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Anything you want Nerfed or Buffed?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by acepost, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    That's how I ended up playing MoT TA with all regen items for stam and armor.

    It's actually not that bad . almost as good as a MoK TA.
    And i find the fact it's somewhat opposite to MoK in its approach rather amusing.
    One gets life back on hitting and one gets Armor back when not getting hit.. which is funny to me.

    It's never gonna be meta because .. well ppl can pepper you with shots and just by pass your whole regen advantage . but it sure as hell is fun to play.
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  2. The problem I find with "Meta" is that it doesnt work for everyones play style, so by saying that you handicap yourself by not playing it is actually incorrect, some players could be handicapping themselves BY playing in Meta as thats how they've been told.

    I agree with Catnium, break the Meta, have fun with the game. At the end of the day its only a game and nothing more, Meta killed off the fun for me in WoW and EVE, to some degree on the last one, so you might as well have fun with it. Find what works for you, what suits your play style, and just roll with it, but first and foremost... never force your style of play or Meta on any other player.
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  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    By all means, play what you want. But the fact of the matter is that if I play a meta-build and I am good at it and you play a non-meta build and are also good at it, I will win.

    My point is not that meta is 'better'. My point is that I will beat each and every player not playing meta unless they are better than me. Hence why I see no reason to include non-meta builds in my calculations, as I don't have to worry about beating them.
  4. So by saying that Meta isnt better, but you will beat anyone not playing Meta with your Meta build, you are saying Meta "is better." Meta makes no difference to the actual game itself, its your "Play Style" that makes that difference, not your loadouts. Which is what I was trying to say, each player they has their own "Meta" which depends on their play style, not what someone has happened to put on the forum or their discord. So just because you can beat 90% of the players in game with your loadout doesn't make it "Meta," it just means you are a better player than them. The only thing making it "Meta" is the fact that it works for probably 60 - 70% of the player base, but there is always the 40 -30% of players that could, or are, better than you. There is no way you go through each and every game without dying atleast once, well each time you die your "Meta" is losing out to someone elses.
  5. Maensith Subordinate

    I couldnt have imagined I would ever be in a state of mind to write this (since my favourite faction has always been the Eldar), but seriously the Eldar as a race in this game need to be totally reworked and remade, not just some aspect of their weaponry or other game parameters.

    I dont know how to properly explain it and I'm sure many veteran players share this sense that the Eldar are extremely hard to play against - in the last several months I had been matched against the Eldar I had won NOT a single time, no matter what the odds had been - playing against a clan, newbies or just a bunch of pugs. I dont know how to explain it because, when playing for the Eldar myself, I still find them to be ridiculously fragile and with the same bunches of shortcomings we have been experiencing for several patches, yet when I AM matched against the Eldar it seems as though every damn opponent is a frigging pro! It can neither be so solely thanks to their skills because there is a lot of new players, not just veteran players creating additional characters, nor due to a high level of team coordination, or any particularly misconfigured parameter by the devs - too OP Fire Dragons' guns, banshee scream, hawks' grenades and so on - so this is strange because to my mind the Eldar ARENT OP, but fighting against them consistantly makes me starting to imagine that they ARE.
  6. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    And that is the difference between personal METAs and game METAs. The numbers say a modded Bolter is what I'm supposed to be using except I'm shit with a gun. According to META, I'm not supposed to be using MoK on ticket maps except I'm far more survivable with it than using something else.
  7. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    Probably because you are more aware you don't have a down as a safety net and play accordingly.
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  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    How about this: We are both perfectly equal opponents with a 100% hitrate. I play an optimized build, you don't.
    I need maybe 0.6 seconds to kill you, you need 0.8 seconds to kill me. No matter how much 'your build suits your playstyle', you wont win.
    That doesn't mean you would necessarily be doing better if you played meta, you could still be performing even worse if it doesn't fit your style.

    'Meta' is not important to the individual player. But it is important from an antagonistic perspective.
    To return to the original argument: Why would I do TTK-calculations against a sub-optimal build? I choose the strongest there is and base all math on that because everything subpar will be doing the same or worse.
    Reductio ad Absurdum: If my build works well against a Boltgun-Traitor, I have no reason to assume it would fail against a Skip-Launcha.
  9. Konoko Konok0 Arch-Cardinal

    reaper and devastator not have ADADADADA, and there are many of them only on fortress-type maps.
  10. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Gonna have to agree with Rheeva here,..not only that math is a constant. Where's EC is not. Hitrate and personal skill is not a button on a calculator. Tired of hearing about what the math says. Thats just me.
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