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Ambition Knows no Bounds

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, May 15, 2018.

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    Stephan Morris whistled as he piloted the flying brick towards the surface of the desert planet. Well, 'piloted' is a generous term, more like made sure the thrusters pushed them enough that the planet's natural gravity would take over once they were mid orbit. Honestly, he almost wished for someone to try and kill their ship as they begin atmospheric entry, monitoring the gauges with eyes opened so narrowly the co-pilot tried to wake him up a few times.

    Tapping on the stun and blind grenades he had unofficially requisitioned from the armoury, Stephan landed the brick of a lander down and got out with the rest of the crew. Understandably, the locals seemed eager to greet the occupants of the flying brick. Not so understandably, they seemed to have expected Savoy, the scoundrel and the group of lackeys, even referring to him by name. Of course, their Rogue Trader Captain picked up on the advantage immediately and played the part.

    Stephan almost protested when he got assigned with the group dealing with the orks, but then he remembered his conversations with Biter, and thought that perhaps Savoy didn't take quite a liking to him. He shrugged; not his fault Savoy couldn't bluff at cards if his ship depended on it. What really did surprised him was the fact that his new leader, the armoured guy negotiating for an artefact, didn't seem to actually know what an ork. Against the scoundrel's survival instinct, he barked a laugh out loud.

    Not taking the chance that the warrior would be understanding in regards to his gestured, Stephan opened his palms upward in a peaceful manner. "Oh, Blessed One. Those green skins aren't going to know what hit them with you preparing an attack on them," with his tone, no one could tell whether he was sincere, probably because he didn't know himself.

    "From my previous encounters with these fiends, I've found that their largest member tend to seek out the most able of warriors on the opposing side. May I suggest you challenge that individual to single combat? It would surely put the fear of... well fear into them." And keep them away from me, Stephan gave a thought.

    The hot weather didn't seemed to affect him, as Stephan's travelling coat began to blow cool air within its interior, drawing energy from the heat and light around them. Though no one spotted him putting it on, a shemagh appeared over his face, something that he had picked up as soon as he spotted how desert like the surface of this planet was. His first acquisition since landing, the scoundrel followed the militiaman forward, pondering the possibility that this was a death world, when he spotted the mounts.

    "Oh my good man, you're too kind. Showing us around, giving us intel, and now a stylish ride? You've been more than helpful," Stephan said, shaking the man's hand enthusiastically. "Now, please, might I inquire of your kindness a bit more by asking you to show us how to handle these halas?" Of course, he had heard the conversation on burning the spores on the planet, but honestly, he knew that it would likely take them a better part of a terran year to root out every last ork spore from the planet, if such a thing was possible.

    And, quite frankly, Stephan had no intentions of staying on this world, or really most worlds they come across, for that long.

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    ~~ Earlier - Nylea ~~

    "They value strength the most amongst them then, hm?" It seems Husam ignored all other commentary and for once only focused on the task at hand. "Follow my lead now more than ever. For you have given me a grand idea, Pilot!" There was that... Enthusiasm again. The same he had when the quartermaster challenged him. So only Olna (@Vulpas ) might pick that tone up from those in his group. The tone of adventure.

    ~~ Now - Nylea ~~

    @Colapse | @WanderingJester | @Grall_Stonefist | @Vulpas | @bossaroo | @ItsTime

    Husam was listening thoroughly to their guide as they walked. It all sounds very much like Vhospis. Water sources being corrupted. Gardens devoured by beasts and monsters. Farms fought over by warring clans. Ahhhh he missed those times. Every waking moment of life potentially your last. But ever since he left it, it was quite... Relaxing. Boring even. No towering hellbeasts to climb and slay. Wannabe worshippers of the dark star to tear from limb to limb. Now he had to be careful, like the incident with the quartermaster.

    He easily discarded the bystanders and ooglers. Nonsensical people too lazy or weak to grab a blade and stand up for themselves and instead relying to others. Weaklings. He would suggest to have all those who dare not properly contribute to be killed or exiled. Alas, that was not his place to do such decisions.

