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Australian Clan!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Nahsti_Rogue, Apr 8, 2014.


I want join!

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  1. Im Australian!

  2. Where is Australia?

  3. Ever fought a Kangaroo?

  4. Will Australian players shoot snakes and spiders instead of Rockets?

  5. CRICKEY!!!

  6. G'Day mate! throw another Prawn on the barbie there mate!

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  1. Well I made us a recruitment thread, we'll have to whip up something on steam and eventually a website :)
  2. No offense, but in the past every time I joined an MMO guild for it being "Australian" has ended up resulting in drama due to disunity. Guilds should form based on a goal, rather than based on nationality, less chance of drama.

    I also find joining guilds long before the release of a game ends up resulting in them puttering out come release; I wish you guys all the luck regardless.
  3. well I really do appreciate your opinion, the reason some guilds are going for nationality is because there is so few clans in game so not everyone is going to be <Space Wolves> so if each country gets there own it helps make it fair and than also people in the guild are on around the same times as you which helps which guild PvP and events
  4. Can i RP as Alf from Home an Away as a grizzled old long fang who only says stuff like "Stone the flaming Crows Duncan, Ailsa will be pi$$ed", and "this is worse than when we invaded Yabee Creek", if so then im in.
  5. I wouldn't have you any other way :3
  6. Already in it buddy
  7. Vegan Brad RedTiger Subordinate

    I want in :)
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  8. Vegan Brad RedTiger Subordinate

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