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Australians! The Wolves Require your service!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by ZorchFanatic, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. ZorchFanatic Recruit

    Space Wolves Legion

    The Sons of Fenris


    Now Garm howls loud | before Gnipahellir,

    The fetters will burst, | and the wolf run free;

    Much do I know, | and more can see

    Of the fate of the gods, | the mighty in fight


    Join our ranks within the mighty Battlebarge Valhalla-

    The Wolf Lord Ragnar Oathsworn has tasked myself, Wolf Priest Joruk Deathblade, with the recruitment of Australian Wolves! Brothers, we understand the conditions of Fenris better than any other, and it is our time to prove ourselves upon the battle grounds of Arkhona! Apply on the Enjin page above and lets show that we're better than everyone even with 300 ping!

    The Wolves of Garmr - Now targeting Australians!​
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  2. Azkaellion Recruit

    Hey guys, I'm Azkaellion and live in Australia. I recently joined the Legion and in that time I've made a ton of friends, learned to play cooperatively as a cohesive unit and been taught some really handy tricks and techniques too boost my game play, which it has immensely might i add, but most of all, we have a lot of fun.

    So if you wanna come have some fun, are keen to work as a group and come from Australia, I encourage you to join The Wolves of Garmr. They're an awesome group of lads

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  3. Fellow Australia here.

    Was sick of PUG matches and was looking for co-ordination and an active group. lots of games to join over weekends. hoping to help build up the Australian members to have active groups in hte +10 gmt week nights

    you can find me in game as BlackDeathFenris
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  4. Joruk i guess we got no Auzzies eh?
  5. Huntsekker78 Recruit

    Aussie here, as soon as I get some time tonight, I will be looking you up! Keep an eye out for Matherion!

    Assuming I can locate you with the Thrice cursed guild search function - or add me through steam as Cheeseburger of Doom.
  6. The_Crow2k The_Crow2k First Blood!

    Aussie here but my Marine is a son of Sunguinius not a son of Russ, does it matter a huge ammount considering the low player population ?

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