    When the animals were presented he smiled from cheek to cheek. "Fine creatures! Reminds me of quad-legged Capris!" With enthusiasm and energy, Husam walked up to the one that seemed the healthiest judging by muscle density and size. Easy enough he got on it's back. He spoke after the gate before them was opened.

    "Come on, pilot! It is not that hard!" He shouted over to Stephan, before continuing to the rest of the group. "Come on, fellow warriors! Onward! And remember to not engage until I say so!" The golden clad warrior crossed his arms and simply led the beast with his legs, putting it into motion by giving it sharp kicks with his heels. He cared little if the others could keep up or not. He expected them to do so. Savoy made him leader of this expedition, for the time being. As he casually rode with the Hala along the aqueduct piping, he pondered still what a greenskin might be.
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    <Central Digsite, sixty miles north-east from the Walled City>

    Before disembarking, cautioned by the number of ruins in the desert, Issane rigged the augur array on the shuttle to passive scan. If anyone is in the vicinity of the shuttle, the augur will alert him, via vox chime.
    The last thing he wanted was for bold scavengers or greenskins to hijack their ride home.

    Looking down the crater, Assassin attempted to memorize the layout of the digsite, presuming on the mindset of the archeologist. Its abandoned state have put him on edge, but he was careful not to rush with conclusions. Digsite this large, should also have a contingent of Mechanicum priests as well. Maybe the site was abandoned for security reasons? If so, whatever was uncovered could fall into the hands of greenskins.

    @Maleth @BuriasDempsey
    Kneeling at the precipice of the crater, Issane turned his head to look at the Biologist and engine-savvy noble: "Hmm...having those elevator operational would be mighty useful. Any hope for that power station?"

    Not having the benefit of Sawbones's eyes, Issane has not noticed the passageway behind one of the elevator, which offered a possible alternative to the main entrance: "Securing a quicker way between the bottom strata and surface could be paramount to this objective."

    Waiting for an answer, Issane withdrew the left sleeve, revealing his cogitator gauntlet.
    How knows how deep down will vox function?

    Latching his vox capabilities to the powerful vox-caster in the shuttle, he tapped out a message to Thû`s private frequency:

    ++Digsite found in an abandoned state. Possible greenskin infestation. Investigating. Possible difficulties with vox down in the subterranean levels.++

    He did not like sharing information with a man he did not know, but being informed about William and progress of the other team might prove to be mission-critical. A Vanus never shuts the door to opportunieis for additional information. Besides, this will attest to Thû's reliability and with William sending Issane away from him - and thus making his mission that much harder, Issane had no choice but cooperate with the masked stranger.

    Finding refuge from the oppressive in the thick shade under a support column, he examined the tracks more closely, beaconing for the Enforcer to join him. Looking down at the wide footprints, Issane knew the most obvious candidate, but also wanted to eliminate other alternatives. Voxing to the rest of the group, he asked for their opinion on the matter:

    ++More tracks here. They lead down the crater. Heavy-duty servitoria? Abhumans prehaps?++

    "Mr Teng, considering the most likely situation, you should take point as we start our descent."

    OOC: To the team of current archeologist, I remind you guys that you have an option for an pre-established relationship and thus shared information, with my character. I refer specifically to this post here:
    Over the course of a week, he introduced himself to each of the new crew members at some point. Introducing himself as a veteran retainer of Lord William and one of House Savoy's many logicians, administrators and enforcers. If individuals in question were free of any obligations he would politely, yet laconically concise make small-talk before excusing himself.
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  4. Thaes could only glance at the powerstation before what was left of his organic body parts cringe at its state. It would take hours alone to clean all the sand out from the critical systems alone, and then there's resanctifying it with the correct oils and prayers. This would eat up hours, if he could even find the tools and spare parts, to breath life back into the powerstation and by extension the cargo lifts. "Unless we are all willing to lose hours to simple maintenance, the powerstation seems unsalvageable in our current situation. But, I would like to make a suggestion. On the flight here, I spotted what seemed to be a side entrance at the edge of the crater near here." The Genetor offered, pointing in the direction of said location for everyone else. "As to the footprints, it could be abhuman, but it could also be Orks, I would need a closer look. And while there is a lack of destruction that would be common when greenskins move through an area, I will not rule out the idea of their...more subtle kinds being here. Kommandos I believe they are called." Thaes informed them, taking steps closer to the footprints this very moment to see if he could eliminate the possibilities and arrive at a more concrete answer, calling upon his knowledge of the violent Xenos and known abhuman varients of the Imperium.
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    Thû acknowledges William's summary dismissal with a brief bow, hand to heart, and fades quietly into the background, walking with the two ladies as the current Lord Savoy converses with their welcome committee. Beneath his mask, he suppresses yet another smile.

