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Ambition Knows no Bounds

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, May 15, 2018.

  1. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Stephan Morris shook his head as the boasting man got run down by one of the orks. That was why you never brag until you were sure every one of the present enemies were dead or gone, and that was usually only when you were back at a cantina, with a lovely doe in your arms and a strong drink in your glass. Even then, someone was likely to try and put an auto round in your eye. He kept Vala away from the charging orks, peppering the closest one with auto slugs and las shots.

    Fortunately, one of the las shots went through the visors of these orknights, and it dropped to the ground before he could finish one of their companions. Unfortunately, two things followed this event: one, the ork halas continued to charge forward, aiming to run down the fallen man with his dead halas. Two, one of the last orknights took it upon itself to avenge its dead comrade by coming after Stephan and Vala. Of course, their 'brave leader' promptly ordered the scoundrel to protect the fallen man.

    Of course, to Stephan, the choice was a simple one. He took one look at the situation, before turning Vala around and kicking her off along the direction of the aqueduct. Over his shoulder, the scoundrel shouted, "sorry man, no hard feelings. If you're still alive once this one's dead, I'll come back for ya!" To the rest of the retinue, he yelled, pointing at the interrogator's body. "Sorry bossman! I ain't got no fancy swords like you, but I call first pick at that guy's stuff! Be right back!"

    As Vala sprinted away from the carnage and the chasing ork, Stephan leaned in close and said to his mount, "just keep running girl, and don't slow down. Listen to my command; we'll get out of this one yet." The mount huffed slightly as it ran along the aqueduct, its rider sitting back up again. Looking over his shoulder to see the orknight still coming after them, he spun on his saddle, sitting backwards on the halas. Using his heels to give Vala direction to shift to, the scoundrel found it remarkable how similar it was to piloting an inverse control speeder.

    Of course, that was if the speeder had a mind of its own, two legs and you steered it with your legs instead of hands, but basically the same thing. If the ork tossed its spear at Vala, he would attempt to shift the hala with his heel tapping on the side he wanted it to go. Though he couldn't exactly see where he was going, he trusted his mount companion to avoid or jump over any obstacles as they ran. His arms freed, the scoundrel did a quick reload with both pistols in each hands, and began lighting up the orknight with as much precision and speed as he could.

    Hopefully, his luck holds up. Stephan had gotten quite fond of his mount's partnership, he might even take her off planet with him. He could trust her more than anyone else on that ship, at the very least.

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  2. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard


    With the ambush sprung, Issane bid his time in cover - hidden, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Temple Vanus Assassins were more of saboteurs then frontline warriors, and as the firefight broke out, Issane observed others as their fought. Many things could be learned just from the way one fights.


    Remaining behind the more bulkier of his companions, an opportunity to strike presented itself in a form of an Ork, roaring and attempting to jump at their Enforcer. Sidestepping the Arbite with inhuman speed granted to him by training and spinal augmentations, Assassin slashed with his concealed flensing blade at the Ork, at once parrying the greeskins's attack and slashing across it's chest. The motion was so fast, that for those that paid attention would only see Issane waving his right hand at the Ork, stopping it's attack.

    Capitalizing on the lull in melee and creatures surprise, Assassin delivered a roundhouse kick to the Ork's chest, pushing it back into a wave of lesser Greenskins as they charged. The hem of his faux-grox greatcoat still spinning, Issane pulled his concealed Belasco-Glavian Needler Pistol, soundlessly discharging a needle coated with virulent Pyroclasmite right into the Ork's eyeball.

    It twitched then flailed as violent spasms rocked it's primitive bio-chemistry, Pyroclasmite using the compounds within the Ork as ingredients for self-combustion, turning it's own biology against the host in seconds.
    The Ork exploded with a wet pop! followed by a shower of gore and corrosive acids. A trio of Gretchings found themselves within the blast-radius, shredded either by bone fragments or melted by acids.

    Using the grisly explosion as cover, Issane skid down the slope to a lower level of the pathway that circled the excavation site like waves of a maelstrom. Attempting to find cover behind either rocks or support pillars, Assassin would attempt eliminate, preferably covertly their ranged support or a remaining greenskin that prodded the group onward.
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  3. As the battle ensued and the Taskmaster orks dispatched, leaving the gretchin left, Thaes' attention was drawn to the sky as he noticed something out of place. That being a flying contraption of orkish craft making its way towards them and the crater. That must have been how the looters were originally going to take all of their ill gotten gains back to base. "Mister Isaane, there is a Ork zepplin approaching us from a distance. It more than likely brings its own horde of Orks as well, seems like we are on a time limit." He calmly pointed out to him and the rest of the group before powering up his axe to start finishing up the smaller greenskins, finding it a waste to use the bolt ammo on such pathetic creatures.
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    Thû resists the urge to snort in annoyance at the sight of Orks crawling all over the central pumping station. He knows for certain they are most certainly not the threat he sensed in the depths, but they most certainly are now a much-unneeded nuisance threatening the main mission.

    "All of you stay here and out of sight until I tell you to move in," he says, curtly waving the entire group into cover and concealment, "I'm going in ahead to see the situation inside."


    "Mamzel Strahn - if you could liaise with Mamzel Levita to gain access to any picters or other sensors within the pumping station, or possibly its power supply, that would be most helpful."


    "Little Witch - reach out with your mind and spy out the ways of the enemy, if you can. Stay in touch by vox, both of you. And above all - remain out of sight."

    With that, Thû begins creeping from one patch of concealment to the next with the ease of a seasoned operator, seeking to get out of sight of the group before employing his shade-walking abilities and really getting this infiltration underway.

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  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Olna heald on as she neared the ork biker her chain axe in hand The animal she rode was going as fast it could but even it had its limits, slightly spooked it refused to get to close to the ork biker, and kept Olna out of the range picking up the lance given to her she knew she would have one chance if she was to miss it would possibly mean a very painful death by ork hand or at worst a crash and angry ork blasting at her.

    Shifting her wait and moving up she grasped the spear in both hands and put her chain axe to her belt, As she activated her jump pack causing her to soar forward and upwards at the ork biker. "FOR THE LORD OF THE SUN!" She yelled out the ork responding turning upwards as it saw the valkyrie descending on a path towards him would begin blasting his shoota at her, several rounds would collide with her armor but not stop her as the spear came down into ork, The weight of Olna, cause the orks weight to shift and lose control of his bike as the green skin attempted to not only drive but try to get rid of the humie with a spear into its torso.

    Olna pressing the firing trigger would cause the spear to fire off it payload hot death into the ork causing a las bolt to shear the inside of the orks body striking a few organs. Coming to a tumble the Valkyrie and ork would go crashing into the ground. Olna losing her grasp on the spear would face plant into the ground while ork would be further impaled by the spear as his bike fell upon him finally killing and pinning the ork.

    Olna groaned in pain as she forced herself back up. Her chain axe would be in hand as she would begin moving upon the ork in its bike haste. Intending to get back into combat fast to avoid trampling, Seeing the riding animal further out then the orks bike, She decided to make a reckless decision. Approaching the green skin she would activate her chain axe and confirm its death by cutting off its head. She would then attempt to move to retrieve the las spear, and attempt to get the bike back on its wheels and attempt to fire it up and get it moving one more.
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