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Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Ratchetsnatch, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone! I play orks, and one of the things I love about that army is the huge degree of flexibility when it comes to conversions and customization of the ork models. Unfortunately, I think the current GW models for orks are terribly lacking in the diversity this faction needs, so I scoured the internet for third-party bits and model manufacturers. I have found two companies in Poland that make resin bits that outmatch GW products in quality, flavor, price, and customer service. These are and (bits of war). I was wondering, have any of you out there found any other third-party suppliers that are worth checking out? Here are a few examples of models from those two companies:

    Spellcrow (they mainly specialize in bits, but they have a few complete models for sale):


    Bits of War:



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  4. Thats nice. I´ve an Tempestus Prime but not finish yet. Dont like the vehicle tracks, it is like a fish out of water for an fast attack vehicle, so i wanna replace the tracks to wheels.
  5. Thanks for the DakkaDakka link! Here's a post by Kroothawk that has many more companies:

    Here is an extensive list of non-GW miniature manufacturers, listed alphabetically in the categories Fantasy, SciFi and Historical/Pulp. More important companies (my choice) are written in bold letters.

    Good websites to stay informed are:
    Tabletop Gaming News:
    the Miniatures page:
    and the blog Tabletop Fix:

    Stores with a good selection of non-GW miniatures are.
    Battlefield Berlin (Germany):
    Cool Mini or Not (USA):
    Noble Knight (also OOP stuff)
    The Warstore (USA):
    Maelstrom Games (UK):
    Arcane Miniatures(UK):
    Northstar Figures (UK)
    to name just a few.

    See also this thread for manufacturers of bases. .


    Alkemy Miniatures (independent skirmish game)
    Ammon Miniatures (very few, mostly comical)
    Andrea Miniatures (also renown for 54mm scale Fantasy and other big scale miniatures)
    Anima Tactics (Manga style skirmish game, also RPG)
    Avatars of War (excellent heroes close to GW style, also first plastic regiment)
    Banelegions (heroes and monsters close to GW style)
    Battlefield Babes (small line of heroines)
    Black Scorpion Miniatures (mostly Pirates and Ork BB team)
    Black Tree Design (classic fantasy miniatures)
    Blue Moon Manufacturing (80s style Fantasy, Horror and Pirates)
    Bronze Age Miniatures (classic fantasy miniatures)
    Cavalcade Wargames (Japanese Miniatures: Orks, Goblins, Dwarfs, Minotaurs)
    Chronopia (selling stock of old tabletop game with alternative design)
    Clan Wars (Japanese miniatures from the L5R setting)
    Confrontation (currently OOP major tabletop game, early metal and later plastic prepainted edition, search ebay)
    Cool Mini or Not (high quality singles, for painters, often limited)
    Crocodile games (Wargods of Aegyptus/Olympus/Hyperborea)
    Cryptlock Miniatures (small range)
    Custom Made Miniatures (small range of heroes)
    Dark Sword Miniatures (large collection of realscale Fantasy Miniatures, often copying Fantasy art, also deformed range)
    Denizen Miniatures (classic 25mm range)
    Dragonblood Miniatures (e.g. Lizardmen, now distibuted by Cavalcade)
    DragonRune Miniatures (Orks, Ogres, Lizardmen etc.)
    Dungeons & Dragons (OOP range of prepainted plastics for RPGs, see ebay)
    Dwarf Tales (small high quality Fantasy range)
    Enigma Miniatures (30mm and 54mm high quality miniatures)
    Excalibur Miniatures (classic fantasy range)
    Fenryll (large collection of resin 30mm heroes and terrain, also deformed range)
    Freebooter Miniatures (nice collection of singles, now also Pirates skirmish game)
    Gamezone Miniatures (major alternative range to Warhammer, all metal)
    Gaspez Arts (small range of singles, some BB teams)
    Grendel (old style miniatures, monsters and terrain)
    Gribbly Miniatures (few chaos monsters)
    Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop (few, mostly comical miniatures)
    Guild of Harmony (small range of high quality singles)
    Hasslefree Miniatures (medium sized fantasy range, also conversion parts)
    Hazgaard Miniatures (Japanese singles from Okko game, OOP?)
    Helldorado (independent skirmish game)
    Heresy Miniatures (medium sized fantasy range, a.o. daemons)
    Hordes (major tabletop game, see also similar Warmachine by same company)
    Impact Miniatures (major range of alternative BB miniatures with own rules system)
    Iron Kingdoms (RPG singles from Hordes/Warmachine setting)
    Mad Puppet Miniatures (few singles)
    Magnificent Egos (RPG singles, distributed now by Valiant Miniatures)
    Mantic Games (major cheaper alternative to Warhammer, own set of rules by A.Calvatore)
    Maow Miniatures (few limited release singles plus some comicals)
    Masquerade Miniatures (small range, wolves, bats)
    Mega Miniatures (cheap bulk metals)
    Micro Art Studio (Diskworld singles, few others)
    Minos Miniatures (few singles)
    Mirliton Miniatures (classic Grenadier miniatures)
    M.S.B. Toys (medium sized range with own aesthetics)
    Neomics (alternative BB miniatures)
    Otherworld Miniatures (medium sized range of singles for RPG, including Giants)
    RAFM (old fantasy miniature range)
    Raging Heroes (few collectors miniatures)
    Ral Partha (classic 25mm fantasy range)
    Reaper Miniatures (biggest collection of usable singles, also have skirmish game)
    Red Box Games (characterful dwarfs, men, elves, orks, goblins)
    Resina Planet (several high quality singles)
    Scibor Monstrous Miniatures (characterful dwarfs, evil dwarfs, Orcs, Goblins, Minotaurs)
    Shadowforge (babe characters and armies)
    Silent Spectre (few fantasy singles)
    Soda Pop Miniatures ("deformed" range)
    Studio McVey (few high quality limited releases, mostly for painters)
    Tales of War (high quality singles mostly for painters)
    Titan Wargames (evil dwarfs)
    Troll Forged (sculptor collective)
    Ultraforge (nice demons, giants, dragons and treeman, OOP?)
    Uncharted Sea (Man o'War alternative, fantasy sea battles)
    Urban mammoth Warheads ("deformed" range)
    Victoria Miniatures (few singles, incl. Monty Python Spanish Inquisition)
    WarCrow (characterful singles)
    Wargames Factory (starting with plastic sets: Orcs and Amazons)
    Wargames Foundry (lots of old style miniatures)
    Warmachine (major tabletop game, see also similar Hordes by same company)
    Westwind Productions (alternative Dwarf, Viking and Ork armies, also Gothic and Japan)
    Willy Miniatures (BB alternatives)
    Wyrd Miniatures (small characterful skirmish game)
    Zenith Miniatures (small characterful skirmish game)