    Inobservant, superficial, apathetic bosses. They were nothing short of a priceless resource to an operator with energy and initiative. The implication of carte blanche given, for instance...


    Just then, his vox bead - tucked securely into one ear beneath the myriad folds of his turban - crackles, followed by the bleeping of tap-code, accompanied by Issane's personal signifier. Thû rapidly interprets the signal in his mind, before subvocalising his reply to the strategos, speaking with throat vibrations too low and subtle to be heard by the human ear, but picked up by the sensitive throat microphone designed for exactly this mode of communication.

    "I read. Will relay to the Master. Local hosts have indicated problems with the main water pump beneath the city - apparent freak accidents and unexplained disappearances among repair crews sent down. Will offer to intervene on the Master's behalf. Over."

    @Kalle @Casavay

    Walking level with the ladies, he opens a private vox channel to the both of them and speaks in subvocalisations, giving no visible indication he is addressing them.

    "Thû here. I am of the opinion that intervention with regard to the city's water pump could considerably raise the Master's chances of attaining his goals without unneccessary expenditure of materiel or blood. This is my proposal - I will venture in alone to establish a safe path to the pump, and signal when it is clear for Mamzel Strahn to proceed and effect repairs, during which I will run security for her. Are we amenable? If so, I will approach the Master with this plan."
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    --End of story time @highadeptzeth
    "Any time issane, Its quite good to meet a fellow of your skills," Olna said seeing as he went out before once more returning to her strength training.

    -- Hanger and armory Journey
    Olna would stop by the armory to see her friend Caroline and get a requisition for a Frag grenade and incendiary grenade, before heading to the armory, Finding herself with the others boarding she almost whistled at the number of things mounted onto the rogue traders ship, amazed to see the number of weapons on it and the amount of gold, a bit gaudy to her taste but impressive weapon wise she would board the ship silently with the others ready once more for another mission.

    --Sun, Sand and Heat @Uriel1339
    Olna would find her sweating in her armor something she would find discomforting but something she was used to from more of the heated regions she served home, and how many heated situations she had gotten into. As they would travel to the landing pad she would get a sight out of the viewport the lands of this world, Her grandmother might enjoy due to the sun and heat, Though her grandfather would have likely hated it here Landing she would take her position near the front with her chain axe on her shoulder as the meeting began. Her eyes under her helmet would look at the soldiers looking for things of interest such as there strengths and weakness and how much threat they might oppose.

    As their missions were suddenly given, and Hussam ask about these orks she would think for the orks on what she knew. Olna had heard of them, and only had one encounter with them "There quite large and green, and good at slugging someone in melee some of em are strong as a orgryn best to stay out of there swing range and arms reach of them. got quite a thing for stub like guns, and some of them are really good at disguising themselves." Olna telling what she said about the Orks what she knew of them to Hussam him taking charge as the Divine warrior he was. Olna was surprised when Hussam pointed to herself to be second in command, It had been a while since she leads a team though she did have a better confidence with it with her own experience.

    As they were lead to several riding beasts Olna would take a look at these creatures, her eyes looking at them. "These defiantly won't be like riding a griffin"
  7. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    The Gubernatorial Palace - Friendly Talks @Casavay @Colapse @Draconion

    Mamzel Strahn bobbed her head along to the priest's speech, understanding that either he was not privy to the information they sought or he was simply withholding it. Knowing better than passing judgment at this early stage, the machine doll damsel simply resigned herself to following in step behind Master Savoy. The priest appealed to her Omnissian learning, but the Rogue Trader shot him down before she could formulate a response to his request. Once more, she lapsed into momentary silence as she instead followed his lead. As the palace opened to them, she was stunned by the sudden shift from squalor to opulence. Her mechadendrites' ocular lenses were turned from one detail to the next, the machine doll damsel momentarily overwhelmed by the sudden crowd before her.

