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Argot's Warriors of the World [Warhammer Fantasy RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Cabin proved rather small once Dagrim was able to get a proper feel for it, confined quarters almost cozy with its lack of light or accursed sky above. Great bear rug took up most of the floor, keeping the dwarf's steps silent as he rifled through the hammock and great chest that made up the former captain's property. Sleeping cloth was stained with more stagnant bodily fluids, shards of glass and a half-intact black bottle sprinkled beneath the actual hammock. Great chest provided the only object of interest, something that Dagrim was perhaps the best equipped to translate out of their entire crew: a journal, one laden with grudges.

    Paging through the earliest entries Slayer eyes over multiple names of men, beasts, and things best left never having existed; and their many transgressions against a Argun Volkson, apparent lesser chieftain of the Varg. Slapping pages aside Dagrim reaches the most recent slight against Argun:

    Sorcerer - Whoreson traded us a magical artifact for his life. Whole crew fell ill, first to die rose up and started killing everyone. Must flay the name from the bastard before he is killed.
  2. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "Fitting that you end up like this Varg, food for worms," Dagrim told the dead maraunder before turning to Rolayn, "It would seem that these Norscans were duped and cursed by some kind of a sorcerer, who doesn't seem to be among the dead. The log doesn't say he traveled with them here, but we should scout the surrounding area for more signs of the undead, just to be sure."

    Not sparing another glance to the corpse, the Slayer exited the cabin and drew the (somewhat) fresh air outside. While he preferred being indoors or even better, below the ground, instead of out below the open sky, even he wasn't fond of stench of rotten meat following the appearance of the undead creatures. Taking a deep breath, he climbed down from the wreckage of the ship and approached the pyre where the remaining party members were located at.

    "Take this Elf," Dagrim told Selaris (@Maleth ) and tossed her the book he found, "The late Norscan chieftain wrote something about acquiring some kind of a magical trinket from a Sorcerer that turned their entire crew into walking maggot colonies. Maybe your, ehm, skills, could help you find it. If it's still around."
  3. Lars finished off the last sad vestige of a rotter down in the hold, this ship had neither traded nor raided goods before wrecking itself upon the shore, atleast now with the rotters dead the undead plague would not spread from this place, "Docent look like there is anything of value down here, just more dead, how disapointing" Lars said to Dawne, "So to rummage for pety coins or just leave it here, even if the ogre would surely not want us to return with just bashed and cut heads of the redead"
  4. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With the Dwarf coming back with a book, Selaris caught it and said to Dagrim (@Colapse ) "Thank you, I suppose if we do find that trinket, I suppose destroying it and maybe even it's creator would put us in good stead with Argot." While she was mildly curious as to how the Dawi came about the book, she decided it was better to not know that happened.

    With that said, the Asur got to reading the book for anything in the way of hints about the trinket the Slayer spoke about, while also preparing her own healing spell for herself even with how poorly it seemed to have gone for her Druchii patient, (not that'd she would let that slip,) it was still worth trying to ensure she didn't die swiftly due to another attack.
  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Selarthi shivered under the aftereffects of the Light spell. She was still in terrible pain, pain that was setting properly only now that the Druchi had no immediate need to defend her life, but at least the Asur had managed to staunch her bleeding. Busy with the immediate shock of agony that made her cry out a series of Elathrin curses, the Shade missed the entire, epic duel between Slayer and Undead. She was happy that Selaris was distracted with whatever this footlong menace wanted of her, and finally able to work on her mental to-do list, the wounded elf wandered over to the half-buried sword she'd seen to give it a tentative pull.
  6. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Strangers and More Strangers
    Selarthi's investigation leads to both hands wrapping around the blade, wrenching it free of sandy cradle with a splash of grains. Another blade of northern craft, its length etched with an image of a long boat sailing head first into the jaws of a tentacled sea beast. An ornate weapon for sure, but nothing of value in their pursuit of riches and food. Selaris meanwhile tended to her own wounds at a safe distance, hoping that her dark cousin would not notice the superior mending taking place, perhaps due in part to Rolayn's active removal of the twice slain. Skin knitted itself back together, strong as ever and lacking any unseemly scar tissue thanks to the touch of Hysh.

    "Scuse me!" A man's voice, haggard and wheezing, calls out to the group gathered upon the beach. An older fellow staggers closer, the same that Grahk had spotted earlier before the stunty's call to arms had torn his attention away to presumably better uses of his time. A brown cloak hanging from sagging shoulders to bowed legs swaddles most of the human, his face scarred by time can only keep a single lid open. Moving in heaving upward and falling motions he nears Selarthi. "Scusin'! Scuse me! HEY! Did you lot kill 'em all?"

    Lars, being the pious fellow he is, performs the oldest and most common last rites for their many dead foes: Looting! His efforts turn up decayed equipment that would of been an ill gift for a bratty child, let alone a victorious warrior. The lack of personal treasures and loot in the hold probably meant they had caught these marauders while they were sailing off in search of plunder, not after any successful raiding. None the less a few spare coins of gold make their way into his purse.
  7. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    "I cannot claim a kill that has long since been claimed", responded Selarthi, her eyes still upon the clumsily-carved human blade in silent appraisal. Resolving to test it at a later opportunity, she lowered it and visibly turned her attention to this... pathetic wretch.

    Even in her own mangled state, the Druchi percieved herself far more impressive than him, and seemed to inflate a bit as she talked. "But my companions and I certainly made them stop moving. Who are you-" the Norse sword shot up again, Selarthi pointing the tip at him accusatory in a way that was only polite in Naggarond, "and what is your intent?"
  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "Aye, what the Elf said," Dagrim joined the conversation, his axe slung against his shoulder, one hand on the haft and ready to swing the weapon at the moment's notice. "Answer the question or you will join the undead on that pyre over there."

    He wasn't really up for the mindless killing of course, taking the oath didn't strip him off what remained of his honor - one could say he even held to it more tightly now - however after reading the chieftain's journal, the Dwarf became much more alert to anything out of the ordinary, especially after hearing about that sorcerer. From the looks of him, this strange manling could fit the description just as well in Dagrim's opinion, so if he starts to act suspiciously or worse, starts chanting in some strange language, he'll find Slayer's axe rushing for his wrinkled throat.
  9. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "Well, I suppose I can't say much that hasn't already been said by either of them two." Selaris said, keeping a firm grip on her staff. Suffice to say she wasn't quite willing to risk anything with Undead around, and the very strong likelihood of someone with roots in Necromancy around to disturb the dead. Hence the staff, ready to cast something to splatter the man should he attempt anything that smacked of magic, and not the kind that she would approve casting by anyone.
  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Ho! Ho! I've just been keepin' an eye on the wreck here for my kinfolk. Undead will make anyone ornery and the lack of troops out this way means if they all started shufflin' our way we wanted some warning." Both hands went up, robes parting with the motion and revealing the frail frame underneath. "Honestly, considering what a strange looking crew you are, I was thinking of offering the lot of you some work." Eye scans over them, leveling firmly at Dawne. "You're the leader of this lot right miss? Witch Hunter and her subordinates out huntin' evil? Because there was a bunch of sod off huge northerners spotted in the area, apparently not all of that crew got turned into shamblers. Got me and the others real riled up, one of our trappers say he saw 'em, huge and gross with the murk of the far wastes."

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