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Apothecaries And Painboys : The Difference

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bossaroo, Jan 29, 2015.


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  1. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    What should the difference be between the space marine apothecary and the ork painboy. Both of them are going to fill in the same roles for their respective factions and both are going to be healers. My main worry here is that the painboy becomes a reskinned apothercary. So in light of these worries I thought up ways they could both be different.

    Apothercary : as seen in the game footage the apthercary has a passive AoE heal over time and a direct burst heal. I like this method the devs are doing it fits in with lore well enough and works from a gameplay stand point.

    Painboy: I imagine the pain boy having a similar AoE passive but instead of a heal a damage reduction and a attack sped buff. The painboys direct ability would also be a direct heal seeing as that is the class' entire purpose. The reason I think it should be a damage reduction and attack speed is that I personally and somewhat to lore imagine that a painboy's fighting juice is a bit like a large dosage of C17H21NO4 ( aka cocaine ) for an example of a large dosage of the chemical look at the end of scar face. It induces a enraged state of i cohesive though where the person is practically frothing at the mouth.
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  2. SkyCake SkyCake Recruit

    Really like your painboy idea! I would be upset if they didn't have fightin' juice. I really hope Apothecary is like your standard combat medic. May sound weird to hope for something plain, but I don't see Apothecaries doing anything outside the ordinary.

    It might be too much... But, I hope painboys have some ability attached to their melee attack. Damages the enemy and applies a small dot. Damages an ally Ork, but gives them a movement speed buff. I want to see painboyz have some kind of ally damage buff, to kind of simulate them being chop-happy. "Fresh meat, I could make so many improvements!" To quote the Mad Dok from DoW1. Doesn't have to be a movement speed buff, just something. Or, it could be a random buff! Would be funny to see an Ork being whacked a couple of times by a painboy to get the desired buff. And, the damage wouldn't be a lot.
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  3. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    I would like to see pain boyz different, sure, they must have some sort of heal, but they are orks, they need to be more melee oriented and they need some weird stuff, maybe some type of combat drugs that damage your buddies but enhance his speed and/or strength, a drug that can let you fight while bleeding out (but no rez for you after the effects are gone) and stuff like that.
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  4. Frank FrankM Curator

    if skills like heals can be replaced with other perks, then they can start off the same and branch out in different directions
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  5. EDA- xReaperx xReaperx Arkhona Vanguard

    As part of many administrations of an Apothecary they also harvest the gene seed of fallen space marines perhaps something that a future mission could bring?
  6. [QUOte: xReaperx, post: 677825, member: 28925"]As part of many administrations of an Apothecary they also harvest the gene seed of fallen space marines perhaps something that a future mission could bring?[/QUOTE]
    i would do it this way:
    when a mate died (not down) you can do harvest his gene seed
    which will give you some xp or req and let the fallen one respawn instantlyfor the pain boy it could be similar
    the pain boy crush the dead mate with his tool or boot to set free spores
    the spawn time of all who are waiting to respawn at the nearest spawn point get reduced by 1 sec
    and the ork gets xp/req for sure

    the healing differens between apo andpainboy could be
    instead of a heal+HoT like the apo the pain boy could do an overcharge heal
    if he heals he heals the target to 150%
    but the target loses HP over time and can't be healed for a certain time

    combat drugs should be an option for orks and SM
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  7. Shakamun Shakamun Active Member

    In codex apothecary have ability "feel no pain"
  8. Mac Mdaddy Subordinate

    I think the distinction should be something like the apothecaries falling into the support/healer role as
    their job is to preserve the health of space marines and if necessary collect the fallen gene seed,
    and the ork pain boys ending up being more assault/buff orientated as they don't really care about healing so much as experimenting and all orks want to be right on the front lines.
    What I mean by that is the apothecaries should essentially be a weaker tactical who has to remain behind the initial wave to be most effective while the pain boy is pretty much a slugga that helps make fellow orks stronger with fightin juice but not really healing them.

    On a side note aspiring sorcerers should pretty much be red mages in my opinion.
  9. no heal would make the orks much weaker then the other factions
  10. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    For their base healing I don't see a need to make them so very different, not as much as with the Psyker healer Supports anyway. They are pretty similar in terms of function (but not practice :p).

    Dok's Tools provide FNP so there's that.
    Urty Syringe fluff says it causes wound clotting. It's also a potent poison which would not be all that dissimilar to the Narthecium DoT preview we got a while back.

    Orkoid physiology is such that although humans consider the battlefield surgical skills of a Painboy wildly reckless, risky and at times even malicious, they are incredibly effective healers. It's crude to watch (or read about in this case) but it isn't all that different to how Eldar Physicians and others on the Path of the Healer must percieve Apothecaries, IG medics or even Chirurgeons.

    In the case of Orks, who can survive head transplants ffs, they're so tough and resilient due to their fungi/fauna biology that it doesn't exactly take a rocket surgeon to patch them up. Strange as it might sound I wouldn't hate it if Brent made them the best healer/patient combo in the game, because the patient is a green mushroom golem :D.

    What separates Apos and Painboyz should be the buffs and debuffs and the need for Painboyz to actually survive more damage, being that their race is being designed with extra focus on CC. Support classes do a lot to define the character of a race, asymmetrically. If I were making Painboyz, I'd have the Apo provide more squad-based buffs in a tighter radius (like the mitigation Aquila icon) and the Painboy tag their Boyz with a variety of different buffs that don't disappear when they leave the Support's range. Sort of fits with the OP but not to the exclusion of 1 to 1 healing skills. Ko'eezshun iz fer tin kanz 'n poin'ee earz.

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