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Ambition Knows no Bounds

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, May 15, 2018.

  1. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    <Taking on the Darkness with a Flashlight and a Prayer>

    <At the Welcome Party>

    Thû resists the urge to run a frustrated hand through his turbaned hair when Will chivvys him and the two ladies off to help Levita without so much as a chance to speak. One of the more glaring downsides to impatient, apathetic, and oblivious bosses.

    Again with the patience, Little Lord. We need to have words, and soon.

    As they depart, he salvages as much of the situation as he can and subvocalises to Will by vox over a private channel, which he shares with the ladies.

    @Colapse @Kalle @Casavay

    "Young Master, if I may offer some advice - watch these folk carefully. Examine them and the surroundings for anything unusual - anything at all. Observe especially their faces and bodies, their religious dogma, their iconography. I do not trust them."

    With that, they are out the door, back into the blazing sun, and heading towards the Palace, which he will take care to examine as much as possible before they take the elevator down.


    As they descend into the depths of the planet, Thû feels well the old, foul thing lurking in the shadows below. The sense of a rival predator adds spice to the welcome sensation of slipping back into the cool embrace of darkness, but lends also urgency and tension to the mission. Were he alone down here, it could be nothing more than a delightful hunt, two killers competing for territory, to eat or be eaten. Now, however, he had others to mind.

    No one ever said the life of a shadow knight was easy.

    @Kalle @Casavay

    "Something is down here," he subvocalises to his companions, "Can you feel it, Little Witch? Down in the shadows, in the bowels of the world. I would normally suggest you not follow me past the foot of the elevator until I find out more, but I do not trust our hosts, either. That they have coexisted with this...thing for so long raises suspicions of complicity. I am open to suggestions as to how to proceed, but I am going to take the time till we reach bottom to observe our hosts for signs that all is not right."

    With that, he turns his masked, hollow gaze onto the guards first of all. Passing a silent, alien stare over them with predatory slowness, he takes in every feature, every quirk of both physiognomy and fashion alike. Unlike most denizens of the Dark City, Thû has learned to tell the difference between mon'keigh very well indeed - as well as he can his own kind - and this ability has saved his skin more than once when moving amongst covert followers of the Dark Powers...or other things, equally foul. Letting slip the reins on his own unnerving presence, he allows the air to turn cold and the shadows to cling to him...just a touch. Sufficient to be noticeable, slight enough to be dismissed as a trick of the mind brought on by descent into the depths and the unnerving stillness of the masked stranger.

    Men reveal more of themselves when they sweat...or when they don't sweat where others would.

    When his curiosity is satisfied, he turns his gaze to Levita. He makes as though to speak to get her attention, but pauses instead to silently run his gaze over her from head to toe, and up again in a manner he has found tends to make females extremely uncomfortable...occasionally also receptive. His courtly manners in the conversation that follows feel jarringly at odds with the heavily-implied predatory lasciviousness.

    "Mamzel Levita," he says, altering his vocal cords to produce a pleasing baritone purr, "Would you be so good as to tell us more about the history of incidents down in the tunnels? The frequency and nature thereof sounds more than coincidental. One might almost suspect deliberate malice. Has ought unnatural ever been sighted where we are going?"

    Abruptly, he sweeps a courtly bow, one hand to heart, another behind his back.

    "Ah, but where are my manners? Thû, at your service - a humble serving-man of the Lord Savoy."
  2. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    <Digsite, sixty miles north-east from the Walled City>

    Intending to utilize the higher ground, to the best of their ability, Issane quickly assessed the situation. Observing the greenskins and their cargo from lip of the crater, Assassin turned to the trio. This will be a suitable test of their abilities. Somethings you cannot learn about the man until you see him or her fighting. No psychological evaluation, data digging or social engineering can match that.

