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Anyone Here Play Dark Souls

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by cheapbuster, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Hello eternal crusader,

    I've been playing Dark Souls for quite a bit now, but have got increasing bored for the times waiting to be summoned or invaded and only a couple of friends on steam play dark souls and aren't on often so I am wondering if anyone on here plays Dark Souls and is up for a bit of jolly co-operation?

    Feel free drop me a massage if you are up for it, or even if you're stuck on a part and could use a hand.
  2. The_Warboss The_Warboss Active Member

    By Gork and Mork I wish I did since the game looks fantastic. I'll just wait for Dark Souls 2 though as I've yet to get a hold of a controller.
  3. Double New Member

    A Dark Souls fan reporting in and (almost) ready for jolly co-operation!
  4. Gorbatz Gorbatz Subordinate

    I really want to, but the collapse of GFWL has made it so I can't actually save any progress I make, so I'm waiting until Steam patches in their fix.

    Please, tell me, is it as glorious as I imagine it to be?
  5. Double New Member

    Depends on how glorious do you imagine it to be. No matter, it's still more glorious than you'd think!

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