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AV and Fire Dragons - Is this one class THE reason why Eldar win so many matches?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Orkan, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    I was the driver once with a full squad inside the rhino. That was awful to fly through the map at first, but we had a good laugh in the end.
  2. Odovocar Recruit

    No I would say not. It's often the reluctance of people to carry dedicated AV. Noobs, like me, have trouble with Lascannons and Meltameltas are expensive. The biggest problem I've had with Eldar is the invisible melee units and the heal at range warlocks (CSM is a similar problem for me). Experinced this combo taking down 10 LSM and the point. Hate fighting Eldar but don't really see the need to nerf them. If anything if the eldar team lacks the smallest co-ordination they get rolled by Orks and CSM. LSM have other problems.
  3. Konoko Konok0 Arch-Cardinal

  4. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    retarded driver?
  5. Salvohhh!! Solei Drill Abbott

    Honestly, a single wun a dem orange gitz wiv 'alf a mind for kunnin' kan kill all da trukkz on a map dat ain't movin'. But a big part a wot makez 'im so brutal (for a panzie pointy eared git) iz dat 'e kan zip around da map in deyr flyin' trukkz so zoggin' fast. (Imagine dis... Wot if dey wuz painted red too?... Zogg.) On top uv dat, da flyin' trukkz just mowz any gitz in deyr way down wiv ease. But az a roit stealfy git meself dat takez a lot uv pride in me kunnin' talent for killin' enemy trukkz and wot not, I gotz to say dat all uv deze fingz ain't wot makez dem gitz a challenge. It'z da fakt dat it usually takez moar grotz on me own side to kounter deze gitz den it takez dem to be such a pain in da arse.

    Now, all a dat aside, I've put on a kunnin' pointy-eared-git disguize um... er... lotz uv timez. Infiltrate deyr rankz and see wot deyz all on about. An you know wot really makez dem gitz a pain to skrap? Most uv dem gitz realizez dat dey needz ta stick togeva. Dey listen when da bosses shoutz wot ta do. And da onez dat don't? Well, deyz all muckin' up da bottom uv me boyz bootz, dey iz.

    So at da end uv da fite, it's dat dey'z fast, deyz got sum roit shiny kit dat 'itz trukkz loike a zoggin' ton uv brikkz, and dey do wot da boss tellz em ta do. It'z da same fing az wotz makin' us krump all da uva gitz in dis WAAAAGGGGHH roit now--all dem gitz workin' togeva, uzin' wot dey got dat'z gud, and stompin' all dem gitz wot don't do wot deyr boss tellz em to.
  6. Konoko Konok0 Arch-Cardinal

    NO. That driver say that this dragon OP
  7. truthfully its a mix between fire dragons and swooping hawks.
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  8. Take a look, the driver actually avoided the melta bombs. He then proceeded to drive right back on top of them...
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  9. Nio Niothewarlock Well-Known Member

    That driver is pretty dank...
  10. Ghosar Recruit

    But even more truthfully, if you don't have much lag and once you git gud enough with aiming to pull it off, headshotting eldars will still make you win, in the end (hawks are so squishy its not even needed, even though they are hell to target in the first place, forget about headshots !). Because a headshotted firedragon won't have time to place his fusion bomb. I do admit though that good eldar clans (or just really good eldar PUGs) are a nightmare to fight (at least I fare very badly against them, though I usually do quite well on average eldar opponents)

    To sum things up, hawks, lawnmowers and FDragons are only a problem when the team is good. Its not like orks which require, ATM, not much skill to be a pain in the butt

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