    @BuriasDempsey @Maleth @Redthirst

    Pointing at the upward slope that was the snaking path from the center of the crater up to the surface, Issane commented:

    "Ambush point. We cannot let them reach the shuttle or alert more of their kind by escaping back into the mines."
  3. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Stephan Morris happily accepted the spear and one shot lasgun attached to it, before climbing on his own halas. The mount snuffed as its rider climbed on, and the scoundrel patted it affectionately. "Easy girl, I'll take care of you, just make sure you do the same when the time comes." He then turned to Zola before giving him a wave once more, "by the grace of the Holy Throne on Terra, may the Emperor bless you for your faithfulness and generosity!" With that, he rode away with the rest of the retinue.

    If anyone listened carefully, they could hear Stephan muttered. "Terra knows I won't be as much."

    As they rode forward, eventually the company came across some aqueducts, and then a dust cloud. The dust cloud turned out to be a mob of orks, because of course it was. As the trukks, knigorks and warbike closed with them and their projectiles landing around them, Vala, Stephan's mount, shuffled her feet uncomfortably. A few more calming pats from her rider followed with some words. "Easy girl. I'll keep them as far away from you as I can. I know I don't wanna go close up with them myself."

    Of course, immediately their martial minded leader began barking out order, before speeding off. Not catching most of what Husam said, only that he should probably follow the zealous man, Stephan rolled his eyes before urging Vala to move forward, taking off after their eager leader. However, he took a slight difference in trajectory than the man he followed: the scoundrel kept Husam between himself and the orks. Pulling out his las pistol and auto pistol with the laser sight in each of his hands, he would take shots where he could at the orks, but focus on keeping away from the greenskins' reach.

    Unknowing mimicking the light calvary of Terra's ancient history, Stephan would harry the enemy until either they die from a death of a thousand cuts or one of his more powerful allies came to finish the damaged foe off.
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "You Got it Hussam, Alright Boy lets get to flanking these green skins, We are heading for the biggest one first we are taking their truck than their biker boy!" Olna said giving orders to the men who were going to follow her. picking the spear up, she was given and raised it up in her other hands her hand flame and reigns to the beast.

    Once more into battle, the Valkyrie was somewhat relieved that she was entering combat one more something to get her mind off the heat. , and the mission. Raising her spear she raised it like her mother taught her and her mother before her. thoughts went through her head of that ork rokkit trooper he needed to go first so they wouldn't have to worry about being blown away immdiatly. Then it would be tme to turn up th heat on the orks.
  5. "Ah, looks like the answer was indeed orks, fortunately not the Kommandos I was theorizing." Mr.Sawbones said after Issane pointed a good position in which to ambush the looting mob. Holding his omnissiah axe in one metal claw while the other pulled out his bolt pistol as he moved to the indicated position. "It has been a long time since I performed a Vivisection." he commented to himself mostly as he examined the axe blade's edge to make sure it was properly shape and nick free.
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  6. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Having arrived at the digsite, Helena was not exactly willing to speculate upon how much effort would be required to bring the power station back to a semblance of working. But any thoughts on the matter were soon vanquished when it became apparent that yes, the would-be company was greenskins.
    Leading her to comment "Well then, looks like we're going to have to clean up the dig site before we can safely extract what we came here for.... Assuming it's even there, and hasn't been taken already."

    Still, with a few taps on her personal cogitator the Spyrer sent her Verax and Sercaris drones to the identified ambush point, and set them to be ready to open fire on the interlopers. As for where Noble had positioned herself, she had taken a position behind Mr. Sawbones, given that aside from her drones, there wasn't much she could do directly.
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  7. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    His worst fears were realized when Nikolas saw a group of Orks slowly moving out of the digsite and moving up towards them. Then again, only 4 of them were actual Orks, the rest seemed like Ork children or some another species entirely, and looked far less threatening, despite being armed. Furthermore, their progress was accompanied with shouts and kicks from the large Orks, suggesting that the small ones might be slaves and wouldn't necessarily fight if their overlords were to be taken down. The battle plan appeared deceptively simple:

    "Let them come closer, then kill the big ones first". This short line was addressed to the rest of his group, even though Nikolas looked to be the only actual fighter among them, the rest being geared far more towards peaceful activities.
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  8. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Nylean Depths @Colapse @Draconion @Casavay