    Two Fantasy Football shops:


    Antenociti's Workshop (modern SciFi miniatures)
    AT-43 (major SciFi tabletop now OOP, prepainted plastic, search ebay)
    Bronze Age Miniatures (post-apocalyptic)
    Chapterhouse Studios (40k compatible conversion kits)
    Copplestone Castings (Post Doomsday civilians and military)
    Dark Age Games (dark SciFi skirmish game)
    Denizen Miniatures (classic 25mm)
    Eden (post-apocalyptic skirmish game)
    Excalibur Miniatures (SciFi range)
    Firestorm Armada (BFG alternative)
    Ground Zero Games (classic 25mm SciFi, Stargrunt rule set)
    Hasslefree Miniatures (SciFi dwarfs, civilians, personalities, conversion parts)
    Heresy Miniatures (Civilians, gunmen)
    Infinity (popular SciFi skirmish)
    Judge Dredd
    Kabuki Models (High quality singles mostly for painters)
    Knight Models (Star Wars heroes)
    Kromlech (conversion parts)
    Lead Adventure (post apocalyptic plus steampunk)
    Mad Puppet Miniatures (few post-apocalyptic singles)
    Maxmini (conversion parts)
    Mercs Miniatures (modern SciFi)
    Micro Art Studio (AdMech, conversion bits)
    Mr. Dandy (thunderwolves and Alien drop pod)
    Mythicast (Space Wolf alternatives)
    Olleys Armies (SciFi Dwarfs, you know what I mean [​IMG])
    Pig Iron Productions (extensive guard miniatures, many heads for conversions)
    Ramshackle Games (post-apocalyptic gangs and vehicles)
    Scibor Monstrous Miniatures (alternative "Space Marines"[​IMG]
    Shadowforge (female guard)
    Silent Spectre (few SciFi singles)
    Soda Pop Miniatures (manga babes)
    Studio McVey (modern SciFi)
    Troll Forged (sculptor collective)
    Urban Mammoth (extensive SciFi miniature range with rules)
    Victoria Miniatures (Highland Guard conversion kit)
    Wargames Factory (plastic DKoK)
    Warzone (selling stock of old OOP tabletop with alternative design)


    Armaments in Miniature (planes and landing crafts for FoW)
    Artizan Design (pulp and historical)
    The Assault Group (historic and modern)
    Black Scorpion Miniatures (Iraq wars and Western)
    Black Tree Design (Dr. Who miniatures)
    Blue Moon Manufacturing (Pulp, Pulp SciFi)
    Brigade games (pulp and historical, incl vehicles)
    Bronze Age Miniatures (pirates, gladiators, Greek)
    Brushfire (Napoleonic animals)
    Conquest Miniatures (Indians and Pygmy zombies)
    Copplestone Castings (extensive Pulp range)
    Crusader Miniatures (historical)
    Darkson Designs (Pulp WW2, original website shows no products, so here a shop)
    Dixon Miniatures (gangsters, historical)
    Dystopian Wars (steampunk battle in Epic scale, mostly ships)
    Dust Tactics (pulp WW2 tabletop)
    Empress Miniatures (historical, esp. Zulu War -> Praetorians)
    Essex Miniatures (Many historical ranges)
    Eureka Miniatures (28mm historical and pulp)
    Flames of War (popular 15mm WW2 tabletop)
    Forged in Battle (alternative models to Flames of War)
    Frontrank (historical)
    Great War Miniatures (WW1 28mm)
    Gripping Beast (historical)
    Hydra Miniatures (Pulp SciFi, Pulp prehistorical)
    Ironclad Miniatures (Victorian SciFi, with vehicles)
    Irregular Miniatures (Many historical ranges)
    Micro Art Studio (few Wolsung steampunk singles)
    Minifigs (Many historical ranges)
    Mirliton Miniatures (historical)
    Musketeer Miniatures (historical)
    Old Glory Miniatures (classic 25mm historical and Pulp SciFi)
    Perry Miniatures (historical, some in plastic)
    Pulp City (super heroes)
    Pulp Figures (erm ... pulp)
    RAFM (Space 1889 miniatures)
    Rattrap Productions (pulp and pulp SciFi)
    Reaper Miniatures (Pulp heroes)
    Strange Aeons Miniatures (Cthulhu skirmish game)
    Studio Miniatures (Zombies, incl WW2 Zombies)
    Tobsen 77 (pulp and pulp SciFi vehicles)
    Victrix Ltd (plastic Napoleonic 28mm)
    Waffenkammer (WW2)
    Wargames Foundry (lots of old style historical miniatures)
    Warlord games (historical incl. WW2, some in plastic)
    Westwind Productions (Pulp WW2: Incursion, Secrets of the Third Reich)

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