    The shadow slipped beside them. She was alerted to a Vox channel opening, and her sophisticated ears were able to pick up the vibrations he transmitted to them. Momentarily, Strahn wondered how to respond without revealing her comrade's scheme. Then, inspiration struck and she leaned toward the other woman, bringing up her palm conspirationally. "That is a great idea!" Her eyes flit toward Thû, lingering there one moment, as she continued to speak. "I hope you'll excuse us..." she says lightly, then takes Raska by the hand and leads her down to one of the tables. A delicate mechadendrite snatches a fruit and offers it to the pirate medic. "Refreshments, my lady?" she quips with a trilling laugh.
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    <Clash in the middle of nowhere, sand edition> @Uriel1339 @WanderingJester @Grall_Stonefist @Vulpas Piotr, Oscar

    Lancer Zola was more than willing to show the teammates how to handle the creatures they called halas - in truth, it wasn't anything too complicated, reins were given to control the direction and he also explained how to make the creatures go faster or slow down. "Also, take this," he said and gave everyone a long spear with a slightly bulkier contraption near its tip, "This is our lance, the tip is hardened enough to pierce through tough hide if you hit the right spot and alongside it, it has an inbuilt lasrifle that offers you one shot, but then you have to wait for it to be recharged again. Best use it when you stab the Greenskin for maximum damage."

    With the advice given, each member of the Rogue Trader's retinue got himself an animal to ride and they were off into the desert, following the line of aqueduct for easy navigation. Of course, what the Lancer didn't tell them (perhaps he thought it was obvious) was that the land outside the city's walls was quite unsafe and the closer they got towards the Plant the chance to be intercepted by the "locals" was bigger and bigger.

    An hour passed of them simply riding the halas and getting themselves familiar with the animals and the overall climate. Thankfully, sun was set so if cast some shade over the aqueduct's line in which they could ride, so they weren't totally exposed to the heat but even if they decided to try and catch some nice suntan and perhaps get a migraine that will throw them off the path, they had enough food and water in their saddlebags to last them for couple of days. That is, if they didn't get themselves killed first.

    At first, they saw only a cloud of sand rising in the distance to their left. However compared to natural winds rising dirt, this one was heading straight towards them. Piotr called out for his three dreg "bodyguards" to halt and bring out their autoguns, the wasted creatures looking quite pale in the sunlight, while Oscar unsheated his sword and turned the saftey off from his hellrifle, bringing it up to his chin and looking down the scope. "Orks, lots of them," he told Husam, "What are your orders, Sir?"

    Golden knight had the opportunity to personally see the aliens for the first time in his life, in all of their Greenskin glory, as they came riding down the dunes, shouting in their obscene language as they spotted their newest dance partner. The vanguard was formed out of five Ork riders, mounted atop same creatures Zola gave to the teammates, only these halas were "upgraded" by a series of metal plates fixed on their hide to act as some kind of an armor which also gave them quite bulkier look. Each Ork "knight" was also bedecked in similar looking plate, with a huge horned helmet on their head they were looking like horrors of some child's beadtime story. Instead of spears, they carried spiked shields and maces as their weapons that looked like they could snap through the humans in one blow.

    Behind them, coming slightly slower were two actual vehicles. First one was a simple buggy with two Greenskins in it, one driving and one standing above behind a large autogun of some kind. The thing started firing from this far way off and while the rounds only managed to hit the sand, it made friendly halas slightly nervous and a bit harder to control. However the biggest "enemy" came last in form of an Ork Trukk, a ramshackle vehicle that looked like it belonged to a junkyard. It was a surprise how it didn't blow up just by turning it on and riding it across the dunes, but the Greenskins did just that. One Ork was driving it while another was siting shotgun, firing off a rokkit launcha towards the humans, the projectile hitting the aqueduct line and blowing up some of the stonework. Behind them on the Trukk was a dozen or so Gretchin, all of them carrying small firearms and swords, shouting with excitement at the prospect of the new battle.