    Mamzel Strahn had allowed her skirts to rest while they were in the elevator. Her augmented perceptions made her sensitive to the movements of the lift, to the power drainage, to the groan of machinery and the weariness of its Spirit. The Heretek's mechadendrites raised from her back to rise over her shoulders, surveying the chute as they were lowered down and inspecting the machinery from a subtle distance. While she busied herself with the examination she had one ear open and listening to Thu's musings. The Rogue Trader's henchman appeared to have good instincts for such things. Mamzel Strahn was not sure if she trusted him on a personal level, but she trusted his expertise and capacity. Her blue eyes flit towards him and Levita when he started speaking to the engineer, watching them while he changed his tone to the charming baritone and attempted to probe the woman for information. Meanwhile, Strahn turned her attention to Raska. In that moment she registered the woman's neck --- specifically the markings on it. "Miss Raska," she said softly, correcting her earlier mistakes. "Do you sense anything? The Machine Spirit is in distress."
  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    <Nylean Depths> @Kalle @Draconion @Casavay

    Engineseer Levita was definitely not comfortable now, Mandrake's question further setting her nerves on edge. As the elevator stopped, she started looking around in all directions, as if expecting for something to jump out of the shadows and grab her.

    "I know we aren't supposed to be supersticious, but when spending most of the time down here and fixing the machines, it's hard not to be. Every once and a while a fixing crew goes missing and at first, we tried to mount expeditions into the depths to try and find them but we never actually found anything other than the dozens of old tunnels stretching all around the city. Thing is, most of them aren't natural and since they were built before my time, the information I found in the city's archives suggest that they were built by the first colonists, all the way back. The same colonists who made this planet sacred in the first place and who's archeological sites we have dug through to find the precious items of Holy Faith."

    "Truth is, I never had enough manpower to properly investigate the depths, given the fact how we had plenty of Greenskins and other monsters in the desert to deal with, some lurking threat that might be real or might be just a big sand snake burrowing around, simply made the task impossible to do. Until now I guess. Given the fact Lord Savoy is here personally should mean that we'll finally get the necessary support to do the things we need and the everything will finally get back to normal."

    Speaking of Greenskins, as the team took the rightmost corridor right around the corner they came across quite a sight. Exiting it from a small maintenance tunnel, they could see the big central water plant littered in torches. Gretchin ran all around its entrance, bringing lots of crates in it from one of the series of water pipes that were located at the base of the plant. "They must've gotten in through the aqueducts!" Levita said in horror as more and more Greenskins poured in, bringing what the teammates would definitely guess were explosives packed in all those crates.

    Besides them, they could see couple of bigger Orks organizing the effort from a floor above, painted in purple warpaint and having camo-cloaks they were definitely representing a more serious threat. Thankfully there weren't that many of them out on the balcony overlooking the entrance, however there were enough lights coming from the windows that you could guess the place wasn't abandoned. Majority of the Greenskins were busying themselves around the plant and nobody spotted the group, nor did they look like they were expecting company.

    - 40 Gretchin with various equipment on the ground
    - 5 Ork Kommandos on the first floor, 2xburna, 3xchoppa + slugga
    - ??? Orks inside the plant

    <Digsite> @BuriasDempsey @High_Adept_Zeth @Maleth @Redthirst

    Getting into the ambush position turned out to be quite easy, the bigger Orks were too busy yelling on the smaller ones while the smaller ones were to busy trying to evade getting whipped by their supperiors to actually see the movement at the top of the crater. Keeping themselves out of sight, the crew patiently awaited for the Greenskins to get in range before opening fire and springing the ambush.

    First blood went to Thaes, as the former Xenobiologist levelled his bolt pistol and fired on the first Ork that came into range. Weapon's discharge broke the Orkish bickering, followed by a wet sound of bolt exploding inside Taskmasta's head, blowing off better part of his brain. The creature toppled onto the sand while the Gretchin around him instantly dropped the bags they were carrying, looking around in fear, their brains trying to process what just happened.

