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AV and Fire Dragons - Is this one class THE reason why Eldar win so many matches?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Orkan, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    From my (limited) personal experience on Eldar teams lately: I see a trend for less braindead zerging and actual proper class rolling (for example people switching off from FD or Lock when they notice there are a few around already or switching to that class when there seem to be none). Locks in general still tend to be too eager to fight but that will come in time I guess. Still a load of Dark Reapers around when they aren't needed but that too will come in time I bet.

    In regard to the thread:
    AV and Fire Dragons - Is this one class THE reason why Eldar win so many matches? - Yes, and it's the only way they can win matches outside of the opposing team being completely derp

    Eldar can't slug things out on equal numbers. They by their balancing nature have to flank and outnumber (on small scale) in order to decide fights for them. Since in defense situations, you can't really run and surrender ground. The only way to hold the ground is to ensure that the respawn of the opposing team has to run a long distance so the pressure lessens and the travel distance by it's nature pulls the enemy team apart so they trickle into the defensive line. If you ever solo defended a point as a scorp, you'll instantly feel what that means:)

    On the flipside, the same problem is true for the Eldar and hits them even harder (again due to how things are balanced). If you force the Eldar team to run long distances by taking out the serpents, you get trickling Eldar which die even faster than the other factions.
  2. Drake De Molina Drake_De_Molina Steam Early Access

    Well I think it's due to people doing LSM copycat. I see a lot of run and gun heavy boltor to breach.
    They don't understand that it doesn't work well as Eldar with the Shuriken Canon.
  3. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    Or they like the visuals of the DR. I would love to use the DR more but until something happens to improve the Shuriken cannon, it's a no-go for me. Outside of long range popping Turrets or vehicles with the Launcher, I don't touch the class anymore, it's that bad.

    In regards to the LSM: Their HB creep is actually effective compared to the Eldar trying to do that. Hint to LSM: That's where your Wolf Priest with the Crozius had it's place:)
  4. With respect, I don't believe that has a chance of stopping me, and I've been maining this role as soon as meltabombs and meltaguns came out. For the most part, 1 person defending a rhino is only going to delay the inevitable, unless they move the rhino away from the point enough for me to decide it isn't important any more. It doesn't matter what class or loadout they have. If I have 2 meltabombs and a gun, I don't even need to hit the back armor.

    If 2 or more people are guarding the rhino, I am doing my job and wasting their resources.
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  5. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    Maybe I'm doing it wrong but getting bludgeoned by a sharp or dull object is a pretty effective way of keeping me from reaching the rhino and placing the bombs. And remember: RMB spam moves faster than an Eldar:D That requires one person tops.
  6. Drake De Molina Drake_De_Molina Steam Early Access

    Well it has all the chance to stop you since FD are not immune to bullet and hiding a rhino in a ruin mean death since the FD can use the cover. Don't worry so far, I only had problems against long range AV or 2 FD AV run (I just take the rhino and get the fuck out).
  7. Warboss Sickytoof Karond Steam Early Access

    Well, every non-Eldar blows upp Eldar vehicles just as fast. MoS has the same movement speed too, Orks in waagh (although that's largely irrelevant) as well. It's not the time to destroy that separates them.

    It's that Serpents are easy to steer as they ignore terrain and ridiculously easy to get roadkills with, so Eldar tend to stay in their vehicles or when they spawn in one, can react quickly. Other factions cannot, so they tend to leave the vehicles idle after exiting them. Thus, Fire dragons have an easy time destroying vehicles while people that face Eldar have a very difficult time doing likewise.

    Except for Orks :(
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  8. Something that I haven't seen mentioned yet; unless things have changed since I last played Eldar, doesn't the default Dragon loadout have a melta bomb? If so, that's a pretty big advantage, as other races need to buy/drop their AT weapons. I admit, 10k req to buy one isn't that high and can be done in a couple of hours, but that's still a couple of hours where you don't have access to any efficient AT loadouts. A single melta bomb (at least you don't need to unlock them in the tree anymore) won't get you far.

    Also, comparing TTK against various factions transports is a moot point when trying to use melta bombs/guns against an Eldar vehicle is basically suicide. Even if every Rhino and Trukk had a pilot 100% of the time, you can't dodge attacks the same way a Serpent can.
  9. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Only Eldar don't get a melta bomb by default

    As for the AT weapon, I don't want it, a catapult is cheaper and the fusion gun is like 4 overheat kill at close range and I can use a fusion pistol if a tank has a sliver of health after a double bomb, while the weapon is free in AP it kills LP in builds.
  10. Roaming Wolf Roaming-Wolf Steam Early Access

    Two melta grenades is exceptionally powerful and can do alot more damage than any other faction just with kamikaze runs but it's not just Fire Dragons, although they are part of the problem. Right now I think the Eldar's biggest strength is being able to destroy enemy transports easily while being able to preserve their own. Eldar Vehicles being difficult to lock down is a problem for other factions. Now it's my understanding that they are looking into the ease at which the falcons and serpents can run players down so we'll have to see if this makes a difference in the future.

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