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Adventures of a Khornate Berserker

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Khornatian, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Gravord Gravord Active Member

    Dissapointing, 0 executions = 0 skull to the skull throne, Khorne is not pleased.
  2. Khornatian Khornatian Steam Early Access

    Sorry, I was a bit too busy amassing bodies as opposed to prettying up my kills like a Slaaneshi whore would do.
  3. Gravord Gravord Active Member

    Its Slaaneshi way to leave mortally wounded enemies to bleed out causing more suffering. Khorne is against it and favors quick execution and taking the skull!

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  4. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    This was also mainly my reason to start arguing that axes are fine. I have a lot of fun on my chainaxe traitor assault with almost the same setup. I run 4 stamina and a smart pistol, instead. I swear by 4 stamina personally, since 40 health is basically one extra bolter shot (doesn't feel like a lot) whereas 2 extra stamina can help you dominate melee.

    Either way, it still doesn't change the fact that swords can hit twice during the defensive bash stun, making them overpowered when compared to the rest of the melee weapons. Chainsword with the lifesteal mod is basically the same thing as the manslayer, except it can hit twice every time you stun someone in melee instead of once. You trade slightly lower impact for almost twice as much melee damage.
  5. Executions would have to be quick first.
  6. yes. capping B on Medusa was quite hectic. it was killing me inside to wait at the stairs until more people showed up. I knew that rushing it was going to be a death sentence.
  7. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    @Khornatian omg this build is awesome.

    Rocking Khorne Assault with Life Steal & Barbed Tooth Mod on standard Chain Axe (until I get manslayer) with +40 health mod and Tier 2 armour with standard bolt pistol until further notice.
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  8. Khornatian Khornatian Steam Early Access

    Risk big and die hard!
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  9. Khornatian Khornatian Steam Early Access


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  10. Prot Protilious Recruit

    Oh man, can't wait to watch those vids.

    In the meantime I was trying to maximize my 'berzerker' toon and while I admit I'm not quite sure what I'm doing I did run into a situation. I had my chainaxe and was in a melee battle against a loyalist with a powermaul. We both happened to make the same attack 3 times in a row and my axe broke.

    I was under the impression the weapons were equal?
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