    However it should be said that the Greenskins didn't take much time figuring out where the shot came from. "UP DERE!" one of the Orks pointed a meaty finger towards Thaes, the rest of his comrades roaring and running up the slope, "KILL DA UMIE! WAAAAAGH!" But the first - and fastest - Ork would soon feel very sorry because before he could reach the Genetor he was riddled with lasmarks, courtesy of Helana's flying drone while the walking one fired its launcher and blew up half of the alien's arm, leaving him with a blood-soaking stump (OOC you can execute this Ork and 2-3 Gretchin with your next post).

    The second Ork was a bit slower, most due to the fact he was forcing a mob of Gretchin to roll forward ahead of him. They acted as some kind of a meat shield as Nikolas brought up his shotgun and blasted 4 of them to hell. Taskmasta himself went uninjured however and before the Enforcer could fire again he had to duck as a hail of shots impacted their cover, the four cart drivers from further down the slope finally opening fire in return and for the moment, forcing the crew to duck and evade getting shot in the head. "YOHOHO UMIES, OVA ERE!" the Ork laughed and redoubled his effort, running past his wounded comrade, his eyes glinting with hatred as he pulled out a wicked-looking knife and prepared to launch himself over the cover and onto Nikolas, followed by a bunch of greedy Gretchin with their swords out. Sadly, none of them spotted the fourth figure, Issane's own training kicking in and the assassin remained hidden up until the last possible moment when the Taskmasta would reach the position from which he couldn't save himself any longer (OOC Issane can kill the incoming Ork and 4 Gretchin with your next post).

    Outside the carts shooting from some distance, the commotion didn't seem to bring more of the Greenskins out. However as Thaes reloaded, he would be the first one to see a shadow looming in the distance, high above in the sky. His enhanced sight allowed him to see the strange flying contraption looking like what would be best described as a zeppelin, made in familiar orkish style, bristling with guns and looking sturdy and yet reliable. The construct was still some distance away but it was heading straight towards them, with all the possibilty of bringing an entire mob with it.

    - 15 Gretchin haulers
    - 4 Squig carts
    - 3 Ork Taskmastas

    - Reinforcements in form of Ork Zeppelin are inbound in 2 turns.

    <Desert Joust> @WanderingJester @Uriel1339 @Vulpas @Grall_Stonefist Piotr

    "Nonesense, we should use our superior firepower to bring these creatures down," Oscar said, shrugging of Husam's words, "Why should we listen to some backwater barbarian who has never even seen an Ork before?!" Bringing up his hellrifle, the Interrogator aimed down the scope and after couple of seconds fired a single shot. With a supreme show of marksmanship, everyone would see the first Orknight getting hit straight through the neck, the shot separating his head from the body. Xenos fell from his mount, leaving the horse-like creature galloping for few moments more before running away from the fight.

    "That's how you do it," the Interrogator said with some arrogance, however that was the last thing he spoke. Slowing down in order to take the shot and not moving away like the rest of the crew did, it made him a prime target for the alien atop the Trukk who this time, turned out to be way more accurate with his rokkit launcha. The projectile exploded close by, spooking Oscar's halas which rose on its backfeet and threw the man off itself. Suddenly finding himself in the dirt, he only lived for couple of more seconds before the second Orknight came directly on him, trampling him below the hoofs of his own mount. The same thing happened three more times as the rest of the Greenskin riders did the same, leaving Interrogator as a broken slump of flesh and bones.

    They were indeed faster than their vehicles and as it turned out, they were much better riders than Husam, Stephan and Jim, which wasn't really a surprise given how they were used to this kind of warfare compared to the rest of the crew. One of the Orknights pulled out a short spear from the back of his rack and threw it at Jim, who at that moment was in the back of the group. Gunslinger wasn't fast enough to dodge and the weapon hit his halas dead in center, killing the animal on the spot and making Jim fall on the ground alongside his dead mount. However before he could suffer the same fate as Oscar, Stephan interfered and fired a salvo of shots at the Ork, while autorounds did little to the creature a lucky lasshot went through the creature's helmet's visor and through its eye straight into its brain. It took couple of moments for the Orknight to realize he was dead, but eventually he toppled from his halas and fell right next to Jim, who by then managed to clear himself from the weight of his dead mount, just in time to see the angry (and still alive) Ork's own halas going straight at him, lowering down its horned head in an attempt to run him through.

