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Are Space Marines better than Chaos Space Marines?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by acepost, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Ilseum Ilseum Ordinate

    Ahm... yeah both the csm tactical and ground assault can capture and can equip a grenade bundle.

    Lsm GA can not as far as I remember.
    And if you really commit to it I m sure you can top the score board with only using the nade shock combo. Its pretty powerful.

    And regarding CSM, I as a pure solo yolo lone wulf player, find it easier to make a strong solo loadout as CSM. And nades are a must have for me.

    F.e. at the moment I have a lot of fun with a sorcerer + force axe + dmg mods + force weapon spell + heal + pistol + nade. An Apoth, even though very strong especially with a team, cant have a nade and his heal roots him. As a sorc I can kite around cover and heal myself.
    Granted the difference is minor, but sometimes the small things make plays happens :)
  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    And the lsmtactical can have 2 nades too
    LSM GA Can use a grenade and a SHIELD wich is more usefull for a melee player than another nade
    This game is a team based game lonewolfing is not something really cool but whatever
    The apothecary is tankier than the sorcerer thanks to survival vial and no apothecary can use a nade
    BTW using a nade on a healer is stupid (using a pistol on the sorcerer is stupid too)
    The difference between Apothecary and Sorcerer isnt minor it's fucking huge
  3. Ilseum Ilseum Ordinate

  4. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    1. Armor costs the same on both factions and chaos marks are insane value. Tacticals can never compete with slaanesh or nurgle

    2.yes, and chaos has dot swords. offense vs defense

    3.apo is stronger than sorc on offense but on def sorc has the edge especially since they can one shot everything on lsm side with force now.

    4. shit tier weapon
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  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    iron bane is far from shit tier nowadays
    your MoN guy basically has T100 vs that weapon
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  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Any melee weapon is a shit tier weapon..
  7. Varakor Varakor Preacher

    I dunno what game you're playing, but nowadays 75% of the time I can either one-shot someone or get them down to 1-light from death using anything other than swords or knives, even the unmodded CROZIUS, and even those are almost the same. But, now on top of that, people physically cannot fight back if I close distance, because I'll just break their knife and if I'm using Burny Choppa or Necrosword, can just DoT them through their counters. Melee is stronger than it's ever been, for all factions, really.
  8. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Shit tier in term of skill
  9. Varakor Varakor Preacher

    That's more on the generally low intelligence of the playerbase and not the weapon.
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  10. acepost acepost Active Member

    Space Marine Tacticals can also equip 2 Krak grenades... but does anyone do so? You could 1 shot an unwary Veteran you know... but it takes quite a lot of skill.
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