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Ammo Conservation - Flawed

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by GraveSpectre, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. So I've been trying to research into conserving my ammo better in PvE.
    But with the games' current state I find it utterly ineffective.
    However I have gathered some data. For normal difficulty at least.

    For the standard bolter and plasma gun.
    It takes 5 bolter rounds to down a tyranid or two quick plasma shots.
    Or two bursts of three rounds from a bolter in burst mode. That extra shot comes into play a lot.
    Why? Because the time it takes for a tyranid to die after getting fatally shot is disconcerting.
    The questions of "Is it dead?" "Did I miss?" Come quickly to play and an extra shot is wasted to check.
    Or the lag will strike and well... It doesn't die. Often enough you also miss a perfect shot... because lag.
    This is terribly unreliable. I'm not a perfect marksman by any means but I should hit more often than this.
    And this makes the game far less enjoyable. I try to place my shots but the game won't let me play that way. I have to expend far more ammo that i generally just set and forget my plasma or bolter on auto. Spray away! It gets more kills than actually aiming and trying!

    I would much like to see this fixed. Tyranids dying when they are hit by a fatal shot instead of moments later and that lag is reduced so that I'm not feeling like my hit chance is 50/50 at best, on a shot that should be effectively guaranteed. I mean how am I supposed to miss a point blank shot? Seriously.
  2. mindless Largo First Blood!

    ooo yeah dude! and have same problem, when i playing on my devastator (with HB ofcourse, with grav-cannon i dont know how to count normal ammunition consumption).
    think what tyranides have health more then they need (oh yes yes "balance")
  3. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Well I always think technical issues need fixing, but have you tried ammo packs? I never...ever...have an ammo problem on PVE matches with a Bolter or Plasmagun.
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  4. No i think they have a good amount of health. Think you missed my point.
    Trying to play tactically and space marine-y you know, not wasting ammo and being all conservative and military efficiency and shit but... the lag (bout 150ms-250ms) and missing consistently on shots that just a second ago smacked him dead in the head... Is annoying and i'd like it to get fixed. especially how with them running right at you they ragdoll after dying and still look alive as they carry on coming so you waste more shots on them to kill them or be sure they are dead... Ruins the whole, i'm trying to have a high hit accuracy and shit...

    I kill an ork in Spacemarine I KNOW I killed that ork. here in pve it can be a whole 5 seconds before i KNOW I killed a thing.

    I use Ammo packs extensively in PvE. not that i often need them even with just spraying.
    It's not that i run out of ammo it's that i can't conserve it effectively. it's not an issue stopping me from playing well but it ruins the feel of playing a certain way.
  5. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Ah ok I get you. Well then, if I may suggest? (And if this comes off snarkily/sassy I don't mean it to.)

    The next time you make a thread, try to focus more on your actual problem, reading your starting post in the thread seems to imply a much larger problem with ammo than with the hitreg/lag issues (which is what you really are upset about). The ammo is just an example, but you put way too much emphasis on it.

    Something more along the lines of...

    "Because of technical issues, often you have to fire far longer than is actually needed to ensure you down an opponent. For example, an enemy that should only take 5 shots to kill, usually ends up needing to take 10. This is because you COULD stop after 5, but you don't really know if the enemy is dead until it drops, and if you stop too soon you're going to eat it.

    This game really needs to improve it's technical aspects such as lag/latency/fps drops/etc, it really ruins the experience when you have to empty half a clip into an enemy because you can't trust that everything will actually work how it's supposed to."

    See, you kind of need to focus your writing on your point a bit more, and make it a bit more clear. Your first post was a bit misleading is all. That being said, I agree that technical issues in this game need some work, and that it ruins immersion and tactics to a point. Still, having to fire many more shots than should be needed is actually rather normal in shoters. It's the same in Planetside 2. In PS2 I often have to WAY overfire to ensure my enemy is down.
  6. mindless Largo First Blood!

    hmmm have same ping 200-220 ms near Ural... and i understand u, but im not feel this problem on me (with ping). but i can understand what the differents between shots in a tyranides head or body (yes hit from powerfist from back to warroir deal 3k damage, frontal 2k... may be wrong)
  7. My social ineptitude strikes again. Curse you aspergers! Ah well my point is gotten eventually.

    Again these are for straight up body damage not counting head. which for a plasma makes no difference. it's either 2 normal shots. 2 ammo. or a charged shot 5 ammo so... either way. with a bolter maybe getting headshots reduces it to 3-4? but i have not a clue as I seem to never get headshots... even when shooting the little ones in the head but that could be again technical issues. But either way.. having it still leaping at you when it's dead... really irritating as the reflex is shoot some moar but trying to be all ace and cool..... like... bam bam dead.... which...
    it's effective but i keep feel like i have to throw a third shot in to be safe... And i'd rather just not...
  8. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    Hmm... I've switched to the grav gun so I can contribute more effectively to killing warriors, but I previously made extensive use of my bolter tactical in PVE and I had two ways of dealing with the tyranids and lag while trying to make optimal use of my ammo reserves:

    1. I would set my bolter to burst fire and aim for the head, if the tyranid was close to me or didn't drop after the last shot of the burst, I would fire a second burst for good measure.
    2. more recently I stopped using the burst mode and would instead fire 6-7 shots at each tyranid, that worked rather well.

    I used these two tactics for single tyranids. Warriors, the gaunts with the yellow bulge on their back and multiple tyranids would always have me switch back to full auto and spray them.

    Long story short, there's not much you can do about lag delaying the death of a tyranid. If you are firing at distant tyranids, you can just stop firing when you have put enough bolts into them and wait for them to die while you aim for your next target. If you're at close range it's prudent to "waste" an extra bolt or two, just to be sure.
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  9. Like I mentioned first off it is exactly 5 bolts to kill a nid. Two bursts of 3 is 6 so standard two bursts will kill 'em. and the extra 6th round is usually a good deal sealer. The problem exists a little less on the bolter for that.

    But i main plasma weapons. And when two dead eye shots and it doesn't drop... I question the lag, or the hitboxing...
  10. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    To be honest, I kinda like that they don't just instantaneously die when "killed", but keep fighting on for a second or so longer.

    There are still huge difference between how ammo hungry the different weapons are, just try to compare the Heavy Bolter and Shuriken Cannon to the Grav-Cannon and Autocannon, the latter two are almost impossible to run out of ammo with.
    When using the Avenger Shuriken Catapult and TL-ASC I sometimes run into ammo problems, as they have no "magazine mods" which allows them to increase the amount of ammunition you can carry.
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