitimate strategy which far too few of my teammates seem aware of.
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  10. Fixed screenshot
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