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Apothecaries And Painboys : The Difference

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bossaroo, Jan 29, 2015.


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  1. Apothecary's use painkillers and various drugs and techniques to get Marines on their feet.
    They enhance and aid the superhuman biology of the Marine to get them back in the fight.

    Painboyz don't use painkillers, except maybe a blow to the head to knock the patient out, or other medicinal drugs.
    They crudely fix the Ork to the point where their natural healing takes over, plus they also like to enhance the Ork by adding biological or mechanical enhancements.

    In-game I believe the Apothecary should be a Tactical equivalent with healing and wargear limitations. They should have the Heal-Over-Time effect and possibly an Area-Of-Effect/Squad ability.

    Now the Painboy, I think, should heal up to a point then the Ork's natural health regen takes over. They should also have the ability to temporarily enhance an Ork, though it should be uncommonly used, during healing.
    Maybe even have a very limited ability to enhance an Ork until they die, possibly from the enhancement!
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  2. Maybe instead of missions, just a simple XP(?) reward for collecting your fallen brothers' gene seed. If not that, then your idea for future missions would be neat.

    EDIT: Also, apothecaries aren't just defenseless medics, they are just as skillful with chainsword and bolt pistol, as they are with their normal healing/gene seed collecting duties.
  3. make collecting gene seed affecting battle or it will be totally useless

    see my older post for an idea about this
  4. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    Hmm, this isn't me disagreeing just a thought that occurred to me when reading your quote ^ Supports are intended to integrate into whichever role their squad needs and that's interesting in itself.

    I can hunt down the quotes I'm sure (lazy and it's lunchtime) but I do remember the Twitch where Brent discussed why the Apo was getting both Bolter and a BP/CS combo, which gave them purpose in CC & ranged scenarios. He also gave pretty much the same answer in the 6th Q&A Answers reply too:
    I don't think that Supports genuinely won't have any Faction flavour, in fact I think their capabilities will be a huge deciding factor in how each Faction plays (Painboyz more Choppy, ASs more zappy etc), no one wants to outrun their medic/buffer, but it is interesting that we can see how they may end up with the smallest but most broadly adaptable offensive armories o_O

    Fungus for thought ;)
  5. Sorry. I assumed that a JP equipped Apothecary would be Blood Angels only. Therefore, generally an Apothecary would be working with Tactical Squads and should be at the same level, which is why I said a Tactical equivalent.

    I'm not trying to exclude the Assault-type weapons they normally carry (Bolt Pistol & Chainsword), but I do think they shouldn't have any armour penalties, or other Assault handicaps, whilst on foot.
  6. i think they will balance the support to "combat"classes by the loadoutpoints

    an apo which go full offence will have just the very basic support tools (heal and bleedremove) and will have very limited amount of it
    so an apo which has just a boltpistole and a natheticum will be much more effective when it comes to supporting

    same goes for other factions
  7. Shonedar Shonedar Well-Known Member

    Any mechanics to make healers (yes healers, that old "combat medics" rhetoric went down the drain long time ago) interesting for every faction are welcome and supported, as ideas for the devs to investigate.
  8. Loadza Dakka Skull_Splitta Well-Known Member

    'Eres da difference.

    One's a git.

    Da uvva ain't.

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