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Aoe Cap

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Beskern, Jan 20, 2015.


Should AOE attacks have a target cap?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe...Sometimes...If Tzeentch feels like some things deserve it.

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  1. Beskern Beskern Recruit

    To clarify, AOE cap in this sense refers to the number of people one attack can hit. Many games have them, and it is usually a means of balance control for specific builds/tactics. Should we see an AOE cap on explosives in EC? is it realistic? does that matter? Is it fair for one plasma cannon to take out 5 people? 10? 30? where does it become unfair if at all? Maybe its fair for only certain things, like tanks. What do you think?
  2. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    I'm not really sure it'd have to be worked out through testing to be sure. I was splaying a game with AoE cap and me and a bunch of others went and suddenly ka boom and because AoE cal me and one other dude are still standing. But really it all comes down to balance and balance requires testing and we have not hit testing so we got to put this on the back burner ( can't say that expression without thinking of team fortress 2 )
  3. Sergoros Sergoros Preacher

    Strongly opposed to aoe cap. This is the thing, that destroys any chance of small organized group vs big unorganized one. If 500 players are damb enough to stand in 1 place and be killed with 1 plasma cannon - this is their fault.
  4. Beskern Beskern Recruit

    I agree mostly, except for small things that it dosent make a lot of sense to have. Mainly I think of grenades when I say this. I don't feel like the explosion/shrapnel should be hitting people through the bodies of several marines. The press of bodies should cover the explosion at one point. That sort of thing.
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  5. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    Well wouldn't that be more sensibly handled by model occlusion rather than an arbitrary cap? The source could project invisible rays analogous to a light source, and intervening models would cast "shadows". If you're completely in shadow, you don't take damage. If you're hit by a ray, you do.
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  6. Sergoros Sergoros Preacher

    Reasonable. There is also a shockwave, so dmg could be partially mitigated, but u still should get hit.

    Sound like the best way to do it, until u take into account, that it would probably overload the servers.
  7. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    A big no, it offers nothing to the table, just frustration and waste of time.
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  8. Benny Benny Master

    After playing GW2 & seeing the "zerg ball" shenanigans that went on in WvW absolutely not. The aoe cap rendered most siege equipment worthless which is designed to deal with zergs.
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  9. VoxC VoxC Menial

    On the tabletop a plasma cannon can't hit more than six or seven models, even if they're packed super tight. If the devs have made their version capable of hitting 30 people, the solution isn't an AoE cap, it's making the AoE itself smaller.
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  10. Aoe cap doesnt really make much logical sense.
    I'm going to have to say no.
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