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Astra Militarium RP (OOC/ Interest)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TechCaptain, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    The set up is simple. The players are vets that have been recruited to be cadre for training regiments of Imperial Guard coming from a hive planet. You will start by being the opposition force against the recruits to teach them war.

    The character sheet is the basic one that most here use. Your only restrictions are common sense for veteran Imperial Guardsmen. And only one sergeant or higher rank.

    Edit: Sergeant is taken by @Maleth
    And tags for those that may be interested
    @Vulpas @Donairian @Shadhunter

    Squad "Veteran" Sergeant:
    Sergeant Saven - 19th Valerian Light Infantry Regiment/ 125th Therion Heavy Infantry Regiment

    • Therion 'Skimisher' Carapace Armour
      • Intergraded Grav-chute and Grappling Hook - Rebreather - Auspex.
    • Therion Mk-5 Pattern Bolter
      • Underslung Grenade Launcher
      • Scope
    • Verdan Prime Pattern Autopistol
    • Therion 'Serkis' Power Glaive
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • 2x MK II Frag Grenades
    • 2x Krak Grenades
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    Squad Corporal:
    Lance Corporal Vassar - Rahlian Iron Guard

    • Munitorium Pattern Carapace Armour
      • Urban Coating - Rebreather attachment - Internal Microbead
    • Mezoa Pattern Meltgun
    • Merovech Pattern Assault Lasgun
    • M37 Pattern AutoPistol
    • Loi Pattern Power Axe
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • 2 x Mk II Frag Grenade
    • 2 x Concussion Grenade
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    • 1 x Satchel Charge
    • 1 x 211-V Lascutter
    Squad Medicae:
    Squad Vox-Operator:
    Rifle Team Alpha:
    Squad Member Primarius:
    Specialist Ferenien 'Decimus' Votum - Tempestus Scion Detachment

    • Tempestus Pattern Carapace Armor
      • Omnishield Helmet/ Respmask Array
      • Grav-Chute x1
    • Ryza Pattern Hotshot Lasgun
    • Ryza Pattern Mk. XI Hellpistol
    • Astra Militarum-Issue Combat Knife
    • Tempestus-Issue Sabre
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • Gunmetal Solid Mk III Frag Grenade x2
    • Krak Grenade x2
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    Squad Member Secondus:
    Veteran Gerborov Ilovaiski - 544th Vostroyan First Born

    • Vostroyan Carapace armor
      • Rebreather
    • Vostroyan pattern Long-Las
      • Scope
    • Vostroyan Pattern Shotgun
    • Las lock pistol
      • Axe Bayonet
    • Shashka sword
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • 2x Mk II Frag Grenades
    • 2x Krak Grenades
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    Squad Member Tertius:
    Rifle Team Bravo:
    Squad Member Primarius:
    Squad Member Secondus:
    Squad Member Tertius:

    Support Weapons Team Alpha:
    Squad Member Primarius:
    Specialist Barren "Blastowiz" - Catachan 20th Jungle Fighters

    • Munitorium Pattern Flak Armour
      • Urban Coating - Cameoline Cloak
    • Mars Pattern Flamer
    • Cadian Pattern Grenade Launcher
    • Catachan Fang
    • Orthlack Mk IV Thollos Auto Pistol
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • 1 x Remote explosive
    • 4 x Krak Grenades
    • 4 x Mk II Frag Grenades
    • 2x Inferno Thermal Grenade
    • 2x Anti-Plant Grenade
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    Squad Member Secondus:
    Specialist 783975-845923-Klaust - 378th Siege Regiment - Death Korps of Krieg
    • Lasgun Mk. XIV (Heavy) "Hellgun"
    • Trench Knife
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • Laspistol
    • Grenade Launcher
    • 6x Mk II Frag Grenades
    • 6x Krak grenades
    • 12x Launcher Grenades (5x Mk II Frag, 5x Krak, 2xSmoke)
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    Assault Team Alpha:
    Squad Member Primarius:
    Squad Member Secondus:
    Squad Member Tertius:

    Assault Team Bravo:
    Squad Member Primarius:
    Squad Member Secondus:
    Squad Member Tertius:

    • Unassigned
    • Assigned and Accepted
    • Submitted - awaiting approval
    • HERESY!!!!
  2. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    This setting is being used from an only war one.

    “Solace might be a miserable, boring rock, but at least it’s quiet.”
    –Sergeant Zakil of the Cadian 99th

    Colonist began to settle Solace even before the Angevin Crusade had completed. Preliminary auguries and portents confirmed of the world could not wait for the end of the interminable conflict, and so colonists deemed “suitable” for this rough, unshaped world—including an exceptionally high percentage of penal colonists—were dispatched to Solace. This first wave of colonists worked under the direct supervision of Adeptus Mechanicus elements from the crusading forces. Hardy individuals were tithed from harsh worlds across what would become the Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse and relocated to Solace; these new arrivals were promptly put to work extracting the phenomenal mineral wealth that rested beneath the world’s surface. During these early days on Solace, countless small vessels flitted back and forth between the mines and much larger craft in orbit, creating a glittering flow of lights in Solace’s sky that blotted out even the stars. From orbit, the massive ships transported the fruits of their labour to forge worlds, where the ore and other materials were forged into the equipment necessary to continue the crusade to conquer the Calyx Expanse. Some religious scholars on Solace claim that, were it not for the wealth extracted from their world and the many who shed their blood to get it, the crusade might have run out of raw materials and faltered. Of course, precise records from this period are fragmentary. The Imperial forces in the region were so focused upon prosecuting the crusade that minor details—particularly those associated with procurement—were often not properly recorded. However, the amount of raw materials extracted from the planet seems to have been truly extraordinary. Further, many of these materials seem to have been combined into alloys that were ready for manufacturing almost immediately, requiring very little refinement. Some historians have speculated that this was simply evidence that the materials had been illegally obtained from another, undocumented Imperial asset. Other, more radical elements have argued that this could be compelling evidence that the world was once home to a sophisticated xenos species, and that the alloys were all that remained of a long-dead civilisation. Regardless of whether or not the materials came from Solace, one factor is clear. Assignment to the mining facilities on Solace was a death sentence. Few, if any, of the tens of thousands of colonists sent into these facilities ever returned. Official Imperial records indicate that this was due to toxic elements present in the mines and a lack of faith amongst the workers. The legends, however, are far darker. They speak of unholy terrors that lurked beneath the planet’s surface. Oral histories, passed down through the generations, say that there were xenos dwelling far beneath the surface. These tales indicate that the dark things were only banished after the blessed Drusus visited the world and expunged them in the name of the God-Emperor. There are no official records of St. Drusus ever having visited Solace, but the population still reveres him as the man who cleansed their world and liberated them from terror and death at the hands of shadows and nightmares.
  3. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    Could you fix the formatting on that? It's kinda hard to read.
  4. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

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  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    I am interested what regiments would we be picked from to help train this new regiment? and what type of combat will the regiment be trained for.
  6. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    What type of training is dependent on the Players and as far what regiments that were recruited were a whole bunch of them as this hive world was a stopping point and staging point for a crusade.
  7. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Consider me interested, and seeing as you're just saying the common character sheet that' use around here.....

    Would it look like?

    Former Regiment (I.e. the one our character came from before being brought in to train up a new regiment?):
  8. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Yup that looks good as a basis.
  9. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Would it be okay if I brought over Saven from Dorn's RP, or would you prefer new characters?
  10. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Saven is fine. Though don't expect her to survive insubordination quite as well lol. Alton as of right now qont be there to say its ok.

    Unless she is the sergeant now *wink*
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