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Arkhona War Report Week 33

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Forj, May 15, 2017.

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    The Loyalists began their campaign this week, and took off right out of the gates, jumping to dominance and holding it at least until now. However, their initial peak is not so high as either the Orks or Chaos, and will likely drop in the 5-day-average chart unless they maintain current levels of territorial holdings. This does seem likely, given that the slow rate of campaign progress is more likely to retain current levels of interest rather than have it drop off early like with the other two factions. They have taken the most ground from the Orks, and slightly more from the Eldar than Chaos. The campaign has, of course, done good things for their performance metrics, with their TD7 going positive for the first time in five months and their TD30 climbing as well - though still negative.

    The Orks have had a bad week all round. In the early part of the week they were barely holding off the Loyalists, and losing ground to either Eldar or Chaos, or both. This turned into losses to all factions, and stayed that way for the last three days. The campaign has not helped them in any way, as it is mostly likely that the Loyalists are sucking up all the games and preventing the Orks from facing Chaos or Eldar and reclaiming that territory. The Chaos campaign saw a similar slowing down of Ork territory movement, but this is far more stagnant. This negative trend has tanked both their TD7 and TD30 firmly into the negative. The most recent trough in the 5-Day-Average chart is the lowest any faction has been, but has not yet been smoothed.

    The Eldar have managed to mostly minimise their losses to the Loyalists while maintaining a hold on the Ork grounds and mostly doing the same to Chaos. They are the only non-Loyalist faction to maintain an overall positive balance. Their TD7 has held steady, and their TD30 has actually gone up.

    Chaos has had a rough week, starting strong and then weakening in the face of the Loyalist onslaught. They did manage to keep a fairly good hold on Ork territory, but were pushed back by the Eldar. This, combined with a slight weakening of their grip on Ork ground, has pushed Chaos into the overall negative. While their TD7 has tanked after their campaign spike, their TD30 continues to climb for now, though the slope is beginning to flatten.

    Like the other two single faction campaigns, this week saw a surge from the Loyalists at the cost of the other factions, but especially the Orks and less so the Eldar. The territorial rankings as of now are:

    LSM: 34.9% ( +13.0)
    Eldar: 26.6% ( -1.0)
    Chaos: 23.4% ( -3.2)
    Orks: 15.1% ( -8.9)

    The TD30 rankings are:

    Chaos: 100.0 TD30 (+20.5)
    Eldar: 43.5 TD30 ( -3.0)
    Orks: -34.5 TD30 (-80.5)
    LSM: -109.0 TD30 (+63.0)

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