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Astra Militarum (Guards) Euran 4th Infantry Division army list

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Trenchwar, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Orkus Pokus Trenchwar Arkhona Vanguard

    Hi guys, here is a list I've come up with for the most recent edition. I was aiming at a "themed" army without heavy armor, but with a lot of artillery support and a kind of "combined arms" approach to it. I wanted to make an all comers list. The overall Idea is CCS mans quad gun, plasma vets inside bastion to keep some relatively secure troops and to create a certain area denial spot, I've got a "tarpit" blob guard of 30, the tempestus allies is so I can get the scions as objective secured troops and their nasty orders. I was wondering if I'd be having a hard time vs armies such as eldars and tau? I think I have enough power for tanks, infantry and low save stuff but I was wondering if I had enough ap2 for stuff like riptide T6, W5, 2+. 4+ invuln, as I've seen triple riptide/broadsides seems to be a thing. I think I have a fairly good number of troops, firepower, anti-air, anti-tank, but do I lack staying power? will I be too easy to dislodge? Is it possible not to field leman russes as guard and still be competitive? (don't get me wrong I love russes but I am actually working on the project of creating an "Army" of guards, 1st division mostly airborne, 2nd armored,, 3rd mech, 4th combined arms (infantry/artillery/air support) I already own the models as I have been a hobbist before being a gamer.

    4th infantry division “Garrisoned Guards” (combined arms) 1850

    CCS, vox, regimental standard, 80 pts (Man quad gun on bastion)

    PCS w/ 4 flamers 50 pts (could hitch a ride in vendettas or protect some rear/flank from deepstrikes)
    3x infantry squad w/3 AC, 1 vox, commissar: 210 pts (combined)
    1 x vet squads w/3 plasmas 105 pts (Inside Bastion)
    1 x vet squads w/2 melta, chimera, 145 pts

    2x vendettas 340 points

    2 x wyvern 130 points (squadron)
    2 x manticores 340 pts
    Bastion w/ quad gun 125 pts (meant to create an area denial zone)

    Militarum Tempestus Allies (Will deepstrike and look for target of opportunity)
    Tempestus command w/4 plasma, 145 pts
    2x scions 5 men, 2 meltas 180 points
  2. Krasus Krasus Arkhona Vanguard

    I'd be interested in hearing how you get on with this on the battlefield.

    I started out playing Guards back with the 5th edition and had an all metal model army :( i miss that army. I don't play under the new rules so I don't know how good or bad vehicle are but I always felt that they were a little too easy to kill and not worth the points. Though at one stage I did add armour, a Russ, Chimera and some sentinals just for variety.

    Massed ranks of fire power was always my thing. Heavy weapons platoons galore blasting away, a few snipers (had a ratling kill a terminator in hand to hand combat :cool:) , a Vindicare Assassin (was awesome against Marines)

    I still have a few heavy weapons units knocking around in a box somewhere. Should finish them off and sell em on ebay.

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