    OOC Enemies:
    - 5 Orknights riding armored halas
    - 1 Trukk (rokkit launcha) with an assortment of Gretchin on board
    - 1 Warbike with heavy autogun turret
  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    <Central Digsite, surface level> @High_Adept_Zeth @BuriasDempsey @Maleth @Redthirst

    Before both the Genetor and the Assassin could talk a bit more about the tracks in the sand, the nature of those leaving them became apparent as the hole in the middle of the crater lightened up by the torches of couple of dozen Greenskins that were about to meet the daylight. They exited it in a column, little gretchins being the most numerous as they hauled all kinds of different items into the surface. Whenever a gretchin didn't pay enough attention and dropped an item, he was smacked by one of the big Orks with barded whips, the Greenskin version of a Taskmaster. Besides the simple workforce there were also couple of carts which were pulled by large squigs, all of the carts filled with even more stuff. Items quite varied, from metal scraps, piece of wooden furniture, to actual marble statues of some long forgotten human heroes and chests filled with gold and silver.

    It was quite a haul, given the amount of items it would take a while to transport all of them to whatever place these Greenskins used as a base, but one thing was certain. The way they were going, they would reach the edge of the crater and the path that led upward in less than ten minutes. Nobody spotted the Rogue Trader's men yet, but it was only a matter of time due to the fact there was simply no cover to be found up here. Cargo shuttle was thankfully somewhat behind them all, but the moment the Orks reach the top they would see it - and perhaps even attribute it to the gift from Gork (or Mork) given the fact they didn't look like they owned any kind of a motorized transport themselves.

    Of course, this fact could also work against them as most of the bigger Greenskins were focused on pushing little ones in line and stop slacking, making them highly succeptible for ambush given the fact they were not really expecting it. Another thing was that, outside gretchin on top of carts who each carried some kind of a shoota, not a single Ork carried a ranged weapon - in truth, all of them looked quite primitive, even for Greenskin standards.

    There was also another option of the team reaching the side entrance, but if they wanted to do it they would have to be quick because they still had to go down to the bottom of the crater and evade the Orks by hiding around the buildings until the convoy passes, and that is if they were lucky enough for nobody to spot them on their way down. Final option could be for them to try and scale the metal construction holding the elevator, but not only that they didn't have the necessary gear for that sort of a climb, but their cargo ship would still be left out in the open and at the Greenskin mercy.

    OOC Possible enemies:
    - 20 Gretchin haulers
    - 4 Squig carts
    - 4 Ork Taskmastas

    <Nylea, Governor's palace> @Draconion @Kalle @Casavay

    "No fuel?!" William almost choked himself after hearing the high priest's words. He began caughing so wildly that the sudden misfortune forced Bogi to smack him on the back. Large piece of some kind of green fruit was spat out and ended up smearing the robe of one nearby priest, who looked completely shocked but restrained himself from saying anything, not wanting to interrupt his better.

    "Well, no fuel, but we are still rich in other things. Climate for instance, while hot in summer is quite mild in the winter which is quite good if you are suffering from iron-lungs or..." high priest replied, trying to calm the Rogue Trader who in turn, had the look of pure anger written all over his young face, so much that couple of nearby servants backed away from him. Bogi, as if anticipating what might come next, rose up from his seat, his BONE implant already feeding him the necessary info on how best to utilize the weapon at hand and prevent Lord Savoy from getting hurt in the process.

    Whatever hostilites might've happened were halted as one of the side doors opened and a female in red robes with the symbol of Adeptus Mechanicus on them ran in, the blood-smeared brown hair covered in dirt. Thû could feel fear radiating from this creature, while Strahn herself could see that while this woman had the robes, she didn't look like she had any sort of visible enhancement on her form, more like it she looked like as if she borrowed the clothing from someone else.

