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Ama Followup - July 18th 2014

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IvanMulkeen, Jul 18, 2014.

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  1. Tyrant Tyrant Prefectus

    My question is about melee combat. It looked like there is currently only one attack button for melee combat. Is there anything in the works to expand on that? Maybe a fast light attack, a med attack and a slow heavy attack? Just to give fighting some versatility when you get close.
  2. Vox de Vacuo Vox-de-Vacuo Active Member

    Why did you take TT models as samples for in-game 3D models? Those dollish proportions - I totally hate the look. Give me real looking characters please, not damned puppet-play.
  3. Mikey 4tonmantis Menial

    Yeah, I prefer the more modern art for design. I appreciate the sense of scale much better when you see Space Marines or a Warboss or what have you. Blur Studio did a good job with the figures being the scale of the miniatures in the original DoW intro though so I guess it'll depend on the execution.
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  4. Are you guys going to account for the lore concerning how space marines are elite warriors who could technically take a dozen orks without much of a sweat, basically i'm wondering if you guys would make the space marines across servers a somewhat more elite force by making them generally stronger but less numerous and orks for example generally less strong but just incredibly large in numbers. This could pose a design challenge but it would by alot more convincing for the players and perhaps more enjoyable
  5. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    The problem is, how do we make Space Marines "less numerous" when 40%+ of people asked (the most recent poll turned out 47%) want to play Space Marines out of the four factions?

    If Space Marines are more powerful that's not going to help at all, since they'll draw munchkins hunting for easy wins like a magnet. I don't even know if we can field enough Tyranids to make up for 47% of the players all piling in to one out of four factions, meaning they'll basically outnumber all the others between 3:1 and 4:1.

    We might have to offer people incentives to roll non-Marine factions or something. I wouldn't want to nerf Space Marines below the other factions just to force players to jump ship, because that would just open up an even bigger can of worms. But perhaps we could offer people things like cash shop currency, faster progression, or bonus items for advancing characters on the less popular factions.
  6. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    Wut do ya meann? Moar teef fer me if a wunna play orkysc ztyle? GUD! Oowhevva, i wuz alreaddy cunvinzed to play wif'em, EH EH AH!
  7. Diasaffected member Norm Well-Known Member

    Meh this is what you get when GW keeps banging the Spess Mehrine drum. They should tout the rest of the IP ALOT!! more. IMHO Spess Mehrines are the worst faction in 40k. Their underpinning characteristics boil down to fanaticism and murderousness with no substantial interests outside of these defining traits. Their motives are either ""Kill the unworthy!" (I.e. xenos or heretics) or "For the Emperor!". The former is generally used to justify anything they want. Give these traits and motives it makes me wonder whether they where modelled on the Waffen-SS?

    As for the population imbalanced that will probably be solved by the phenomenon itself. For instance can you imagine any of the Mehrine population saving some of the unworthy for their butt buddies to shoot? Or will a large portion of the Mehrines be lucky to see an unworthy let alone shoot one. Players will migrate to different factions to try them out and when they realise that there's more fight to be had with a different faction they will probably stay.
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  8. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    How about Salamanders? From the polls we did on the site the two favorites for the 5th sub faction for Space Marines are Imperial Fists and Salamanders.
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  9. Makeka Makeka Arkhona Vanguard

    How much artistic freedom do you guys have in terms of character design regarding Chaos Space Marines playable characters who are devoted to Slaanesh?
  10. Asurael Asurael Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the follow-up Ivan. I've been trying to get some acknowledgement from any dev for these issues for a while now, hopefully I can bring it to the team's attention and get a response:

    Main Concern: Will the Eldar Rogue Trader items get an aesthetic update? They just seem so bland and uninspired compared to the stuff found for the other factions, at least the armor. This image should help illustrate my point:

    Follow up: Will the items in the Rogue Trader store have a fixed color scheme? And if so, will that be the color scheme currently shown for each item? How would it work if it has a sub-faction-specific color scheme and you want to use them in a different sub-faction? (These are all part of the same question)

    Curious about: Why do Devastators/Havocs jump so high and far? It seems to me that THQ pretty much nailed it in figuring out how agile they should be in Space Marine.
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