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Argot's Warriors of the World [Warhammer Fantasy RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Rolayn would visibly grit his teeth as the ogre spoke of the Norscans and their walking corpses, paying little heed to the words of those around him. Instead, he'd turn swiftly, pointing down the corridor they'd come, before snapping out an order towards his servant.

    "Lorin! Prepare DeLoria, we ride to battle."

    Shifting his gaze back towards the orge, the knight of Bretonnia would raise a clenched fist, trembling with anger at the mere mention of this development.

    "The cursed undead cannot be allowed to fester here, as they will grow like a tumor into the land, corrupting all they come into contact with. Their destruction must be swift, and merciless!"

    Fortunately, if there was one thing Rolayn could say he was bred for, it would be slaying the walking dead. His line had been fostered and grown to battle back to evils of the dreaded Mousillon, being raised with tales of heroism battling that which dwelt in the night. If the infectious reach of the fanged monstrosities of vampires had extended out here, then he would do all in his power to see them destroyed. Thus, he would turn, and begin striding off, shouting off the words of his house, to ward off the evils to come, to invoke the blessings of The Lady, but most of all, to declare his oath to slay these incursion.

    "In Blackest Night, We Shine Bright!"​
  2. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "It not night though, it stormy dark, not moon dark! You dumb-dumb, get back here, you run off without others and you only show you bad at teamwork and things. You wait for everyone to make call, or me not waste time with Man Eater who know listen. Me just eat you horse and maybe the pink Gnoblar thing you keep yelling at." Argot chases the Knight with a stink eye, one that quickly rolls over the others. "An you bunch hurry up! Time is golds, an golds could be foods, you waste time picking job an you wastin' gold make time, and then you WASTIN' FOOD! You bein' bad team and making Lady Lover Man Eater wait on you too."
  3. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "I have fought the uzkular before. They are frail creatures, easily dispatched by a competent force. The only advantage they have is the fear they put in weak hearts," the Slayer grunted, reliving an old battle most likely. "I have seen manling armies break from such fear and desert the battlefield. If there had been more honor in the blood of Stirland, zangunaz would have never posed such a threat they do now."

    "I agree with what khazhunki manling said, the dead must not be allowed to spread more of their corruption, doesn't matter where we are in the world. Since they are often led by fools dabbling in kol arts and chopping off the snake's head makes the rest of the uzkular shatter, I suspect we will find such mongrel skulking around that thingaz you call Ham Wood and the wizard's cottage."

    Since he figured out the Ogre won't care that much about magic trinkets when there was prospect of getting more food, Dagrim added, "If we are in the forest there ought to be some venison to be found. I don't know about you, but I like real meat more than some blasted fish that we would find if we go to the beach so I, even if it pains me to admit it, agree with the scholar Elgi. We should go to the forest."
  4. Lord Decimus Aedric Arkhona Vanguard

    The Greenskin peers at the map, his crude intelligence piecing everything together in a way only it could.

    " Dem wizard gits are a greedy lot. From what I 'eard, they prolly got loads an loads of traps an things guardin da loot. It's also right 'ard tryin to fight magic. "

    The Greenskin looks around at the assembled group, a crude parody of what might be a grin displayed upon his face.

    " Seen a bunch of lads charge a right 'uge wall of fire once. " The Greenskin lets out a hearty chuckle before continuing. " They got burnt reeeeeal good. Good times that was. "

    The Orc then turns his attention to the other spot. The "beach place". Either prospect had it's ups and downs though the Greenskin was somewhat biased in his opinion. The smart idea would probably be to go to Ham Wood but a fight was a fight. Grahk detested pointless fights but that didn't mean he hated to fight. The beach option was probably more hazardous from a fight perspective but it could probably be dealt with. In the end, it came down to whether or not the Orc wanted to have the possibility of facing enemies and potential traps or whatever would find them on the beach.

    " I vote for da beach place. It'd be a right good time I reckon. "
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    Selarthi would have liked to clash with the wretched Asrai. They were a great opportunity to display her murderous prowess, and to cut down their self-righteous selves. And the chance for loot had been great, too...

    But the instant the Asur voiced her opinion, she changed her mind, simply to be contrarian - for how else would one deal with the Ulthuani but to deny their schemes? "The undead spread like a plague amongst manfolk", she spoke, more to herself and thinking aloud. "I say spill barbarian blood in the sands. Take back the sea, and Norscan plunder with it." Her speech was calm, although her frown betrayed the fact she was less than happy at the thought.
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    "Beach or woods, makes no difference as long as we get to fight these things in the end," Dagrim said, trying to keep his attention on the subject but eventually failing as the hunger and thirst got the better of him. "I'm sure we'll smash them just the same. Now tell me Ogri, do you have some ale around here, all this talking made my throat sore?"

    "Also, if there are some of you who never fought these things before, I can share what I know from the experience I gathered over the years," he added, feeling a bit more talkative now that the things were seemingly heading towards the inevitable combat, killing and most likely drinking (hopefully at the same time).
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    "Ale? Yes. Ale for you? No. Freeloadin' no go here, you become mercs you get full benefits an care package including more foods, ale, golds, and other not-food things. This no mean you no get food though, we have lots food, and starving you before the gold-make is no fair. Me fair boss, even when not-boss. We all go to kitchen now, Cookie should, an BETTER, have stew-make done." Argot stood up, desk rocking forward and nearly flipping onto its already worn facing. Argot slaps a hand down on furniture to stabilize it, worming between it and a wall complete with a mounted Ghoul head. Best everyone get out of the way or be flattened by an Ogre investigating his next meal. Probably best they didn't stand in front of him prior to entering the kitchen, or anywhere near him during the feast. Best just let Argot be as a matter of fact....