    "Master Abel, there has been a breach in the main plant below. I have lost contact with the repair crew and on my way here, I was nearly crushed to death as the central corridor collapsed," she spoke in hurried tone, but only after she finished the second sentence did she realize the priest was not alone and that there were newcomers on Nylea. "I apologize lords, I'm still shocked," she said and took a deep bow, making the sign of the cog on her chest, "Engineer Levita at your disposal!"

    "Nice to meet you Miss Levita," Will, who by that time lapsed back into his normal self, bowed back and made the sign of Aquilla in the form of greeting, once again being faster than the high priest in his reply. Perhaps the Mandrake was correct, he really needed to learn patience. "My name is Will and we're here to help you guys out. You don't need to concern old Abel over here, my men will deal with whatever problem you experienced down below, wherever that is. Strahn, stop lollygagging and bring Raska over here, you two and Thû are joining up with Miss Levita over here and you are going to fix her problem, yes? Good. No, where was I?" Rogue Trader finished and sat back down, returning to his meal and leaving his retainers and the rest of the crowd wondering whether he was really sane or not. Levita on the other hand, took William's words as orders and gestured for the trio to follow her back into the Palace.


    Couple of minutes later and they were riding down the service elevator, into the darkness of the Palace's underground. Thû, Raskia, Strahn and Levita were joined by a ten-strong squad of soldiers, all carrying lasrifles and curved sabers just like those that greeted them on the landing pad. Besides that, they also carried equipment, spare parts of all kinds that would be used to fix the main water plant.

    "When we reach the bottom, we should take the right passage since the central one is burried. That will lead us on the other side of the cavern where the plant is, close to where the old boathouse was back when the lake was still full," the Engineer spoke with some vigour, but whatever she did couldn't hide the fact she was quite afraid and nervous. "I lost contact with the team that was supposed to fix the plant and I wouldn't come running if that collapse didn't nearly kill me. There's no way it was natural, I checked the supporting beams myself just ysterday...but maybe I'm overreacting?" Not entirely convinced she continued, "We need to find what happened to my friends and get the plant back on line. Gotta replace couple of valves, fix the console, get the engine back on track..." she trailed off, coming up with all kinds of things in order to just keep on talking.

    While they traveled down, there was a strong sense of foreboding as the darkness became thicker and thicker. Raskia felt the pressure in her mind, as if something was trying to suppress her and drive her into a hole while Strahn could feel that even the simple machine spirit of the elevator was quite spent, as if something drained it of its power. Thû on the other hand, felt the presence of something old and dreadful, something like him, lurking below in the pits. It wasn't anything he met before, but it was there, gnawing at the roots of the earth as if trying to push its way up.

    OOC leaving a bit more room for you if you wish to address what is happening and try to think of a plan. Depending on posts I'll most likely push this part faster than the other parts :)
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    ~~ Now - Nylea Dunes ~~
    @Colapse | @WanderingJester | @Grall_Stonefist | @Vulpas | @bossaroo | @ItsTime

    "Delightful! Look how ferocious they look and act!" Husam said cheerfully, watching the Rokkit pass by and detonate violently, shooting up dust and rock. "And they are heavily armed, attempting to be something like a challenge! Obviously a full frontal assault will be with no avail. And their Halal's are faster than their vehicles. Let us lure them off the aqueduct lines and pick them off. Olna, take him and his men." The chosen of the divine pointed at the dregmaster Piotr.

    "Move back along the way of the aqueduct pipe and come in from a flank or behind them. Take out the metal box and the other two-wheeled thing. We distract the riders to give you the opportunity, then turn on our heels and face them head-to-head once their forces are split. The only advantage we have is speed! However! Leave their bodies as intact as you possibly can." Finally the time of words, politics and non-sense was over. He was curious to see if any of his fellows knew anything of fight or if they were spineless curs who hid behind their weapons like the quartermaster. Time would tell soon enough.

    The Shotel wielding warrior gave a loud "Huzzah!" before making a sharp left turn, kicking his boots in the side of the Halal and whipping the reins to start the first part of his plan.

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