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An Open Dueling Challenge

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by StrayedKing, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs AEON - Jolio
    Result: 9-1
    Grade: B+

    This match-up was hard fought. Aside from the fact that we hail from the same guild, Jolio and I trained together recently. This man knows me, well. He knows my style of fighting, and has added to his repertoire my personal tricks I've told him about. The result? Each fight was more intense than the last, and each one more and more time-consuming. Jolio is truly a worthy heir to the AEON name. Pray you don't rouse this dreadnought's fury.

    Still looking.
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  2. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs PG - Arjuna
    Result: 5-0
    Grade: A

    Arjuna is one of the 5 people I originally listed as my top 5 picks, and he is well deserving of it.

    Skillwise, Arjuna perfectly understands the base mechanics of melee. Each reaction, each prediction, and each attack is a near perfect response to his opponent's moves. His combos, whether planned or instinctual, seem crafted with his multi-faction experience. His mastery with swords borders an art form, something he made evident during our warm-up matches. On top of everything, he has cat-like reflexes which make landing a proper combo on him a f*****g b***h.

    However, to reasons unknown to me, he chose to use a powerfist and maul during our official duels. Those first fights against his swordplay were exhilarating. I hope to post of him again soon, where his number is either close to or surpasses my own.

    Looking forward to our rematch in Frankfurt buddy.

    Sidenote: before people ask, I won the warmups too, but they were SOO MUCH HARDER.

    I can easily say that Arjuna is PG's best duelist.
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  3. Kulminax Recruit

    I will be on tonight and reply to this thread if you are still looking.
    I'm sure I've played someone that posts on here that can attest to my skill.

    Edit: Not to hijack this thread, but reply if you want to duel with other weapons as well.
  4. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    It's been a while since I played LSM and Garrison dueling, but might as well give a try.
    Please let me know when you'll be available.
  5. nuh shit bruh, this guy had a hardcore sexual relationship with Shoulder in the garrison for months. I'm hoping to write a raunchy teen sex novel about it and get it published to the Black Library to make it canon.
  6. I'm sure WFA can find somebody to go a few rounds, @StrayedKing . Not the best, but we're stubborn and teachable.
  7. StrayedKing Recruit

    Not sure how long I can be on tonight but I will definitely make the effort to be as long as possible.

    If I can't find you three tonight, I will definitely be on tomorrow. I look forward to meeting all of you!
  8. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs GRAY - Vodun Wolfborn
    Result: 10-0
    Grade: C

    He's good. He's got a lot of fight in him and I look forward to seeing him do well in the future. He can hold his own and he knows his combos, and to top it all off, he's a pretty nice guy. Good on ya mate.

    Still looking.
  9. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs Odin Warfang (Gbloodfang)
    Result: 10-0
    Grade: C

    He's passionate, and I enjoy that. Since he's not part of any guild (nor has he ever been), he plays this game because he truly enjoys it - that's something I've missed. I envy him for that, because maybe I've lost some of that myself. Finding and fighting people like him is part of the reason I made this thread, because it's truly wonderful to fight someone in earnest. I look forward to our rematch friend.

    Still looking.
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  10. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs VI - Bjarke Stormbearer
    Result: 11-1 (With Veterans)
    Grade: C+ (Range is S-E)

    I agreed to fight him using veterans. Bjarke is a fun guy; he's quick, he can laugh, and knows the strengths of his build. He hasn't been on in a month, but still challenged me nonetheless.

    If anything, he reminds me of Khorne (in the ONLY good way possible since KHORNE IS A DIRTY FU-): he respects the duel. Even with a veteran, his attacks don't stop. Even if his armor is down, even if he's lost 3 combos in a row, he'll keep attacking to find his opening. He has every opportunity, every prerogative to use his shield to recover his monstrous amount of armor but he doesn't. I like to think it's because he want to keep dueling, keep feeling the rush of pitting his mind, his skill against his opponent, without fear or loss but rather filled with a certain drive that most duelists quickly learn to subside. For that, I applaud you sir. It's good to see you back online.

    Still looking.

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