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Aspect Warrior Visual Customisation

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by MichaelChan, May 30, 2014.

  1. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    Between the Aspects is a tough subject to cover, mostly because as has been already stated a Mask provides the Eldar with a completely alternate psyche to their true person; ergo they have no bonds other than Aspect, Shrine affiliation and sometimes Craftworld.

    It may come down to making up your own glyph system, Eldar script always reminded me of Japanese Kanji. Perhaps sentiment markings like 'Loyalty', 'Sacrifice', 'Purity', 'Absolution', 'Dedication', 'Masked' etc. Notions that transcend any 1 aspect and are foundations of the collective paths. Their reasons for adopting the identity of the Mask.

    You know I'd like to see runescript on armor panels that contain translated phrases with suitably powerful themes that convey the necessity of the Paths: "Freed of Vengeance. In Vengeance clad", "Blade of the Path, Wielded by its Hand", "Liberated from Perfection. Flesh Unbound", "Avatar. Battlemaster. Peacebringer" A little goofy for Eldar but that's why you guys pay fluff people.

    Anyway, linking this here from someone crazy enough to collect all the known Eldar runes , via Bell of Lost Souls. They may be useless for your purpose but they could probably make a good jumping point, especially the Lettering Runes and Jes Goodwin's designs at the bottom. Always comes back to Jes :p

    Edit: Hmm. Just realized I'm here advocating for the Eldar equivalent of a 'Tramp Stamp'. Go me.
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  2. Mngwa Mngwa Well-Known Member

    I see no Dark Eldar runes!
    Missing out a lot of stuff then :(

    But I can accept it I guess, if it isn't eldar in general as it is craftworld eldar.
  3. Jolpo Jolpo Well-Known Member

    I don't mean to be rude, but. Cosmetics like runes (even if it floats in air and glows) are something that I would not buy from in game shop, or even waste my time to get them in game. It is a totally different thing if they give some stats but as cosmetics.. nah.

    I need something ''concrete'', something that is well notable. Otherwise it (cosmetic) doesn't raise my attention.

    This is just my opinion. Nothing against people that like runes :D
  4. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    None taken, but it is symbolism we're talking about. I'm with you on functionality but some people would happily take a snazzy metal rune on a chain or glowing skull glyph, bonus free. The Crux Terminatus, extra IW yellow/black banding and lewd Orky tatts are symbols some people would buy in a heart beat.
  5. Rabilon Karukuz Subordinate

    Perhaps helmetless options and various face customizations? If we do get banshees we could have numerous variations on their hairstyles which are pretty noticeable. Soulstones with different looks carried in different ways.
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  6. VoxC VoxC Menial

    I'd actually be more likely to buy a purely cosmetic item. My distaste for pay to win would prevent me from even considering putting down real money for anything that had stats on it.
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  7. XRuinX XRuinX Preacher

    In addition to runes I'd like unique visual effects that can be applied to the characters and their weapons. I also feel like they'd need a good amount of them since Eldar are unfortunately not able to get as much armor customization as astartes or orks.
    Also the differences seen in artwork by official GW cannon can be used. Example here, theres a helmet difference. I'm sure adding touches like those on the left wouldn't bother anyone as lore breaking:
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  8. zaets ZAETS0 Well-Known Member

    I think ... too much decorations is not required.
    Needed to add variety basic type of clothing \ armor.
    This can be cloaks. Soulstones of varying size and shape (having light \ without light) ... you know.
    Personally I want to have a large selection of unshowy equipment (cloaks and armor parts aspect. And cool (apparently) better weapons).
    Без имени-1.jpg
    I can draw it better, if you need to.
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  9. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    It may sound silly, but you can actually make Aspect Shrines color schemes customizable, for a small amount that is. Eldar ed.6 shows some examples of trim varying from shrine to shrine, so Eldar players can actually have some freedom with it? It's for you to decide, but take a look at the Codex, I think the little trim variations are a fair deal.
  10. Erobar Erobar Subordinate

    I'm open to having some Exodite or Maiden world eldar schemes or armor for founders. After all even these worlds play an important part to the craftworld eldar, especially the craftworld of Biel-tan.


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