    Out of three remaining Orknights, one went after Stephan in order to avenge his fallen comrade while the two other head straight for Husam. They also pulled their spears out and threw them, however they missed by a longshot as the golden warrior managed to dodge both the projectiles. "STOP IN DA NAME OF SER ARHURIOS DA ONURABLE! FOIGHT WIV US LOIK A TRU KNOIGHT!" they shouted at him as they chased him, brandishing their choppas and shields like true knights would (OOC you can kill one of them with your next post).

    While all of this was happening, Olna led Piotr and his dreg-sailors around the line and towards the incoming vehicles. Again the rokkit launcha fired but this time the rokkit itself went over their heads, blowing up a piece of desert sand. "STAY STIL YA DAMNED HALALOVA!" the Ork in charge of firing shouted while his friend the driver angled the ride to now head towards the group. However Warbike was still faster than a simple Trukk and the two Orks riding it would draw another blood as the autogun turret began firing, blasting off one of the dregs off his mount and ripping him in two while killing Piotr's halas and dropping him on the ground, stunned for the moment. The remaining two dregs followed Olna and fired, shooting at the Warbike's gunner and pelting him in autorounds. This gave the Valkryie the chance to reach the Warbike and swing her chainaxe at the Ork, cleaving his chest and gun in couple of places as she passed the vehicle. (OOC you can destroy the Warbike with your next post).

    - 3 Orknights riding armored halas
    - 1 Trukk (rokkit launcha) with an assortment of Gretchin on board
    - 1 Warbike with heavy autogun turret
  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Now - Nylea Dunes ~~
    @Colapse | @WanderingJester | @Grall_Stonefist | @Vulpas | @bossaroo | @ItsTime

    Husam chuckled as the idiot was murdered cruelly, cold and efficiently. These greenskins knew how to fight - good! "Pilot! Guard the other one!" The golden warrior then bellowed towards Stephan , referring to the fallen Jim.

    The golden warrior in the meanwhile jumped up and balanced himself steadily on the Halal, unsheathing both Shotels and turned around to face the Orks. "A FIGHT YOU WANT?! A FIGHT YOU GET!" With a loud roar, he boosted himself off of his tamed beast, launching himself towards the closer of the two Ork riders that followed him.

    The first Shotel strike was the open blade, obvious and crudely aimed to crush the defense and push the weapon of the greenskinned beast away. Then just a moment later would come the hidden blade, the second Shotel swinging horizontally right to come down the neck of the Ork.

    It was a dangerous. No, a suicidal move for an amateur. But Husam was the Divine's chosen and not a commoner. The spear shot up to pierce the golden warrior right in the heart. But the Ork did not calculate that it was not a normal blow, but a leaping one, carrying much more force behind. The spear due to its bad craftsmanship easily got cut into two pieces. The dangerous spear tip landing in the side of the Halal, making it screech. But that was only adding more to the success probability of his plan. The Ork struggled with his free hand over the control of the animal, only too late raising his hand to protect his head, losing it there in the moment.

    Husam was with his back on the beast and seated once more. With a strong backhand punch to the headless corpse, the greenskin would've been thrown off. But of course it got tangled on the saddle somehow and the body was leaving marks in the sand and dripping blood all over the place.

    Mentally he prepared for the other crooked toothed humanoid beast to avenge his fallen kin. "AVENGE YOUR BRETHREN OR DIE! YOU NOW! ARHURIOS LATER!" Husam shouted on top of his lungs, wanting his voice to carry across the whole skirmish and demonstrate prowess, but also to disrupt the raiders in their morale.

    He struggled staying on the armored Halal, considering his back was towards its head and both Shotels were drawn. In his mind, he was only waiting for the other Ork to get close enough to leap once more. Not at the Ork. But the Halal. Kill the beast and bring the Ork down and then slay it as it was buried under it's own mount - similar to the pain that Jim was right now.

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