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Aspect Warrior Visual Customisation

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by MichaelChan, May 30, 2014.

  1. Vampatori Vampatori New Member

    According to the live-stream today there are massive price-cuts coming, based on popularity of the 'products' (i.e. the least popular/older one's are being cut by more, as much as 80%). That should help us tremendously as I don't think I've seen many different shrines in-play (honestly I can't say I've seen any at all, and only just discovered them in the gear.. I had mistakenly assumed that they were a place-holder as the only one's I looked at were empty).

    Right now I have the RTC to buy some, but I feel the cost is just too high to justify.. so the RTC sits there. Weird, I know, but it's paid off!

    Has there been any talk of execution animations / voice packs as cosmetic purchases? That's something that Overwatch has, and while initially I didn't think much of it.. when you find a cool one that you really like it's nice to get.
  2. So I saw a bunch of excellent looking models for Saim-Hann in the Elite mod for Dawn of War II, as well as some for exodites, harlequins, and the DLC Ulthwe.

    In fact, there were a lot of nice models for a number of factions, including the SM (Space Wolves and Blood Angels), the CSM (Alpha Legion, Black Legion, Iron Warriors, Night Lords), and the Orks (only Blood Axes here, sadly).

    Is there a reason we can't just make customizations based of off those? Just import the models, spruce them up, put them in?

    Additionally, I think a lot of this (the non-DLC) could be done by just talking to the mod creators since they modeled most of these from scratch and there would be no "royalties issue" with the mess that is Relic these days.

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