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Argot's Warriors of the World [Warhammer Fantasy RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Dawne goes to a crouched position, quietly she tries to approach the chapel to get an ear to hear who or what was speaking. Whilst still scanning the area for danger other than the things that could be inside. Hoping Dagrim attack would in the least distract the people so she could have the upper hand.
  2. Even though it was others who *spearheaded* the trek into the burning town, Lars soon found a way out of the strange reverie that had been upon him, they had gorne for the chapel most of them, let by the dwarf slayer.
    Lars decided to attempt to follow, even if he was a bit behind now, a chapel might have some interesting items, even if he had a Sigmar pendent, surely other things could be found if the undead haddent razed it, and even if not, the southlanders liked to praise their gods with loads of gold.
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    "As much as I'd love to slaughter this entire city, I reckon we should stick with the plan," Dagrim told Selaris as he drove the axe through the neck of the downed zombie and turned to face the rest of the crowd. Veins on his thick biceps bulged as the Slayer gripped his az tighter, the rune tattoos snaking across his body and forming wild patterns. Even while he said it, there was a mania in the dawi's eyes, he almost looked as if he would charge into the undead and bring as much of them possible in order to achieve his ultimate goal. However the moment passed and he grunted, drawing a finger across his weapon's edge. "Keep close. Let's clear the way and get on with it."

    Not waiting for High Elf's response, the Slayer drove onward with a purpose, hitting the shamblers that stood in their way with full force of his axe, the hefty weapon swinging in a decapitating arc. However instead of trying to put down every zombie, Dagrim's intention was to punch a hole through the undead ranks and open way towards their initial objective, the chapel. The biggest issue with this plan was of course the possibility of only more dead greeting them at the holy shrine and with the surviving zombies hot on their heels, it would most likely spell end for both the dawi and the Asur mercenary, but Dagrim would cross that bridge when they get there.

    OOC Both actions are aimed towards punching through the zombies blocking our way and getting to the chapel in one piece.
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    "That sounds... Somewhat reasonable." Selaris replied with some uncertainty as she followed after the Dwarf. The Elf was carefully swinging the bladed end of her staff to help clear the path towards the chapel. While she was slightly concerned about the Dwarf's mania, and the growing worry that if no-one else came that she was going to be throwing around a lot of magic to survive the Undead... Well, she had somewhat thrown her coins in with him, so might as well see it through.

    Within reason that is. She might be following someone who seemed to have a death wish but she wasn't going to go that far along with him.

    OOC: Both actions used to get through the Zombie horde, and to the Chapel in one piece.
  5. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Where do you think Trollfoe got off to?" It was the line to greet Dawne as she neared the covered window. The voice was deep and accent thick, even by the standards of the Empires northern reaches.

    "Out torching the hordes and pitiful hovels no doubt. He will be fine, we need to get moving again. This heathen of Sigmar was a waste." Plate clatters to the ground inside the building. "Crush the altar Torvik, I will check that we are clear to move." Heavy foot falls begin approaching and Dawne ducks down, flattening herself against the ground as a fur gauntlet rips back the crimson cloth and someone peers outside, unawares as to the woman just a few feet out of reach.

    Dawi beats a quick retreat from the homestead, moving out further towards the fields so nothing comes tumbling out of an alley or lurches around the corner and straight into him again. One of Beelen's fallen spearmen rushes toward him, dwarf proves himself faster and hacks the zombie apart at the knees. Selaris was not a step behind, hopping over the corpse as it stabbed after the fleeing stunty. Another of the dead flattens into the ground face first, a risen woman catching her feet against the stilled legs of the first.

    Unlikely pair reach the chapel with ease, coming first upon the half circle of slain peasants around the sealed entrance. There is no immediate sign that Dawne made it, not even a foot print for their troubles. Little matter though, a loud crash that any self-respecting dwarf would recognize as the sundering of stone erupts from within the small holy site.

    "KINSMAN!" Voice calls out to Lars, words thick with the edge of being taught to speak across the cold sea and within the wastes. One Norscan looks upon another, Lars running towards the chapel and ideally away from the zombies trailing Dagrim and Selaris, the stranger running straight towards him with at least a dozen corpses funneling into the gap between two more homes on the outskirts. New face holds up a finger, bidding whatever retort Lars may or may not of had brewing be stayed. Twisting around the marauder swigs from a large jug, cheeks puffing out before he begins to spew, something sparking in his mouth and setting the substance alight. Burning breath sears the unlife from most of the fiends crammed into their dogged pursuit, only a few smoking corpses shambling through. "Give me a hand here!" Brandishing a tall claymore the figure hoists up blade for a mighty swing.
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    Dawne quietly slid her rapier into her sheath and as quietly as possible grabbed her other pistol she rose just below the window. She took a deep breath quietly standing fully she looked into the window her pistols ready to fire. Quickly she scanned the chapel for targets and the man in full plate came to her vision she aimed for his heart and head and prayed to herself. 'May your sins against the church be judged by the wolf and the hammer!' For Sigmar!' Dawne pulled the triggers of her pistols at the man in plate.
  7. As Lars was trying to cath up to the others through the crumbling village, Lars stopped when he heard the thick accent of a Varg, then the other Norscan showed up, with an undead gathering in tow, though his firebreathing display was the actual surprise, Lars haddent met weaponised firebreathers before, though it seemed to be a valueble skill to learn in the future.
    "Lets put the wretches in their final grave" Lars responded, well knowing he was send here to kill these men, but at the moment it seemed a better idea to stay his hand, atleast on the Norscan as he moved in to help kill the last few undead stragglers.
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    @Maleth @Valonox

    "We were too late," Slayer grumbled and said something on khazalid, by the sound of it it was definitely something vile. His eyes lingered on the number of corpses piled in front of the chapel's entrance, looking anything but pleased. "I made a mistake Elf, if their manling god didn't help them, there is no reason to stick around..." Dagrim trailed off and was about to turn around and wait for the zombies to catch up with them and start cutting them to pieces before he heard two things in quick succession.

    First, the familiar sound of stone being abused from within the holy temple. It made him stop dead in his tracks. Zombies roam around, eat the warm flesh, provide fine worm colonies and they do bunch of other nasty things but they don't care about stonework. There were more than simple corpses inside and for a second, Dagrim thought that there were actually some kind of survivors there, held up inside to try and weather the storm.

    However then he heard the familiar voice of their Witch Hunter and the following sound of gunfire. "I would not let some manling take what is mine!" Dwarf announced, happily even, and charged at the door, ready to cleave them in two and get inside as quickly as possible. "Come Selaris! Today you shall witness a sacred thing. A Slayer finding his doom!"
  9. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "Well, if you really need me to see that..." Selaris sighed, but given that she also heard the gunshot and shouting, there was a point in getting into the chapel. That, and she wasn't wanting to hang around for the undead. So the Elf summoned up her magic, and pointed her staff towards door. If the Dwarf failed to break down the door, then she could try blasting it open with a beam of light. If the door did open, then she had magic ready to blast anything dangerous that wasn't who she suspected was already inside the chapel.

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