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Australian Clan!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Nahsti_Rogue, Apr 8, 2014.


I want join!

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  1. Im Australian!

  2. Where is Australia?

  3. Ever fought a Kangaroo?

  4. Will Australian players shoot snakes and spiders instead of Rockets?

  5. CRICKEY!!!

  6. G'Day mate! throw another Prawn on the barbie there mate!

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  1. Herro!!

    I'm looking to make/join an Australian based clan to have players for our time zone, or anyone that is up during our time zone that wants to play :)

    I'm look for a Space Marine Chapter for my main

    If you have an Australian clan or want to start one please post below!
  2. I'm an Aussie and there happens to be a thread over in Community projects called "Australasian Community?". If you want to find some Aussie players to make a clan that would be a good place to start. I'm going to play Space Wolves for my main and haven't got a clan yet.
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  3. Maybe we can start the Australian Frost Wolf Branch?
  4. Yeah! is that an already existing clan? cause that will make things alot easier.
  5. Not sure let's stalk and make it
  6. Are we going to wait for more people to post here before we make it?
  7. No I say we snatch it up quick and start harassing for recruits, unless someone already has an Aussie chapter
  8. There's a recruitment thread for BA's but thats the only one i've found.
  9. Let's do it than, we're the official founders of Australia's Space Wolves, I don't have my computer right now its in the sop so I cannot make a chapter website, maybe a steam group?
  10. yeah i've got steam so no problems there. it would be easier than making a website.

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