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An Open Dueling Challenge

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by StrayedKing, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. StrayedKing Recruit


    My name is Strayed King.
    Many of you who frequent the garrison may already know of me, and I encourage those of you who do to endorse this post.

    I am issuing an open dueling challenge to anyone who thinks they are a good duelist.
    To Boop, ToC, PG, XIII, BLOP, DWCO, VI, TST, VM, FIST, and AGS, your guilds can consider this a direct challenge to you all.

    This should be honorable combat, so we will use garrison rules and extra ones to make this as fair as possible.
    -Classes are limited to Jump Assault and Ground Assault.
    -No veterans (For Obvious Reasons)
    -Pistols are welcomed against me but no grav-pistols. I don't mind the fact that it breaks shields, but what I do mind is the slow. In spirit of melee combat, it's pointless if you shoot me to death.
    -No standing on boxes/leaving the arena
    -No standards
    -No grenades
    -No healing during a duel (although if you use lifesteal, that's fine). Fair warning: If you use lifesteal, I will too. If you don't use lifesteal, I won't.
    -These matches will be best of 5. A duel will start after both duelists have taunted. You can ask for a warm-up fight.

    My hope is to find someone who will spark my interest in dueling again, just as much as I hope this will encourage others to better themselves at this unique combat system.

    I want to find someone who can beat me. I want this to be a test of skill. I want to see if LSM still has any great duelists left.

    AGS-Searis, AEON-DannyDKing, PG-Arjuna, ToC-Axonator, XIII-Galenus, are the five strongest duelists I've had the honor and pleasure of fighting in my time playing this game. The guilds who have these players among their rosters are lucky. I specifically hope you five respond to this and are able to finally wipe the floor with me.

    Please don't rant here or post unnecessarily, this is thread should be a civil place.

    I realized that most of what I say about my challengers are positive things, and so there's no skill reference point for the people who look at this post or for those who fight me to see where they stand. So here's a makeshift grading system. If people don't want it, I'll take it down.

    S: Can match me;
    A: Truly exceptional players. Just a little more and they should be able to match me;
    B: Has an above-par ability to duel;
    C: Has a solid grasp on the base mechanics of melee;
    D: Still a few things to learn;
    E: Why are you challenging me in public on your first day?

    If someone can flat-out beat me, then my personal goal for this thread will have been achieved.
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  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

  3. ill be up for dueling you like i always do strayed xD. (sad i did not get a mention) :(
  4. StrayedKing Recruit

    I'm in garrison now Brother ;]
  5. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    I'll take it.
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  6. S1a5h EpicHiLuss Steam Early Access

    Fight for blop honor anthues
  7. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs BLOP - Brotheus
    Result: 10-0
    Grade: B+

    Brotheus is a wonderful duelist, worthy indeed of BLOP elite status. His mechanics, his comboes, his demeanor are all exceptional. All of our fights were decided within a hair's length.

    Still looking.
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  8. StrayedKing Recruit

    AEON - Strayed King vs PG - Cuttles
    Result: 14-0
    Grade: Honestly Don't Remember

    Cuttles is eager and passionate, that much I can tell. He still has some things to learn but he has a lot of potential too. You're in good hands with a great guild like PG.

    Still looking
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  9. Kotovasy kotovasy Subordinate

    Ahahahahahh. Garison game, ahahhahahahahaha [​IMG]
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  10. DongSlayer DongSlayer Steam Early Access

    How about winning an actual match against 2-3 of our members with your full guild stack before challenging :p
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