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Ambersand's (Non-canonical) mega campaign Part I: Planetfall

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ambersand91, May 14, 2017.

  1. ambersand91 Recruit

    :SMDeal: Loyalist Space Marines :SMDeal:
    Neophytes and Brothers one and all, look upon this once glorious imperial planet and weep at the carnage wroth by the xenos, the heretic and the mutant. It is no doubt that such filth has managed to desecrate this once marvellous planet and worse yet they seek to dirty the images of the God Emperor of Mankind with their sheer presence on our planet. Their continued actions cannot be allowed to thrive anymore than they already have. We must crush the morale of the opposition while showing the rest of the Imperium why we are called the Angels of Death!

    Complete the following personal objectives
    Kill one hundred xenos or heretics (0/100)
    Execute a warlock, a sorcerer and a pain boy (0/3)
    Blood Angels only:
    The memory of Sanguinius must be honoured. You must eliminate the warlock or the Sorcerer with melee (0/1)
    Dark Angels only: The sins of Caliban can never be forgiven but you can seek respite in the blood of heretics. Execute 10 Chaos space Marines (0/10)
    Imperial Fists only: Rogal Dorn's sons are masters of siege warfare. Prove that fact to be true: Successfully attack Agnathio, Harkus and Fort Ronan (0/3)
    Space Wolves only: For Russ! For the All father! The influence of the thousand sons sweeps across the chaos legions and their foul god works schemes to this day. KILL THEM! Slay 10 Chaos space marines with the mark of Tzeentch (0/10)
    Ultramarines only: The Codex Astartes is the foundation of the current space marine chapters, demonstrate your knowledge by leading your squads to victory. (0/1)

    :CSMWord:Chaos Space Marines:CSMWord:
    Ah, you! This planet is a fine place to shed blood regardless of which God you place your praise towards. If we are ever to secure this planet, we must ensure a steady stream of fresh reinforcements continuously filter in. For that to happen, we must destabilise the materium upon this planet to such a degree that the warp itself weeps into this planet. Through carnage and murder we will ensure such things happen. The tortured souls of loyalist dogs and foul xenos will make it so!
    Complete the following personal objectives
    Kill one hundred xenos or loyalists (0/100)
    Execute a warlock, an apothecary and a pain boy (0/3)
    Mark of Khorne only:
    BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! Prove your worth on the killing fields and give praise to Khorne as a god of martial perfection! Slay a veteran in melee (0/1)
    Mark of Nurgle only: The blessings of nurgle must be spread to the living. Bring them the joyous bounty of Nurgle's afflictions! Kill 10 players using the necrotic Chainsword, the plague knife, stream of corruption or blight grenades. (0/10)
    Mark of Tzeentch only: The deceiver's has grand plans but does he even know how they will see fruition? Tzeentch wishes you to claim victory at Blackbolt to further his schemes. (0/1)
    Mark of Slaanesh only: SCREAM TO BE HEARD! The pleasures of Slaanesh must be shown to all. It must be excessive! Taunt whenever you can, only play as a raptor, make as much noise as possible. (0/1)

    I iz da biggest so dat means I iz in charge! Dat don't mean dat you zoggin' gits don't have to do anything though! I wanna 'ave a propa foight 'n' I'm not gonna take no fur an answer! Git stuck in on dis planet Arkhona 'n' collect sum teef. I mite even letcha keep sum if ya do really well!
    Complete the following personal objectives
    Kill one hundred eldar, heretics or loyalists (0/100)
    Execute a warlock, an apothecary and a sorcerer (0/3)
    Evil Sunz: Red wuns go fasta 'n' you 'ave a need for speed! You must always pilot the trukk, speed it around the map and NEVER EVER EVER STOP.
    Bad Moonz: Are you a flash git? Prove it. Kill someone in the flashiest, fanciest, most showy-offy way that you can!
    Goffz: You're a solider and you've got discipline! Lead a squad to victory to claim... Victory!
    You're a sneaky wun ain'cha? Prove jus' 'ow sneaky you are. Steal and objective point on your own. Wowzers.
    Blood Axes: Blood Axes are mercenaries for hire and you ain't gonna do anything unless there's teef in it. Refuse to do anything other than kill stuff unless you can persuade your squad leader to pay you.

    For too long have the eldar been without a planet to call home. For too long have the mon'keighs and the foul orks been allowed to run rampant across the galaxy and for too long has our race been in decline. It is about time we finally brought this to an end. This planet, this Arkhona needs to be made ours. For this to happen, we must give the bonesingers safety and refuge while they construct the means to bring more eldar to the planet through the webway.
    Complete the following personal objectives
    Kill one hundred orks, heretics or loyalists (0/100)
    Execute a painboy, an apothecary and a sorcerer (0/3)
    Bring the war against those that would threaten your race and craftworld. Victory at Maggon is your objective.
    Saim-Hann: Victory comes from successful speed attacks and endless onslaughts from all sides. Show the other craftworlds your mastery of such tactics: Lead a squad in a successful flank attack followed by an objective capture.
    Iyanden: Iyanden's world-rune means "light in the darkness" prove how true that is. Lead a squad that has all but accepted defeat to victory.
    Ulthwé: The great psychic potential of this craftworld does not come without risks. However those risks are necessary if you are ever to save your race from utter destruction. You must complete your objectives as a warlock.
    Altansar: It is to the great Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra that your craftworld's survives despite its entrapment in the Eye of Terror. Show homage to this warrior by taking up his aspect and completing your objectives.

    The Not IC notes
    This is all for fun but I thought it'd be a good idea to have a NARRATIVE HEAVY SUPER CAMPAIGN while everyone (including me) absorbs as much salt as possible during the current campaigns. Instead I thought I'd present an alternative based on personal success to encourage people to play all factions.

    Special Rules:
    One post per person for posting their results and stuff. You can of course banter away to your heart's content.
    Don't be a dick, unless you're me. OP benefits :SMDeal:

    Campaign finishes at 00:00 EST on the 28/05/2017
    should this have been posted in the roleplay forums?
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    Eldar dialogue doesn't have enough doubt.

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    Not a fan of having to execute a painboy, ork matches are quite rare..
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  5. I'm suddenly filled with doubt.
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    Because Samurai Doubt.

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