    Five Curses and Spite
    Shipwreck loomed before them, impaled upon the coastline like a beached whale that had clobbered itself against cold stones on its way in. Questing Knight trotted up first to ruined vessel, steed giving him an obvious advantage in speed. A tattered Varg banner hung dejectedly down the mast, partially hooked through a handhold impaled through the wood beam. Tide rushed up to the ship's prow, base of the craft having been ripped out and washed away over several times as the hungering sea seemed to pursue the lost bounty of rotting wood and whomever might have been on board.

    Selarthi found signs of life first. Preying around the edges of the wreck she found dropped belongings: a blade driven up to the hilt in a dune, upturned earth where someone had desperately clawed their way away from the area. Heavy rain fall had not extended so far out from Norden that prints were lost thankfully. Unfortunately, the waters had left other things behind as well. Dawne would be first among them to discover the surviving crew.

    First of them came up from beneath the waters. A skull with bloated flesh clinging to it, roughly textured bone appearing as if it had begun to disintegrate splashes out of the waters. Body attached is missing an arm, aside from that it is mostly intact and wearing rotting wolf hide leather. Remaining hand clasps a hatchet in a dead mans grip. More rotting bodies come wading out of the surf, half a dozen or so shambling onto the sands. Up ahead more bodies began spilling out from the ship.

    Rolayn turns head away from the filth crawling up on shore to find another of the walking dead tumbling over ship's railing and straight towards him with a great axe awkwardly slung against its shoulder. From breached hull hands grasp at edge of splintered wounds and begin pulling more of the horde out to face the unfortunates that had happened upon them. Selarthi, being furthest out at this stage, looks upon the others and undead horde, debating if they are really worth saving at this point. Own hide ends up on the table before she can come to a conclusion, three dogs larger than any southern breeds she has encountered sprint along ships prow and leap down onto the beach. Even in death predatory instincts seem to drive them off in pursuit of isolated prey.

    Selarthi: 10 (10 Bolts) Dagrim:14 Lars: 12 Rolayn:12 Selaris:10 Dawne: 12 (10 bullets) Grahk:14 (3 axes)

    Sodden Dead:
    Unliving Norscan Horde: 35 Rotting Hounds: 7/7/7
  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Dagrim grunted as he gazed into the undead host, the uzkular didn't surprise him at all. Once again the shambling horrors advanced in a haphazard formation, every semblance of tactics lost as their hunger and whatever wicked magic that reanimated them led them forward. Agrot was indeed correct, the Norscans don't usually turn into walking corpses after they die so whatever (or more likely whoever) they were transporting and did this to them deserved the executioner's axe.

    However none of that mattered at the moment. Denied of food and drink on their trip here, the Slayer's mood, after the initial introduction, once again worsened and he grumbled, growled and produced every other angry mumble known to the Dawi as they walked, the only thing that kept him going was in fact the chance to actually slay something and make this entire endeavor worth his while. And finally, the moment arrived at last.

    Dagrim took hold of his massive weapon in both hands, his eyes glinting dangerously as he stepped foot on the beach. "Finally, my axe was growing restless," he said and lumbered straight at the Norscan Horde with whatever speed his short legs allowed him. Meeting the undead head on, once he gets into the range for his axe to do the work he would start chopping at the earnest, massive swings to cleave into the corpses and lay them low for real this time.

    OOC Balanced attack against the Norscan Horde, defense on myself.
  9. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Selarthi rolled her eyes and drew her sword, resolving to finish these dogs before contemplating her further plan of action. Man swords were heavy, ugly and unwieldy, not at all like the druchii-made greatblade she had lost somewhere between Brionne and Marienburg. She could feel the worn leather wrapping around its hilt as she secured both pale hands around it, and placed it between herself and the moving beasts.

    Her discovery of the buried blade ran through her head even as her body steered itself in circles, ready to lash out at any attacker. Perhaps it was something of a necromantic locus, she thought, as she attempted to recall the rituals of these vain Naggarothi harlots that practiced dark magic.

    For now, however, survival mattered. Seeking an opportunity, she moved forward to strike at the hounds.

    OOC: Selarthi attacks once, and defends herself once.
  10. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Selaris wasn't too happy about the beach winning over the woods, so she had joined the Dawi in grumbling, even if they were more infrequent and mostly focused upon the Druchii whom she was pretty sure only picked the beach due to her going for the woods. That, and not having food and something to drink due to their employer, but that was a second-best complaint.

    Still, at least the Hysh Mage changed the subject when she saw the undead as she commented"Well, at least they're not something anyone's going to lose sleep about." But with that said, she then prepared to cast a spell to support the combatants of the group, even if movement of her staff towards the Questing Knight indicated her magic was going to Rolayn, whom she hoped could take advantage of her boon.

    OOC: Casting Speed of Light on Rolayn, Defence on Self.

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