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Are Chaos Space Marines Beyond Redemption?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by XXLiberatorXX, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. The topic came up over the weekend, and oddly enough when I went to confession for the first time in years. Last Saturday, I went to visit a friend at the college he attends, with the intent to go out with a few of his roommates, hit up the local bar scene, and hopefully meet a good looking girl or two. Before we went out, my friend asked if I'd be willing to join him for mass before the night's festivities, and I figured I'd go, it'd been a while since I'd been to church. After mass, I found out they were having confession, and after a quick talk with my friend, we both agreed to go. My friend went in first, and after ten minutes, he met me outside and told me the booth was open. I took in a deep breath and went in, a bit nervous about confessing my wrongdoings to a stranger.

    There were two chairs, the priest was sitting in one of them. He was in his early thirties, a lot younger than I expected, and he asked me to sit down. For a confession, it was standard; he asked me how long it had been since I had last confessed, and asked me to tell him what had been weighing upon my soul. After I divulged to him my mortal flaws, he blessed me and gave me council. He then asked me how my life was, what I wanted to do with myself, so on and so forth. I told him that I aimed to be a writer, generally for science fiction and fantasy, along with politics. When he asked me to be more specific, I delved into the series that interested me, one of them being Warhammer 40,000. He was surprised, and he told me that he had been interested in Warhammer when he was in college, but had lost interest due to the price of models, and a lack of funds on his part. He asked me what direction the series was going in, what was new, and we spent the better part of an hour talking about it. We eventually came to the Horus Heresy, the new revelations the novels had espoused, including the Emperor's take on religion, which inevitably brought us to the topic of the traitor legions. I explained how they had become multi-faceted, how their motives weren't due simply to base desires, and we eventually came to the topic of redemption.

    The priest asked me "Did these men ever know of Christ or his sacrifice? Of his works or his message?"

    I replied "No, I don't believe so. That knowledge was denied to them."

    He answered "Then they can know redemption."

    I asked "Even after ten thousand years of slaughter? Even after countless worlds burned in their fury, after so many died?"

    He replied "Even then, no one is beyond redemption. As long as there is regret, or the possibility of it existing in their hearts, they may know salvation. I know that hate erodes the soul, that it along with sin may ruin a man, but even then, he is not beyond forgiveness."

    I was surprised at his response, for it had been a question I'd been wrestling with on a spiritual level for quite a while, and I couldn't find an answer to it. The words of the priest assuaged me quite a bit, though I'm still trying to wrap my head around the topic. So, I'd like to propose the same question I asked the priest; Are the Chaos Space Marines beyond redemption? If Horus, Angron, Fulgrim, Abaddon, Kharn, any of them sought forgiveness, would you grant it to them, for any reason, whether it be personal, spiritual, religious or otherwise?

    This is not a religious thread. The reason I brought this up is due to my experience; I am not forcing my views upon anyone, nor am I saying my perspective is correct. If you bring your own view on religion, you're missing the point, and shouldn't add your opinion, for it'll most likely get the thread locked. This is about forgiveness, redemption, which is beyond religion, and it should be handled in a mature fashion. To those of you who read this, thank you for your time.
  2. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    Yes they are beyond redemption, even if they were not beyond redemption once you turn you do not go back, you are not accepted back into the fold.

    So you come back redeemed, you will just get burned to crisp.
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  3. Yes, according to the 40K lore the only redemption comes through being purged or dying a death that aids the forces of good. There are a few fallen protagonists in the novels who sacrifice themselves for a little redemption.. but those that are captured are usually tortured into confession and turned into crisp.
  4. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    Now if we are in reality then yes, the priest is correct.

    But the lore will never accept it though.

    There are holes in the lore supporting brainwashing through the inquisition of chaos space marines, but nothing regarding the redemption.
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  5. Depends how long they have been in the fold, how far they have dedicated themselves to their gods, and how stable their sanity is. I really don't subscribe to the thought that all Chaos Space Marines view themselves as evil.
  6. What are the forces of good in the Warhammer universe? The Imperium is a spiteful tyranny, why should only their cannon be accepted? I can agree that the men and women who make up the bulk of the Imperials are good honest folk, but their leaders? No, their leaders are just as malevolent as Chaos, but are accepted since the people of the Imperium, save the rebellious, see no other alternative.

    May I see a glimpse of personal opinion, though I do always appreciate the role play. I know many, many Chaos Space Marines would laugh at the slightest mentioning of redemption, but what would you, the person behind the power armor, find it in your heart and soul to say "Yes, I can forgive you." if a warrior of Chaos sought it?
  7. I believe that they can be redeemed but thats more from a moral standpoint and its really up to the people who's eyes your trying to redeem yourself in and the Imperium is not exactly the most tolerant or forgiving force in the galaxy but I think the taint of Chaos would always be there if youve gained mutations but you could in theory be a good person
  8. Flaya Flaya Recruit

    In the 40k universe the warp is were everyone's soul goes when they die and for believing in Christ and having him save their souls, no one does that as either they believe in the emperor or chaos and eldar have their own gods that were killed by slannesh.

    The minions of chaos KNOWS that most every soul that goes to the warp will be eaten by daemons and by giving themselves to chaos they might be spared and become a daemon themselves. But since the warp is based on emotions and belief so it may be possible that everyone believing in the empeor are saving themselves. And eldar have spirit stones to save themselves from this fate.

    So basically they known that trying to redeem themselves is pointless which is one of the reasons some marines turn to chaos.
  9. Azaragot Azaragot Subordinate

    I am confused about what you are trying to ask, are you meaning to ask whether or not Chaos is within redemption in the eyes of Jesus Christ or within redemption in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, which is to say, within redemption of the Imperium of Man?

    If it is the first, I wouldn't know. If the second, generally? No. An adamant no, in fact. The only "redemption" I've heard of for genuine Chaos Marines in the eyes of the Emperor is seeking out the Deathwatch to die in a glorious last-stand death in the name of the Imperium, and then few are admitted to that. Whoever is denied is executed on the spot.

    So is a Chaos Space Marine able to be redeemed in the eyes of the Emperor? No. Not unless the Deathwatch route is taken and he passes that, but there are slim chances of him even making it into Deathwatch.
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  10. There was one bit I remember from the Ultramarine books. The Chaos marine was battered, bruised, and probably about to die anyway, when Uriel Ventris took out an icon of the Emperor. Suddenly, the Chaos Marine had a sudden change of heart, and shouted, "THE EMPEROR! THE EMPEROR LOVES ME!" Uriel simply replied, "Yes, he loves you," before executing him with his bolt pistol.
    If any Chaos Space Marine wanted redemption, saw he was wrong in siding with Chaos, he'd know for a fact the Imperium might listen to him confess his sins before executing him. Or, he might decide to start killing his former allies and start a war with his other traitorous kin. Or, he might decide to just end his life there, knowing he's damned either way.
    So yeah, perhaps if they do feel regret for their actions, and decide to act on them, there's a sliver of a chance they may know redemption. And who knows? Maybe the Emperor is willing to forgive those who turn themselves in willingly, and their souls may stand at his right hand side.

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