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Arkhona War Report Week 40

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Forj, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    On time this week! :SMSurprised: As usual, the full report can be found at, but this report is also best read in conjunction with the Factional Performance Charts such as this one for Chaos.

    This week, the Loyalists showed some early signs of improvement, but dropped back heavily before a last ditch recovery. While the recent stability of their TD7 has slowed the descent of their TD30, the TD7 itself has started a downturn. Most of this drop can be attributed to the depredations of Chaos, as their TD30 against those foe in particular them has dropped sharply while remaining stable against Orks and climbing against Eldar. Their actual performance metric remains in the negative, both in general and against all factions individually.

    With their low population, the Orks are still struggling to recover from any losses they suffer, and so their TD7 remains fairly stable. Unfortunately it remains negative, so accumulates in the TD30, and the start of a reversal of the recent climb may have started. While the Orks did have some decent gains against the Loyalists, the forces of Chaos and the Eldar still give them a lot of trouble, and the corresponding lower populations of these factions makes the territories changes hands a lot slower. Against individual factions, their performance against the Loyalists appears to be reaching an equilibrium, has peaked against Chaos, and peak against Eldar several days ago. While the Orks are very much still in the game, they do appear to be on life-support.

    The Eldar continue their domination with a week of nearly all positive balances. Only two days did they have any negative balances, which were against Chaos. Although it is still slowly dropping, their TD30 remains clearly in the lead,but is dropping against both Loyalists and Chaos, and their TD7 appears to be oscillating with a period of about 2 weeks. Chaos in particular is giving them the most trouble, having the thinnest margins against them.

    Chaos has had a resurgence this week, with both TD7 and TD30 on a sharp rise. Their balances have been mostly positive, but negative against the Eldar in the middle of the week, and once against the Orks. For two days they crusaded against the Loyalists, but fell back on the last day. Overall, their performance against both Loyalists and Eldar are on the rise, but unexpectedly continue to drop against the Orks. If this and other trends continue, they will achieve parity with the Eldar in a couple of weeks.

    This week saw the Loyalists, Eldar and the Orks continue their trends of late, but Chaos is beginning to show signs of strength as compared to the Eldar. It appears that the struggle over Arkhona will be between these two factions unless something occurs to upset the balance. The territorial rankings as of now are:

    Eldar: 27.6% (-0.5)
    Chaos: 27.6% (+4.7)
    LSM: 22.4% (-3.6)
    Orks: 22.4% (-0.5)

    The TD30 rankings are:

    Eldar: 92.5 TD30 (-10.5)
    Chaos: 71.0 TD30 (+11.0)
    LSM: -111.5 TD30 (-5.5)
    Orks: -52.0 TD30 (+5.0)
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    I love those report the only thing i enjoy in this sad forum
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