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Arkhona War Report Week 38

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Forj, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    Late again I'm sorry, got to the end of my late night gaming session and realised I'd forgotten once again. My schedule change has totally disrupted my reporting habits. Pretty colours at

    The Loyalists have had some serious ups and downs this week, not aided by me missing some data collection points so the averages are less smooth. They have consistently remained below parity overall, and only twice had a positive balance against any faction. Their most significant losses have been against the Eldar. Their TD7 is stable for now, but their TD30 continues to drop.

    The Orks have had an overall poor week, but have made some good efforts here and there, pushing back both Loyalists and Chaos quite strongly on one occasion each. However, their overall performance has been in the negative, albeit with the stability that is characteristic of their low population. This stability combined with a relatively stable TD7 has meant their TD30 continues to rise.

    The Eldar have had a strong week against all but Chaos, against whom they had thing margins against at the start of the week and fell back slightly in the latter part. They had strong gains against the Loyalists for the most part, and pretty consistently held one or two Ork Territories. Although their TD7 has fallen back slightly, their long term performance remains well clear of the other factions.

    With the exception of one day of losses to Orks combined with poor showing agains the other factions, Chaos has had a very strong week, pushing back all factions in the latter part of the week to have their TD7 rise to the top. Both of their performance metrics are on the rise, but there is a lot of room before their TD30 threatens the Eldar.

    This week saw the factions split in two, with the Eldar and Chaos trading off the dominant place, and Loyalists and the Orks trading off for the bottom two ranks. The territorial rankings as of now are:

    Chaos: 27.6% (+1.6)
    Eldar: 26.0% (-5.8)
    LSM: 24.5% (+3.7)
    Orks: 21.9% (-0.5)

    The TD30 rankings are:

    Eldar: 118.5 TD30 ( +0.5)
    Chaos: 59.5 TD30 (+25.5)
    LSM: -83.5 TD30 (-76.5)
    Orks: -94.5 TD30 (+50.5)

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