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Aprils fools?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brother-Tamiel, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Tamiel Brother-Tamiel Well-Known Member

    Did they just nerf a whole bunch of LSM stuff or did I not wake up and I'm still dreaming right now?
  2. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    LSM were proven to be OP.
    50% of all players played LSM for their OPness, so this had to be addressed to encourage players to play different factions.
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  3. Laentis Diolux Cplex First Blood!

    Better nerf that combat knife!
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  4. guys got the same changes as everyone else basically. Poisons not stacking, heal bombs radius decreases, standard nerfs all around, everyones knives/knuckles got durability nerfed...

    The only bonus is your bullshit RoF got adjusted to acceptable levels. Don't know if they touched Burny Choppa dot effect or not though to match it. If not hopefully it will be brought down soon.
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  5. Combat knives were allready useless in melee battles... better nerf them even further.
    People complained that they need to do more than spam RMB...
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  6. Rakza Rakza Preacher

    I wanted to make me a sandwich...

    My LSM Knife lost against the butter...
  7. Tamiel Brother-Tamiel Well-Known Member

    Autocannon? Nah, it's fine.
    Eldar mobility and hitboxes? Nah dude it's cool.
    The uselessness of the bolter and the tactical? Don't even worry about it.
    LSM losing every territory? They need to gitgud. It's not a balance problem.

    That healing grenade RADIUS though! Let's halve that shit.
    Yeah. That'll show those Loyal Space Marines.
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  8. Ærthe Aerthes First Blood!

  9. Rakza Rakza Preacher


    As a LSM, what kind of paper do I have to sign to join chaos?
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  10. DEIMOS The_Roadwyrm First Blood!

    Yeah pretty sure Ill have to find another game....

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