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As A Chaos Space Marine. Describe Your Final look For Your Armor

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by WarhammerLoreLover, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. This is how I would like to see my Nigh Lord, a Long War Veteran:

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  2. Tyrant Tyrant Prefectus

    Just like this.
    Chaos, World Eaters (58).jpg
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  6. Phenolas Ugolino New Member

    An ancient, ornate, meticulously maintained suit of power armor- recognizable as having components ranging from Mk IV Maximus to non-codex Marks. The warplate's been decorated with silver filigree and the Alpha Legion's trademark iconography, while the Mk IV helmet has a pair of twisted horns growing out of the sides. There's a cloth loincloth and cloak. Etched, twisting serpents and chain motifs decorate the shoulderpad, chestplate, arms, and legs...along with a few scales.

    The overall effect is one of blue armor, silver trim, a hint of green from the scales, and glowing red eye lenses burning like twin coals from the horned helmet .
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    A helmet like Gutrot Spume's, 40k-ized (still retaining the 3 holes Nurgle Mark design, and the horn being bone rather then metal). A couple of large cables going from the the lower part of the helm into the chest.
    Left shoulderpad has a stylized mark of Nurgle on it, right one has the design of the rank 60 Plague Champion from DoW2 (a fly logo with decayed boney protrusions growing out of it).
    The chestplate corroded and battle worn, with a bloated gut, perhaps a necklace of skulls adorning it.
    The entirety of armor would generally be battle worn and corroded/oozing.

    As for weapons, a Force Staff with the 3 headed fly as the head of the staff oozing green warp energy from the said head and a ornate bolt pistol with blight rounds.
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  8. like this when in temrinator armor

    like this when without it
    the more paper the best
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  9. In midnight clad.

    Terror squad armour with MkIII shoulders a Chainglaive and plasma pistol.
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