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An Open Dueling Challenge

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by StrayedKing, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs AEON - Wasure-rareta-omo-Yosha (a.k.a. Yosha)
    Result: 7-3 (unofficial due to server lag but he let me post this)
    Grade: S

    Yosha is an impossibly formidable duelist. His reaction times exceed my own and his defense is an impeccable offense. His motions are quick, calculated, and sometimes impossible to predict. His presence forces shield-users on the defensive, and if this were a completely non-shield and non-pistol scenario, he might very-well be better than me.

    Of the myriad of duelists I've fought in garrison, Yosha is the only person who can effortlessly make me sweat without even needing a shield. There are a thousand things I could say about Yosha and his freakish ability to play this game superbly, but I think that a simple grade of S is proof of his superiority.

    This was a fight I was secretly looking forward to, both as a rival and a guildmate.

    Well fought Brother.

    Still looking.
  2. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs Torgen Bloodwolf/Praeydth
    Result: 10-0
    Grade: C

    He's been around a while and knows his way around an axe and shield. He understands the strengths of his axes and is able to account for the shortcomings of a shield. While on the offensive, he's relentless, and while on the defensive, he tactful. A decent fight and a decent fighter.

    Still looking
  3. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs XXI - Fangz
    Result: 5-0
    Grade: C+

    He knows his way around a JPA quite well. Despite the class matchup, his offensive pressure is remarkable. When using his GA, he particularly capable. Never played with him in world map, but I can already tell he's the type of guy who easily gets 25+ kills without trying. I'd hate to run into him in world, because if he catches you off guard, he'll give you no quarter.

    Still looking.
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  4. Durash Durash Arkhona Vanguard

    My rock paper scissors skills are pretty dank,


    Am I allowed to duel your GA while using a meltagun?
  5. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs ToC - Chaplain Bloodlust
    Round 1 (w/Shields): 6-0
    Round 2 (w/Pistols): 5-1
    Grade: C+

    Bloodlust is a kind and willing soul. He knows his basics, he knows his combos, and he knows how to use them well. I didn't have much interaction time with him but ToC is lucky to have him as part of their reclusiam. I expect great things from him.

    sidenote: I taught him the "pistol through shield" bug so maybe ToC will add that to their repertoire.
  6. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs LEGN - HorribleFist
    Result: 10-1
    Grade: B+

    Before I get into it, I want to say that Horrible is an awesome guy. I've been dueling him on and off since he started playing and he just keeps getting better and better each time I fight him. I wouldn't be surprised if he overtakes me some day.

    I don't know what it is about his playstyle though: something calming, something soothing, something that makes you feel in control before he slices through chunks of your unguarded health. His control over the flow of the fight is uncanny, and even when he loses it, its as if the fight jumps back in his favor. I get a chill each time I fight him, as if my body is expecting to lose. Whether I'm imagining things or his ability to control the duel is beyond my comprehension, his battlefield presence is undeniable. Not giving him your full attention will result in an embarrassingly quick defeat, and I learned that one the hard way.

    Still looking.
  7. StrayedKing Recruit

    Dear EC,

    by the time many of you read this, I most likely will have passed away. My surgery is Saturday morning but I'll be off before then. The chances of success are... let's just say that I'm pretty sure I won't be here or else I wouldn't be writing this. To those of you who answered my challenge, I will forever be grateful. I loved the garrison, and I have faith that AEON will continue to be its warden. I love dueling, I enjoy this combat system, and I've done my best to promote it.

    I wanted to discuss the pros and cons of melee, but I guess I'll save that if I have time later (lol). In any case, it's been a damn privilege to play this game. I'll give the draft to a friend and ask him to post the rest.

    To the devs working on this skeleton crew, you have my thanks, for creating a game that managed to bring together a scattered and wonderful community. Although the tutorial needs a heavy rework, the melee system itself is fine. Well, it's been an honor.

    ~Strayed King
    Fond of dueling, chainswords, and sandwiches.
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  8. StrayedKing Recruit

    I'll be dueling the night away, for those that would like to join me for one last fight ;')
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  9. Grotduffa Timburwolfe Active Member

    It is a dark day when Mankind loses one of its champions. Let us hope for the best, and be prepared for the worst.
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  10. Kulminax Recruit

    Damn. Good luck to you sir. I've appreciated your well-written and good-humored posts.

    May you come out better than ever.

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